The Weirdest Thing I Sold on eBay

Today, I want to take a brief moment and share with you the weirdest thing I sold on eBay.

Many of you know that my wife, Rachel and I have our own eBay store.

It’s not a physical store, just an online store (you can check it out here).

I’ve been selling on eBay for about 13 years now.

The Weirdest Thing I Sold on eBay

I met Rachel a couple years into my eBay journey.

In a typical month we sell 300 to 500 items.

I worked eBay by myself for the first 11 years and Rachel started working with me full time in February 2015 (she’s awesome at it).

I grew up in the antique business and really enjoy it.

My dad still buys and sells stuff.

He is a legend… I think so anyway.

I consider myself a modern day treasure hunter.

There’s nothing like spending $20 at a flea market or yard sale and turning it into $100, or more.

It’s the easiest money you can make, once you know what you are doing.

It’s been my most consistent income stream through the years.

To tell you upfront, I have sold thousands and thousands of things on eBay.

Typically, I sell books, clothes, jewelry, antiques and vintage items.

I buy and sell whatever I can make money on.

I don’t really specialize in any one particular type of item.

Recently, I sold something really unique and different.

In fact, it is the weirdest thing I sold on eBay, ever.

What you see in the picture below is a toy dog I recently sold on eBay (September 2016).

weirdest thing I sold on eBayIt is a handmade, stuffed, toy dog.

To the best of my knowledge, it is taxidermy.

I could be wrong though…

It is either a pug or puggle (pug/beagle mix).

It is a male dog.

It stands about 9 inches tall and 11 inches wide.

The fur appears real and life like.

I named him Rambo.

He’s a dream dog because you don’t have to walk him or feed him or clean up after him.

He’s definitely a conversation piece.

I found Rambo at a flea market here in Florida a few months ago.

My wife and I were shopping for stuff to resell and it immediately caught my eye.

I walked past the vendor for a brief moment, but went back a few minutes later and asked him how much he wanted for the dog.

His asking price was $15.

I tried to haggle him down to $10, but his best price was $11, so I bought it.

What caught my eye was that it was different.

You don’t walk into most people’s home and see a stuffed dog!

I’ve been buying and selling antiques and vintage items for about 13 years and not once have I ever found anything like this dog.

Have you ever seen anything like it?

I listed him on eBay for $150, buy it now, or best offer.

I was going to list him in an eBay auction, where people could bid on him, but I didn’t want to take the risk and have him sell way below his fair market value.

stuffed taxidermy toy pugTo be honest, I wasn’t sure what he was worth.

I did some research online and came up short, so I just picked a random number as my starting point.

I had Rambo listed on eBay for a few weeks for $150 or best offer, before I received an offer of $75 for it, plus shipping.

It wasn’t a hard decision to let him go.

I petted him, gave him a treat, put him in the Priority Mail box and sent him on his way.

A nice $64 profit, before expenses.

It’ll take it.

I don’t post this story to brag.

I just want you to know two things.

First off, you can find just about anything on eBay.

There are millions and millions of items to choose from.

New items are listed daily.

Best of all, many of these items are priced cheaper than you could get it for at your local store, AND you are supporting a small business owner.



Secondly, I just want you to know that there is no excuse NOT to make money.

Yep, the economy sucks.

Finding a good job and keeping it is hard to do.


Anyone with some hustle and hard work can make some extra money with eBay.

Anyone can sell stuff on eBay.

Everyone has stuff laying around the house they could sell and make some extra cash.

You just need to think outside the box.

You must be willing to hustle.

Sweat equity baby…

No excuses…

You would be amazed at what you can sell on eBay and make a profit.

One man’s junk really is another man’s treasure.

Stuff you wouldn’t pay one dollar for yourself, could be worth hundreds…

Now you know.

What do you think about my toy, taxidermy dog, Rambo?

What is the weirdest thing you have ever sold on eBay?

Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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