The Two-Step Selling Process in MLM

Today, I want to educate you about the two-step selling process in MLM. If you have a strong sales and marketing background, you’re probably already really familiar with this concept.

But, if you are like most network marketers, this will be a brand new concept for you.  This information can be a complete game-changer in your business, if you apply what you learn.

One-Step vs. Two-Step Selling Process

Let me start by telling you the difference between a one-step and two-step selling process. To keep things simple, a one-step selling process is when you advertise what you are selling.  An ad for a one-step selling process might say “Check out this website to learn more about this great business opportunity” or “Get 20% off this amazing juice if you buy it today” or something similar. The bottom line is you are offering your prospect something to buy.

On the other hand, the two-step selling process is a little bit different. Rather than offering something for sale you offer something for free.  This might be a free report, free CD, white paper, free book or something of that nature.

Whatever you are offering for free gets emailed or mailed to the person once they request the free information.

The item that you give away for free is designed to pre-sell the person on whatever it is you are ACTUALLY selling.

Let me put this all in context for you by giving you an example.

Example Two-Step Selling Process in MLM

Rather than do what most network marketers do and just advertise your business opportunity, you decide to get creative.  You decide to make an audio CD titled “How to Find the Right Home Business.”

Your CD is 30-minutes long. On the CD you talk about several different business models (including the one you are doing). You talk about what to look for in a business. You basically provide a valuable resource that educates your prospects and pre-sells them on what you are doing.

You advertise the free CD in different venues. Interested people request your free CD.  You mail it to them or email it to them. They listen to it a few times and learn about what you are doing, and the other things you talk about.

A percentage of these folks who requested the free CD decide they are interested in what you are doing so they contact you to learn more.  Some of them call you with questions.  Others will call you and are ready to sign up on the spot!

Some of the people who call you don’t join right away, but they get added to your drip system/follow-up system so you can stay in touch with them until they are ready to buy!

This is how I build my network marketing business and I can tell you that it works!

Generate the Lead First, Then Make the Sale

The real beauty of the two-step selling process in MLM is that you generate a lead first, and then you follow-up with that lead forever with your free information and additional follow ups. Over a period of time (months or years) many of these folks will eventually join your team or buy what you are selling.

Let me put things in perspective for a moment.

If you just used a single step selling process, you might make one sale for every 200 people who see your ad. This isn’t bad, but it’s not great either. Worst of all, you aren’t making any money from the people who aren’t ready to buy today.  Only a VERY small percentage of the marketplace will be in the market for what you are selling TODAY.

On the other hand, if you use the two-step selling process in your MLM Business, you might generate 20 leads from those same 200 people. With a good follow-up system, you might convert five to ten of those 20 leads into customers and distributors in the weeks and months to come (if you have a good follow-up system).

Does that make sense to you? Can you see the value in that? Isn’t that better than only converting one in 200 people?

At the end of the day you have to remember that people like free stuff.  In addition, most people need multiple exposures of what you have to offer.  Most people I sponsor have received at least seven to twenty follow-ups from me.  Most people I sponsor take at least 30 to 90 days to join my team from the time I first contact them.

As I see it, the best way to sell is to give something away for free (that has a high perceived value) and let that item do the selling for you.

What Top Network Marketers Do

When you study a lot of the top network marketers, this is what they do.

They give away a free CD, eBook, audio course, webinar, video series, e-course or whatever else to get you to become a lead. These items introduce you to the person and tell you about their products, services or business opportunity.  If you get a ton of value from their free information, you naturally want to reciprocate and buy something from them (or join their team).

In addition, you typically get multiple follow ups, either by email or direct mail.

If you’re trying to build your network marketing business online, I recommend you use this approach.

I give away a free email MLM Boot Camp to get leads AND I give away a free audio CD to get direct mail leads.

These leads enter my pipeline and receive two messages from me each week until they die, buy or ask to be removed from my list. Not everyone who enters my pipeline joins my team or buys something, but a percentage of them do!

How to Do It Offline

If you’re trying to do this offline, a simple way to do it would be simply to give away a free sample, in exchange for the person’s contact information, and then to follow-up with them a couple of days later.

Or, if you sell a beauty product, you could do a free facial. Or, if you have wellness products, you could offer a free wellness newsletter. Or, you could offer a free seminar about getting healthy.  The options are really endless.

Final Thoughts

I hope all of this makes sense to you.  I truly hope you will consider using the two-step selling process in your MLM Business. You will be glad that you did!

What are your thoughts?  What do you think about the two-step selling process?  Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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6 thoughts on “The Two-Step Selling Process in MLM”

  1. My business opportunity is selling essential services such as wireless service and electric and gas for home and business. Any suggestions for creating a two part ad, and what can I offer to give away?

    1. Karen,

      I would suggest writing a simple 2-3 page report about how to save money on your wireless service or electric gas (or how to get it free each month). Advertise the free report, and let the free report provide some great tips and introduce people to ACN. I hope that helps.


  2. The two step approach seems like it would be more effective because you are enticing the customer with a gift of sorts. They are able to learn more about the company/product while enjoying something free which is great customer service and makes them more open to what you have to offer. Even if they choose not to purchase what you are selling, they will remember you and could possibly return or refer you to someone else.

  3. I agree. I see the value in this two step process. Not only does it soften or completely do away the ‘no’ up front, but it leaves the door open for a relationship. People would rather do business with someone that they know, rather than a complete stranger. Giving something away for free, especially information, shows that you are generous and care. I know that I want to do business with generous, caring people. Those people are also usually trustworthy.

  4. The 2 step system you speak of here makes so much sense. Many of the potential customers that would say no in the 1 step process will have more of an open mind by receiving something free first and learning more about the business. People love free and when you give them something of value, they gain trust and respect. This will give them more of a reason to buy from you at a later point.

    Thanks for sharing this Chuck.

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