The Two Most Important MLM Activities: Sponsor and Teach

What are the two most important network marketing activities? In my opinion, the two most critical activities are to sponsor and teach. Mastering these two activities can make you a lot of money in our industry. All other activities come secondary to these two activities.

In the paragraphs below, I want to share a few pointers about what you need to know about these activities.

1. Sponsor: During your first few months (maybe your first year) with your company, you will spend most of your time personally sponsoring new distributors into your organization. You’re really looking to find FIVE serious people, however, you might have to sponsor 50 or more people to find those five people.

Once you have three to five people who want to build a business and will let you work with them, you will shift most of your efforts and focus on building your organization in depth. Your goal is to help them build a team.  As you do that, keep working in depth, with the newest distributor, at the bottom most level of your organization.

Remember this, if you recruit (or sponsor) too many people at once you won’t be able to work with them the right way.  Most people can only work with three to five people at a time.  In fact, three people can keep you really busy.

If you are just recruiting people and not teaching them how to succeed, they will quit. And you will have an endless cycle of replacing distributors in your organization. Never forget that!

My personal mentor, Don Failla, taught me this valuable lesson in his book “The 45 Second Presentation.”  He teaches that most “sales oriented” people will easily recruit 100 or more people in their first year, but no one on their team will duplicate them.  At most, they might have their organization a couple levels deep, even though they’ve sponsored so many people. As a result, they won’t make much money and they will end up quitting.

The major difference between sponsoring and recruiting is that a recruiter recruits as many people as possible and is always looking for the next person.  They recruit someone, sign them up, abandon them, and move on looking for the next person.  On the other hand, a good sponsor finds people and goes to work for the people that they sponsor.  They help their new team members get started.  There is a big difference between the two.

Remember, the real money in MLM comes from depth.  That’s where your long-term security comes from as well.    Width will make you profitable initially, but the big money is in depth.

2. Teach: Network marketing is about teaching others how to find customers and build a team. The most successful distributors are excellent teachers. Most people think you have to be a salesman to make it big in this industry. Nothing is further from the truth. Most salesmen think they have to do everything by themselves. But network marketing is really about having a lot of people doing a little, not a little bit of people doing a lot. Does that make sense?

Network marketing is not about recruiting hundreds and hundreds of people personally. Instead, it’s about sponsoring a few, and helping them sponsor a few and so forth. If you really want to make it big in this industry, you need to learn how to teach your downline how to duplicate your efforts.  That way you can duplicate yourself many times over. The best way to teach is to have a game plan for others to follow, and to lead by example at all times.

When you sponsor someone, your job is to transfer your knowledge to them as quickly as possible and help them achieve some success.  Most importantly, you want to teach your new team members how to teach their new team members.  Your goal is to make your team members independent of you as quickly as possible.  

Final Thoughts

There are other activities that are important too, such as lead generation, communication skills, and marketing, but none of these are as important as teaching and sponsoring. Do yourself a favor and become a master of these two activities and watch your business grow and profits soar!

What are your thoughts?  What do you think about sponsoring and teaching?  What do you think are the two most important activities in network marketing?  Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.

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10 thoughts on “The Two Most Important MLM Activities: Sponsor and Teach

  1. I would have to agree that sponsoring and teaching are the two most important MLM activities. This is great advice for someone starting out in network marketing because so many people do more recruiting as opposed to sponsoring, and very little teaching.
    Communication skills are also highly important indeed.
    Great post!

    • Once you get someone in the business, you real job begins. Being a good sponsor is a commitment to help the people on your team who are serious about building a business.

  2. You know Chuck, I must add that I really think this should be the 3 most important MLM activities. I totally agree with sponsoring and teaching, but you will do neither if you don’t build a list. I believe having a list, a full Rolodex is also a very important activity in MLM.

    If a person is adding at least one or two people to that list daily, the list will grow huge, and they will have a good supply of people to sponsor and teach.

    Sorry Chuck, this is a great article, but I had to add that because it is super important too.

    • Yes, building a list is a very smart thing to do.

  3. Some of the people who come into the business will be new and need more specific teaching about how to really attract customers, generate leads, and build their business. Other people who come in may have a basic level understanding of MLM from previous experiences, but they’ll still need to learn the inner workings of your specific company. Either way, you have to be patient enough to help them all learn what they need to in order for them to go off and really thrive. By helping them you help yourself because you create individuals who are now self-sufficient in the business and can go out and replicate what you’ve done.

    • I am in full agreement with Diamond on this, but I do want to mention one thing. We have to really watch people who have been in other MLMs, because they can sometimes bring bad “stuff” from the previous company. In many cases, it can be easier to teach someone who hasn’t been involved with network marketing than to try and take away bad habits from those who were in other companies.

      I do believe teaching is the #1 trait a sponsor needs to master. If we teach recruits properly, they will stay for the long haul and will be successful.

      • Good point there Greg. Sometimes people who come from other MLM companies have their own ideas and ways of doing things that just don’t work well within your business. Only they may not be so willing to let go of what they already know and learn the new techniques or practices needed in order to function well within your company. Can you say problem? These people are more difficult to deal with and are much more challenging to teach than a total newbie because they are set in their ways. So at times new really is better.

        • I believe that you can attract quality people who have been involved with other MLMs, but in my opinion one of the first things you should tell these people is to put away what they learned from the other company. As you are reteaching them, you may teach them things they had already learned, and you can tell them that is ok, but there are many items that will be different. They need to understand upfront that using tactics of the other company will probably not work for this one.

          • Yes, anyone can be successful. But it is hard to “unlearn” old habits and beliefs. That’s why I like sponsoring MLM Virgins myself.

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