The Truth About MLM Systems

The truth about MLM Systems.

Systems are important in EVERY type of business. A system is nothing more than a standardized, documented way of doing something.

Successful businesses have successful systems.  Unsuccessful businesses have bad systems, or no systems at all. The system is the solution!

When it comes to network marketing, you need a system for your business. You need a system to generate leads and one to train your team, so you get duplication.

My MLM Training System


When it comes to training your team, all you really need a game-plan. Keep in mind that most people who joined your team have never owned a business before or done network marketing before. They will need intensive babysitting and support, if you want them to stick around.

There is not a right or wrong training system. I’m just going to share what I do with my own team to give you some ideas.

# 1 Team Training Website

I have a team training website for my team. This is my HUB or training portal.  We have the 12-step getting started training on this website for each new person to go through.  They can also find additional information, training and resources on the site.

# 2 Weekly Webinar

We do a weekly training webinar every Tuesday night at 9pm EST. This webinar is also recorded and uploaded on YouTube the following day, for people who missed it.

# 3 Facebook Group

We have a Facebook group for our team.  It gets updated daily. We do training, recognition and share ideas in the group.

# 4 YouTube Channel

I have a YouTube channel for my team where I create 5-10 new training videos every week.

# 5 3x Weekly Emails

I sent out a team training email every Monday, Wednesday and Friday with recognition, ideas, and tips.

# 6 One-On-One Support as Needed

I work with the people who call me or email me with questions.

My MLM Training System sounds complex, but it is actually quite simple and doesn’t take up very much of my time. Most of it is automated.

the truth about mlm systems

Your Lead Generation System

Your lead generation system is your MOST IMPORTANT system.  Contrary to what you might think, you do NOT have to build your business the same way your upline does.

By all means, follow their lead if they are successful and know what they are doing, and their system makes sense to you. But, if your personality or skill-set is different from theirs, that’s okay. There are tons of ways to get leads.

When it comes to your lead generation system, you have a TON of options. You could:

  1. Make YouTube videos
  2. Contact your warm market
  3. Post on social media such as Facebook live
  4. Mail postcards
  5. Prospect strangers
  6. Advertise in classified ads
  7. Buy leads
  8. Cold call people
  9. Set up at local events
  10. Hand out drop cards

… Or hundreds of other things.

These are just the first ten lead generation strategies that came to my mind. Ultimately, you want to pick 1-2 lead generation strategies (one free and one paid) that match your personality, abilities and skill-set. Once you pick your strategies, focus on them exclusively.

Get into action mode immediately. While you do that, educate yourself on YouTube. There are hundreds of tutorial videos on YouTube for just about every type of lead generation strategy you can think of. There’s no need to go out and buy courses.

Develop your lead generation system and fine tune it over a period of time. It won’t be perfect on day one, but if you work it and tweak it for six months, it will work great.

Example Lead Generation MLM Systems

Example # 1

  1. Mail 10 postcards per day
  2. Text 10 leads per day
  3. Prospect two people face-to-face per day

*** This is what I teach my own team members to do.

Example # 2

  1. Cold call 10 MLM Leads per Day
  2. Connect with five strangers on Facebook per Day
  3. Prospect 1 person face-to-face per day

Example # 3 

  • Meet five prospects on LinkedIn per Day
  • Publish 1 YouTube Video Daily
  • Send Out 1 Solo Ad per Week

Keep in mind none of these example lead generation systems are right or wrong. They are just examples to give you ideas. Pick what works for you and do that consistently.

My Lead Generation System 

Here is my personal lead generation system:

  1. Publish a blog post 3x week
  2. Publish a YouTube video 3x week
  3. Run Bing PPC Ads
  4. Publish podcast 3x week
  5. Mail 10 postcards per day
  6. Send 1 solo ad per week
  7. Send safelist blast daily

Advice from My # 1 Mentor

The Truth About MLM Systems

Remember these three final thoughts:

# 1 Your job when sponsoring someone is to teach them how to build the business IN A WAY they are comfortable doing, rather than trying to force your method down their throat.

# 2 ANY system will work, if you work it, and you use your system to contact 20-30 prospects every single day.

# 3 New leads are the lifeblood of EVERY type of business. Once you can generate endless leads on demand, the business becomes fun, profitable and easy.

The system is the solution.  Build your system and your system will build the business. 

Food for thought.  Have a great day!

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6 thoughts on “The Truth About MLM Systems

  1. Great post. If we have quality leads at hand, surely we can do the smart work at the right time. Even though it is simple business way, you are doing the things regularly. I feel the main issue for some people, they are trying lot of brilliant ideas and they give up suddenly. Those kind of ways definitely will not step up your business. Whatever you do it should be consistent.

    • No matter what system you use, you have to follow-through and use it day in and day out for several years, not a few weeks or months.

  2. The best system I always recommend for lead generation is advertising in classified ads, buying leads and calling people. It is fast and the response is most times, on the positive side.

    • One good thing about using the phone is that it is quick. The problem is, most people don’t answer their phones from an unknown number. It can be very challenging to get in contact in today’s busy, fast paced world.

  3. No doubt, new leads are the lifeblood of every type of business. Generating endless leads on demand can make the business fun, profitable and easy. You are getting the desired return on investment and everything moves fine.

    • I agree. When you have plenty of leads, you can work smart and not be emotionally attached to each person’s decision.

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