The Top 20 Mannatech Products of All Time

In today’s post, we are going to review the top 20 Mannatech products of all time. To do so, I am using several sources. These include:

  • online reviews

  • sales statistics

  • from discussions with people who have used Mannatech Products

This article is for your knowledge and information. It is not meant as a sales device. As a matter of fact, neither I nor Chuck are affiliated with Mannatech.

At the end of this post, I am providing links to sources I used to get some of this information. There will also be a link to the Mannatech website where you can purchase products or if you are interested in having your own Mannatech Products business, you can find out how to at this website too.

Mannatech Product History

In 1993, a man by the name of Samuel Caster founded Mannatech Incorporated. The idea behind Mannatech Products was to provide personal well being and care products. Many of Mannatech’s products have been promoted as being able to fight the properties that cause cancer. As a matter of fact, Mannatech has had to endure some legal ramifications around these claims.

When you look on and offline, you will discover a large love/hate debate around Mannatech Products. Personally, I have no opinion around that situation. I know that there are many people who absolutely swear by the Mannatech line of products, and many of these people either have, or are cancer free. Some of them claim that they owe many thanks to Mannatech for their freedom from cancer.

Mannatech Incorporated is headquartered in Coppell, Texas. They have independent distributors in 24 + countries around the world. Mannatech Incorporated also has stock available on the NASDAQ stock exchange. Also in 2006, Forbes had Mannatech as #5 on their list of the top 200 best small companies.

While it has been somewhat of a roller coaster ride for Mannatech Incorporated, many distributors are quite happy with the decision they made in creating their own Mannatech network marketing business. 

20: Catalyst

Catalyst by Mannatech is a supplement that provides balanced vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which also includes the Mannatech patented Ambrotose complex. This product also has no artificial flavors, sweeteners or colors. Supporters of the Catalyst supplement claim a renewed energy.

19: Optimal Support Packets by Mannatech

These packets are made for people who are on the go, and need nutritional supplements to carry with them. Each packet has some of the Mannatech core products to provide vitamins, minerals, anti oxidants and other health related properties. Each packet has:

  • 2 PhytoMatrix® caps

  • 2 PLUS™ caps

  • and 1 Ambrotose AO® cap

You can carry them with you so you have the nutritional needs your body requires.

18: AmbroStart®

Ambrostart is an orange flavored powder that when mixed with water and drank, supplies a major boost of energy, and also provides fiber that our bodies need on a daily basis. The main ingredient is fructose, and it also has healthy triglycerides that provide energy.

17: ImmunoStart®

Our bodies naturally build immunities, but when we eat and sleep improperly, those natural immunity builders do not work the way they are supposed to. The multiple nutrients in ImmunoStart support the bodies immunity builders. Even when you are not eating and sleeping right, this product will help keep the body’s system working right.

16: CardioBalance®

This supplement was developed primarily with the cardiovascular system in mind. It has the primary vitamins and minerals to supply what a person’s body needs to guarantee a strong and healthy heart. The cardio ingredients include:

  • Vitamin C

  • Folate

  • Vitamin E

  • Magnesium

  • Vitamins B6 & B12

15: MannaBears™

It can be difficult getting our children to eat the good stuff for their health. This product provides that naturally sweet taste that kids love, and it has the nutrients that a plethora of fruits and vegetables supply. This is a great way to get the kids to eat their veggies without knowing they are.

14: SPORT™

This Mannatech product is designed to provide what a person needs to get extra energy, but also still maintain healthy blood sugar levels. So many energy giving substances also raise blood sugar levels to an unhealthy limit. The blends of herbs and extracts in the SPORT capsules are designed to keep those blood sugar levels steady, but also provide a dose of energy.

13: GI-ProBalance™

This is a bacteria laden product, but do not let that scare you off. What many people do not realize is: there are bad bacterias and good bacterias. We need certain bacterias in our digestive tract to help digest the foods we eat. GI-ProBalance provides the probiotic bacteria that keep our intestines working the way they are supposed too. Many people swear by this product as it keeps them functioning in healthy ways.

12: GlycoSlim®

Some people try to just go without food and lose weight. That can be bad, because you are not receiving the nutrients your body needs. This meal replacement drink provides the nutrients without the calories. It comes in French Vanilla or Chocolate. While many similar drink mixes are known to have a bad taste, the majority of users of this Mannatech product say the taste of this item is great.

11: Ūth™ Moisturizer

This wonderful moisturizer is based with Myrtle Leaf which hydrates and also helps hide wrinkles. It also contains sunflower seed oil which also moisturizes, and lavender extract which provides a wonderful fragrance while also hydrating. Many people just love this moisture supplying product that also helps stop signs of aging.

10: OsoLean®

This product from Mannatech is a whey protein powder supplement designed to help people lose a few extra pounds. You can add this powder to most foods, and it doesn’t take away from the taste, but it does take away fat. I have known many weightlifters who love OsoLean, as it takes fat but leaves the lean muscles.

9: Emprizone®

This product is wonderful when you have scratches, cuts or slight burns. It has the healing properties of aloe, along with Vitamins A and E in a gel substance that soothes and cools. It is also a great sunburn healing agent, because it provides hydration and has no oils. Many men and women love to use this on nicks and cuts after shaving.

8: Phyt•Aloe®

The majority of us do not eat the proper amount of fruits and vegetables. Mannatech realized that with this product. Phyt Aloe comes in powder or capsule form. It is a blend of 12 dehydrated fruits and vegetables that supplies the benefits you get from eating the proper amount of those items. It also contains the patented Ambrotose Complex.

7: PhytoBurst™ Nutritional Chews

This is a Mannatech product that I have tried, and I give it a thumbs up. They seem like candy chews, but you are actually getting vitamins and minerals all wrapped up in one small chewable candy-like chew. The one I tried was lemon, and the bag my friend had was a mixture of wild berries and lemon. They also come in chocolate. What is great is that you can carry these with you anywhere. They provide nutrition and energy.

6: NutriVerus™

No matter how healthy you may think you are eating, you probably still are not getting everything your body needs. NutriVerus is a top selling Mannatech product for that very reason. It is a powder supplement that provides everything you need to fulfill your body’s callings. It uses real food technology to provide vitamins and minerals, along with fibers, fatty acids and glyconutrients. I have noticed many reviewers claiming they love this product.

5: BounceBack®

One reason some people don’t exercise the way they should is because of the sore joints and muscles afterward. It creates havoc at work and at home if you are sore. BounceBack from Mannatech has been a huge favorite because it is designed to ease the pain and quicken recovery from exercise. It also promotes healthy joints. Whether it is exercise, or just strenuous labor, this product can help relieve those tired muscles.

4: Ūth™ Cleanser

This is a foaming cleanser that uses natural ingredients to exfoliate in a gentle fashion. It uses milled grape seed, palmarosa oil and sunflower seed oil to provide the cleaning and add essential natural properties that will keep your face looking and feeling much younger and fresher. By using this product each morning and evening, you will take the many pollutants off your skin that freely roam in the atmosphere.

3: FIRM with Ambrotose®

This is a huge product for Mannatech. This whole body cream has the patented Ambrotose as an ingredient. It contains the wonderful aloe plant properties and has no paraben products. It softens and conditions your skin while adding the herbal properties your body needs.

2: Ambrotose AO®

Everyday, our bodies, both inside and out, come in contact with pollutants. These pollutants kill cells and cause diseases such as cancer. This highly favored Mannatech product helps to defend our bodies from life’s pollutants. The capsules provide antioxidants from natural sources containing Vitamins C and E. This scientific blend has shown extreme positive effects in people that suffer from cellular damages. While there have been those who have tried to negatively attack this Mannatech product, there are many more who voice positive reviews of it.

1: Ambrotose® Complex

This is the product that Mannatech was built around. It comes in either a powder format or capsules. Many people have claimed that the Ambrotose Complex has changed their lives for the better. The claims are that it:

  • Helps support the immune system

  • Possibly supports pathogen response

  • Supports the digestive tract functions

  • Helps the response to vaccinations

  • Improves memory

  • Helps mood changes

There are those who claim this product is just a gimmick, but others who are now cancer free who state that they owe it to Ambrotose Complex.

The fact is: Ambrotose Complex is the top product from Mannatech Products. I will not offer an opinion on whether it works or not, but from the sales figures, it must be doing something good.

More about Mannatech Products

Mannatech has shown that they are highly favored even among many physicians and medical professionals. When people in those positions support a product such as this, and use it, I tend to believe it has good ingredients.

Without naming names, one of the people that are running for the United States Presidency in 2016 has shown some support for Mannatech Products.

There have been some independent distributors that may have made claims beyond what Mannatech can actually do, and because of that, Mannatech had to face some court challenges, but they came away in good shape. The lesson from that is: do not make claims as an independent distributor that are false or misleading.

Mannatech has a great line of products. If you would like to try some of the Mannatech products yourself, I suggest you visit the Mannatech website and enter the country you reside in. You can view all the products, and if you do not know an independent Mannatech representative, you can get products through the website. Keep in mind that when you purchase you are also supporting the nutritional needs of children around the world, because Mannatech has a program of One Simple Act that helps children called M5M.

If you have considered a network marketing business, maybe a Mannatech business would be your calling. You can also find out more about starting your own Mannatech home business at the website.

Again I must reiterate, neither I nor Chuck are affiliated with Mannatech Products. As a matter of fact, I have a separate network marketing business, and while I would love that you joined my business, I want you to join the one that is right for you. Maybe Mannatech Products will be your choice. They have great products, and a great program.


Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with this company in any way.  The products are not designed to treat, cure or prevent any disease.  The name is a registered trademark.  Individual results will vary.

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  1. I would love to order AmbroStart for my daughter and friend that have very bad allergy problems! I used to be allergic to so many foods and animals, one peanut would put me in the emergency room! And the Tim Stenberg turned me on to Mannatech AmbroStart and after 2 months all my allergies disappeared!

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