The Top 20 Herbalife Products of All Time

The Top 20 Herbalife products of all time…

Just recently, I posted what I believed to be the top 20 Amway products of all time. In consideration of other companies, I am now going to provide what I believe to be the top 20 Herbalife products of all time.

As stated in the other article, these are subjective posts, and you may not completely agree with my rankings. That is perfectly fine, and you are welcome to post your beliefs in the comment section below.

Herbalife has a wide variety of products. Some of their products have been accepted well, while others have been discontinued because of poor sales. No matter what the product is, or who the manufacturer is, there will be some people who love the product and others who hate it.

In this independent examination of Herbalife’s top products, I am going to research “both sides of the coin.” I will look at sales figures, reviews, and interview people who use Herbalife products on a regular basis.

Before we move on to the top 20 Herbalife products, I need to tell you that in no way am I affiliated with Herbalife in any form. I have never been a distributor, and I have no close friends or family, to my recollection, who are associated with Herbalife, other than just being a customer of their products from time-to-time.

Herbalife Overview

The original idea created by Mark Hughes was weight loss. In 1980, Mark began selling his original protein shake from the trunk of his car. Soon, he had started using the multi-level format of direct selling, and Herbalife was born.

In 2014, Herbalife had revenue of over $3.8 billion. Mark passed away in 2000, but Herbalife didn’t. The company continues to grow, and adds new products on a consistent basis.

Top 20 Herbalife Products

Top 20 Herbalife Products of All Time

Here is what I believe are Herbalife’s top 20 products of all time. I’ll start with number twenty and work my way down to number one.

# 20: Liftoff® Pomegranate-Berry Burst

From the reviews I found online, many people are delighted with this product. You just drop 1 tablet in 8 ounces of water, and it suppresses the appetite and gives you added energy. Liftoff has:

  • ginseng

  • caffeine

  • guarana extract

  • and more

Liftoff has a huge supply of vitamin C and all the B vitamins.

# 19: H³O® Fitness Drink Orangeade

I have tried this product and like the reviews, I must say it is great! Instead of drinking the store bought items that are full of sugar, this hydrates and gives you energy, but isn’t full of sugar. It provides electrolytes and vitamins C & E.

# 18: Xtra-Cal® Advanced

From my understanding, this has been a top-selling Herbalife product for quite some time. It makes great sense because Xtra Cal provides the much needed calcium that is depleted as we age. By taking 3 tablets daily, we get the daily amount of calcium we need.

# 17: Snack Defense®

On this one, I am going strictly by the excellent reviews. People are happy that this product not only helps slow bad eating habits, but it also helps keep blood sugar levels even. This is a great product for people who are trying to lose weight.

# 16: Herbalife SKIN Soothing Aloe Cleanser

First off, I am an Aloe fan. We grow it, and I use it for everything. After reading the reviews for this skin cleanser, I can understand even more why people love it. It is completely natural. It uses a coconut cleansing agent, and then hydrates the skin using the Aloe, and vitamins B3, C and E. The only con most people mentioned was that it seemed a bit over-priced.

# 15: Body Contouring Crème

Overall, this along with #14 are big sellers. This is considered the 2nd part and should be used with #14. This crème has ginkgo biloba extract and fruit acids. Many people have noticed a better toning look to their bodies after using this product.

# 14: Body Buffing Scrub

This product has a high selling rate, and is normally sold hand-in-hand with #15. This scrub uses jojoba beads to exfoliate and soften the skin. Women all over the world have claimed this two part process has made their skin look years younger.

# 13: Joint Support Advanced

Without mentioning names, I know a person who swears by this Herbalife product. They have had joint problems for several years, and I know that some days they can hardly move. They discovered that the Herbalife Joint Support Advanced helped immensely. The glucosamine in this product helps relieve swelling and painful joints.

# 12: Roasted Soy Nuts-chile lime

I have tried these, and I love them. They are full of protein and I rate them over peanuts and almonds, which I also love. I have also noticed that there are a lot of people that are allergic to peanuts, but these are soy, so they can have their nuts with no side effects.

# 11: Ultimate Prostate Formula

As a male that is concerned about prostrate issues as I age, I find that this product is an added protection. They are soft-gels that should be taken twice daily. They carry a blend of vitamin E and saw palmetto, which has been shown to help prostrate and urinary functions.

# 10: Green Tea-Pomegranate

This is somewhat of a new product from Herbalife. Green tea itself is a soothing way to hydrate the body, and the pomegranate flavoring makes it irresistible. I have several friends who love green tea, and they claim this flavor is the “bomb.”

herbalife weight loss company

# 9: Mega Garlic Plus

This Herbalife product has been a hit from day it launched. Garlic is great for the cardiovascular system, but who really wants their breath stinking like garlic? One tab of this is similar to eating a whole garlic clove. Not only is a person taking care of their health, they are keeping the vampires away.

# 8: Herbal Aloe Face & Body Sunscreen Broad SpectrumSPF 30

Sunscreen is an important item for anyone who is out in the conditions where the sun is beating on them. I have tried this product, and it is great. It smells good and doesn’t leave an oily residue. I had mentioned earlier about the love I have for Aloe, and this product also uses this natural product. Yes, I highly recommend the Herbalife sunscreen. It is a very good product.

# 7: Personalized Protein Powder

I have been amazed at the top reviews of this protein powder. Many people are delighted with the weight loss abilities that this product provides. It tastes good, and provides the needed protein a body desires. Overall, reviews claim the price is right, and the product is wonderful!

# 6: Soup Mix

There are many soup mixes on the market, but Herbalife seemed to find the right consistency. The majority of other brands have too much sodium. Out of all the online reviews I could find, no one had anything negative to say about Herbalife’s soup mix. It is a chicken flavor.

# 5: Herbalife24™ Rebuild Strength

As I have not used this product, after researching multiple reviews and forums, I have to say that I am going to share it with my two sons who are body builders. The first responses in reviews was the high cost of this protein+ shake mix. The fact is: Herbalife doesn’t use fillers that many other companies use. This product has all the ingredients a body needs.

# 4: Kindermins®

Parents seem to love this unique vitamin supplement that Herbalife sells. It is difficult getting a small child to take a pill even if it is flavored, but Herbalife has this liquid vitamin supplement that a parent just puts drops in juice, milk or on the food the toddler is eating. Parents love Kindermins!

# 3: Sleep Now

Personally, I have trouble with my sleep cycles at times. I have tried the melatonin tablets sold at pharmacies, but the taste is horrendous. I tried SLEEP NOW and it is a perfect balance. It does use the natural melatonin, but also has other ingredients that help the taste and aide sleep too. Those include:

  • passion flower

  • lavender

  • hops

  • and valerian

# 2: Formula 1 Healthy Meal Nutritional Shake Mix (Cookies & Cream)

Herbalife is best known as a weight loss company. Their Formula 1 Shakes are out of this world. I had to put the Cookies & Cream as the number two Herbalife product. It tastes delicious. All you need to do is mix it up with almond milk or regular milk. It keeps you feeling full and is not loaded with sugar. You should definitely try this shake.

# 1: Formula 1 Healthy Meal Nutritional Shake Mix (Dutch Chocolate)

I love chocolate and had to put this as my top Herbalife product of all time. The Dutch Chocolate Formula 1 shake is absolutely delicious. Like the Cookies & Cream shake, it is low and sugar and can be mixed with almond milk or milk. It’s also great if you mix in a teaspoon of peanut butter.

herbalife formula 1 shakes

Final Thoughts

We would love to hear your comments. Do you agree or disagree with my top 20 Herbalife products of all time? Tell us about your favorite Herbalife products.

I must reiterate, neither I nor Online MLM Community are affiliated with Herbalife. We are just sharing the products we suggest you check out. If you agree or disagree, please tell us in the comments section below.

Disclaimer: Herbalife is a registered trademark. The products have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not designed to treat, prevent or cure any disease. Visit the Official Herbalife website.

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5 thoughts on “The Top 20 Herbalife Products of All Time”

  1. This is a company that many people believe in. I have a cousin who started using Herbalife products to help her lose weight and get healthy. She saw such amazing results (over 100 pounds lost in 1 years) that she became a distributor, and a successful one at that. She says the shakes are her best selling products and I have heard many people boast about their effectiveness. The company clearly has something worth trying and investing in.

  2. We were out and about here in Puerto Rico today, and I ran into a gentleman who is a distributor for Herbalife. I explained to him about this article I wrote, and I asked him what his favorite products were. He told me that his favorite of all was the Sleep Now. He said his regular job is being a tow truck driver, and when he needs to sleep, it can be difficult. He stated that he found the Sleep Now by Herbalife worked great and did not upset his stomach like many other sleep medications do. I wanted to share that for anyone who also has trouble getting proper sleep.

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