The Two Most Important Skills in Network Marketing

In today’s post, I’m going to share what I believe are the two most important skills in network marketing. These are two things you must eventually MASTER if you want to be a top producer (in any MLM Company).

You don’t have to have these skills mastered when you first join the industry (although that would help you get off to a quick start).  However, you’ll need to work on these two things day in and day out until you eventually master them.

The Two Most Important Skills in Network Marketing

These two skills are SELLING and LEADERSHIP.  These are the two things EVERY top earner in our industry have in common.  They know how to sell and they know how to lead others.

Selling Skills

Regardless of what anyone else might tell you, network marketing is about selling.  Heck, every business in the real world is about selling.  Without sales, there is no business.  Even your local church is in the selling business.  No donations = no church.

Almost everything in the real world is sales.  Here are a few examples:

  1. Getting your kids to eat their vegetables is sales.
  2. Convincing someone to marry you is sales.
  3. Getting your boss to see your point of view is sales.
  4. Talking your friend into watching a move you want to see is sales.
  5. And the list goes on!

When people you tell you network marketing is about sharing, not selling, they are lying to you.  Yes, you need to share your products with others.  However, sharing is not enough.

skills in network marketingYou must INFLUENCE others to purchase these products from you and join your team (selling). That means you must be able to walk people through your sales process and CLOSE the sale.

Selling is nothing more than INFLUENCE.  It’s about getting someone else to see your point of view and take action.  It’s a transfer of enthusiasm from one person to another.

Many people don’t like to say the world “sell” in our industry because they think selling is bad.  When many people think of sales, they think of the high-pressure, used car salesman trying to meet his end of month quota on the last day of the month.

I would argue that selling is a noble profession.  When done right, it’s more of an educational process than a selling event.  Selling is about offering viable solutions to someone’s problems.

You never need to use hype, pressure or lies to be a good salesperson. Instead, you need product knowledge, communication skills, and people skills. You must also work on your personal development, so you can be a person of value: a person of influence.

There are countless books and seminars on how to sell.  Study these materials.  Learn everything you can about selling.  Not only will it help you in your network marketing business, but it will also help you in your career and relationships.

To master selling, you must know how to prospect, present, close and follow-up

Leadership Skills

Network marketing is also a leadership business.  Reps and customers come and go like the common cold, but LEADERS are what we are ultimately looking for. You must realize that people join people, not businesses.

People join people they like, know and trust.  People join people they believe can help them achieve their own goals.  People want to work with successful people.  People want to work with leaders.  People want to work with people who know who they are and whey they are headed.

No one wants to work with a dud, especially a leader.  Leaders want to work with other leaders.

Trust me, your prospect will evaluate YOU more than they do the opportunity or products you promote.  They’re going to ask themselves a few questions:

  1. Is this person serious about the business?
  2. Does this person know what they are doing?
  3. Can and will they help me succeed?

To make it to the top of your company’s compensation plan, you need to become a leader (and know how to sell).  That means you need to become a doer.  You need to develop your skills, which will make you more attractive to your prospects.  You need to set the pace and lead by example at all times.

Doing these things will increase your INFLUENCE.  Ultimately, that’s what leadership is: INFLUENCE.

As you become a leader yourself, you will ATTRACT other leaders into your business. Some of these folks will be personally sponsored by you and others will show up in your downline.

Once you become a leader, your job is to find and develop other leaders.  The beauty of our industry is that you only need about two to five good leaders to create a six-figure income in network marketing.  How cool is that?

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks.  These are the two skills you must eventually master if you want to succeed in network marketing and make it to the top of your company’s compensation plan.  It’s not going to be easy or quick.  It will take you time, money and lots of hard work to master these two skills, but it will be worth it.

What are your thoughts?  What do you think are the two most important skills in network marketing?  Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

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