The Top MLM FOREX Companies

Today, we’re going to discuss the top MLM FOREX Companies.

FOREX has become a top way for investors to make profits. FOREX trading has become huge! And now, MLM has found its way into FOREX trading.

mlm forex companies

What Is FOREX Trading?

The term FOREX stands for the foreign exchange market.To put it in easy terms, it is the rate of exchange of one currency to another. The American dollar with the Japanese yen, Australian dollar with the Euro, etc…

Exchange rates change on a consistent basis much like the stock market. But there are many differences like:

  • It has the largest trading volume
  • FOREX is operating 24 hours per day, 7 days per week
  • Exchange rates change for many various factors

Central banks are a huge factor in the FOREX markets as they are trying to control inflation, money supply and interest rates.

FOREX trading has been the object of many scams. Governments have made more rules and regulations regarding FOREX trading and brokers, but you should always “dig in” to any broker you may be using to ensure you are treated fairly.

Multilevel marketing has now entered the world of FOREX trading. I found two MLM Companies that work in the realm of FOREX trading and I am going to tell you a bit about these companies.

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Here are the top MLM FOREX Companies…

Disclaimer: Neither I nor Online MLM Community is affiliated with any of these companies. This list is provided strictly for your education.

# 1: iMarketsLive

iMarketsLive was founded by CEO Christopher Terry and CFO Isis de la Torre. The company is headquartered in New York and also has an office in London.

The company is not a broker per say, but sells education in FOREX trading as well as tools to help you make accurate trades.

When a person joins iMarketsLive, they can use all of the educational materials and tools to learn the ropes. To make money, you do of course, use what you learn to make good FOREX trades. You can also recruit other members and earn commissions from their sign up fees.

iMarketsLive has had its share of negative feedback, but it seems that many of the independent business owners are happy.

The compensation plan is a 3 X 8 Matrix.

You can see the iMarketsLive website here.

First, it was always my vision and goal to empower women around the world because my personal belief is that women are the pillar of our families.

Women are responsible for the well-being and stability of our spouses, children, parents, brothers, sisters, community, society, country, and the whole world.

~ Isis De La Torre, Co-founder and CFO

# 2: Quest Markets

This is a fairly new Forex MLM Company started by Reza Mokhtarian who had failed with another company called Kaizan Global.

It is not clear where Quest Markets is headquartered.

When you sign up for $179.99, you receive:

  • Forex Mastery Course
  • Forex Starter Pack
  • Stocks For Beginners
  • Market News
  • Daily Trade Signals
  • A Video Library
  • Multiple Autotraders
  • Master The Fundamentals
  • Daily Educational Sessions
  • Mobile App
  • Macro Mastery Course
  • Daily Trading Sessions
  • Software Downloads
  • and Daily Trade Analysis

Not only can you learn to earn through trading, but as you recruit others into Quest Markets, you will get commissions on their sign up.

At Quest Markets we believe in excellence through mastery – where great minds meet and, legacies are written.

Source: myfxbook

how to make money with forex

Alternatives to MLM FOREX Companies

If you’d like to make money with FOREX, but not do MLM, you do have a few legitimate options.

# 1: Promote FOREX Affiliate Products

Due to the popularity of FOREX trading, many people are looking to enter the market and make money with it. You could promote different affiliate products, such as training courses and auto-traders to these folks. Here are a few FOREX affiliate products I found:

  1. FOREX Megadroid Robot

The Forex market never sleeps, making it easy for affiliates to attract investors who can only trade at certain times of the day. It involves both buying and selling of currencies, facilitating profitable trades in both rising and falling markets, making it even more attractive for potential traders. The liquidity, transparency, and ease-of-access combine to make Forex practically irresistible and vastly profitable for Forex affiliates.

Source: IMMFX

# 2: Day Trade on the FOREX

If you don’t want to make money selling FOREX affiliate products, you could just focus on day trading yourself. You could purchase an auto-trader or do it yourself. I’m sure you would go through a substantial learning curve, but once you figured it out, it could be quite profitable.

# 3: YouTube Channel, Podcast or Blog

Your third option to make money with the FOREX would be to blog, create a YouTube channel, a podcast, or Kindle books about the FOREX. You could also create your own information products and sell them.

A content creator chooses to define her or himself; whether it be as an influencer, an affiliate marketer, a brand advocate, or ambassador, their job is to inspire, inform, educate, and empower their unique audience.

The opportunity for content monetization has never been greater. Individuals around the globe have built their content empires by publishing the unique details of their personal experiences for the world to see, and it’s all thanks to the internet.

Source: Shopify

# 4: Promote a Different Type of MLM Company

Your last option, that I can think of anyway, is to promote a different type of MLM Company. You could join my company. Or, you could find a niche, such as weight loss, skin care, or cosmetics and promote a MLM Company in that niche.

Final Thoughts

I will not tell you whether you should take a chance with either of these MLM FOREX Companies. I have seen both negative and positive responses about both.

As a person who writes for a major online investing website, I do suggest if you are planning on trading in FOREX, you do need to get educated about all the particulars, before you get started. There is a lot of free education at

I hope that helps you with any decisions you are trying to make. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to comment below. Thank you.

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2 thoughts on “The Top MLM FOREX Companies”

    1. As much as I love MLM and crypto, I would never in a million years do a crypto MLM. I’ve seen and heard too many bad experiences. If you’re going to do crypto, buy and hold, or day trade with a trusted, respected platform, such as Coin Base. If you’re going to do MLM, find a legitimate product or service with a real need in the marketplace.

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