The Top 20 Avon Products of All Time

In this post, we are going to review the top 20 Avon Products of all time. Avon is a pioneer in the direct selling industry. You could easily call them the biggest and the best. They have nearly 1,000 products to choose from, and the company has been around nearly 130-years.  

In this post, I am going to do my best to consolidate their top 20 Avon products of all time. Keep in mind this is just my opinion, and we can agree to disagree. If you disagree with me, make sure you leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

Brief History of Avon

Brief History of Avon

Avon is one of the oldest direct selling companies in the United States. In 1886, David McConnell was selling books door-to-door. As an enticement to sell the books, David made some simple perfumes at home to give to women who bought his books. Many of these women were more interested in purchasing the perfumes instead of the books, so David started the California Perfume Company.

In 1894, Alexander Henderson partnered with McConnell and in 1916,The California Perfume Company became a corporation in the State of New York. In 1932, the Trademark Avon was granted for the California Perfume Company. Everything then became Avon Products, Inc.

Using primarily women as door-to-door salespeople, Avon took off like a wildfire. Avon currently does business in more than 100 different countries and offers approximately 1,000 different products to buy. Avon has also acquired other jewelry and fragrance businesses, and in many cases, kept the brand names.

With fair pricing, and a great plan for the representatives that sell their products, Avon has realized well over 130-years of strong success. Avon also is a strong supporter of many great causes. Some of the main ones are:

  • Avon Foundation for Women

  • Avon Breast Cancer Crusade

  • Avon Speak Out Against Domestic Violence

  • Avon Emergency Relief Fund

  • and Beauty For A Purpose

Just knowing that this company gives back makes me very happy.

How I Came Up with This List

I used a variety of methods to come up with this top 20 Avon products list. Some of it is from my own experience. I also looked at sales data, online reviews, and talked with other Avon reps. Once again, the list is very subjective. By all means, we can agree to disagree.

Top 20 Avon Products of All Time

Top 20 Avon Products of All Time

Let’s get started with the top 20 Avon products of all time. I’ll start at number twenty and work my way down to number one.

# 20: Clearskin® Professional Deep Pore Cleansing Scrub

If you have acne and want to do something about it, check out this product. It helps clear and reduce the number of acne blemishes and pimples. It helps leave your skin feeling cool, clean and healthy. It is dermatologist tested. Use it in the morning and evening. One 4.2 fl oz tube normally sells in the $7 to $12 range.

I wanted to start off saying that I have very acne-prone skin and it’s extremely oily. I have had disfiguring acne since I was 18. I’m talking about cystic acne that sits under the skin and is extremely painful. This type of acne almost never comes to a head and is very scarring (even if you don’t mess with it). It also takes two weeks or longer to heal because it’s so deep and hasn’t come to a head. I’ve tried all sorts of products, even homeopathic regimens and nothing has worked for me. I would sometimes cry because its so embarrassing when people would look at me disgusted and sometimes strangers will come up to me and tell what to do to clear my skin. They obviously felt bad for me and only wanted to help. But it made me very sad that I stood out that much and they felt they had to help me. My mom bought me this from Avon and me thinking it would do no better than the other stuff I tried, I threw it in a box and stuffed it under the sink. There it sat for 8 months. I finally decided to try it out when I ended up with 7 painful cystic acnes and it was so painful I couldn’t sleep. I washed my face that night and took some pain pills and went to sleep. The next morning I noticed my skin wasn’t so red. I still had pain but I overlooked it and was amazed at the redness reduction. So I then washed my face again and went on with my day. That night my skin actually looked a little brighter and I noticed very little oiliness. I was happy. I’m on my third day and let me tell you, all of my cysts except for one came to a head. That’s amazing, that means it’s working and these cysts will heal up soon. All of the other pimples I had are almost completely gone. I am completely pleased with this product and the only thing I regret was not trying it sooner. Thanks mom and thanks Avon for a wonderful product. My self-esteem is higher than ever and I’m looking for a great outcome in the months to come.

~ Vickytoria3112

# 19: Avon Roll On Deodorant

Most people use deodorant (they should anyway). Avon has several different deodorants for men and women. They smell great, are long-lasting, go on smoothly and aren’t greasy. They offer 24-hour wetness protection. Some of the styles include Candid, Far Away, Haiku, Imari, Timeless, Sweet Honesty, Black Suede, Mesmerize, Musk Marine, Feelin’ Fresh, Cool Confidence, On Duty, Skin So Soft, and Wild Country. They normally sell for $1.99 each.

I’m a HUGE fan of the Avon roll-on deodorants- they come in a wide variety of lovely scents and they aren’t sticky or uncomfortable like most liquid and/or roll-on deodorants I’ve tried.

~ Alix H.

# 18: MagiX Face Perfector SPF 20

The sun and other natural and man-made airborne items can damage the skin. This face perfector is not only a sunscreen, but it also provides the means to brighten your face without the use of oils. It contains a gel/powder mix that is without color. Many women claim it is magic, hence its name. I highly recommend this product. It normally sells in the $10 to $12 range.

Leaves a perfect glow. Love the feel on face after use. Has a sparkly finish to it as well like a sun kissed glow. Easy to apply. Love this product. Good for combination skin, definitely will buy again. Make up look beautiful and soft looking with this as a primer.

~ Sherri Wolf

# 17: Avon Glimmersticks Waterproof Eye Liner

Women love this eye liner. Once it’s on your eyes, you can leave the pencil in your purse because it will last for 8+ hours. Not only that, the Avon Glimmersticks is self-sharpening. It’s also waterproof. Please ladies, do not use these while driving. It seems I see this often. It normally sells in the $7 to $10 range.

I love my Avon Glimmerstick Eyeliner in Blackest Black. It works wonderfully in the waterline and I have never had problems with it. Really a great staple in my makeup bag.

~ MeganYasa

# 16: Avon Anew Clinical Eye Lift Pro Dual Eye System

This helps your make your eyelids feel weightless and younger. It keeps you looking wide awake. It reduces the appearance of crow’s-feet and the look of eyelid sagging. Use it twice daily. It normally sells for about $30.

This eye cream is by far the best I used. I’ve been with Lancôme, Cinique, Sothys, etc. I recommend this cream to all women 40 years old and + at least during 3 months a year. It lift your lid, it fights the fines wrinkles around the eyes and it won the “Allure” price.

It is made of two parts; a creamy anti wrinkles part for under your eye and a soft gel to apply on your eyelid in a thin layer at night. You would see a quick improvement after 10 days when you’ll apply your eye shadows. It clearly lift the eyes.

Avon never really did something really magical for me but that product is a “must have”.

~ Eldels

avon lipsticks

# 15: Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus IR3535® Gentle Breeze SPF 30 Lotion

Bugs drive me crazy. How about you? This product helps repel mosquitoes, ticks, black flies, sand flies, gnats, and noseeums. It also provides 30 SPF protection. It’s non greasy and has Vitamin E and aloe. It normally sells for about $14 per bottle.

When on a holiday I used the Avon Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus IR3535.It not only protects from bugs also gives sun protection. The cream is waterproof and suitable for all skin types. It is mild and rich in vitamin E. This product is paraben-free. The natural ingredients in the cream help in soothing my skin.

~ Anitha

# 14: Avon Care Silicone Glove Protective Hand Cream

If you’ve got dry or itchy hands, check out this product. This helps moisturize your skin, while reducing irritation and dryness. It is dermatologist tested.

One of the best hand creams I’ve ever used. I tried this once and was completely hooked. It has a light scent, but it is very neutral. It provides a nice silky feeling to your hands and helps keep moisture in. I use this on my psoriasis when I have a significant flare up. I love to use this at night when it can really soak in. I’m waiting for a sale so I can stock up.

~ Trishka

# 13: Avon Haiku Eau de Parfum

This is another one of the top Avon products, which happens to be a best-seller. Spray this on and you will feel like you are in a Japanese flower garden. Use it once a day. It’s not over powering either. It normally sells for about $18 to $25 per bottle. On the company’s website there are currently 587 reviews, with an average 4.8-star rating.

I’ve never found another fragrance like my longtime-love Haiku. Such an interesting mix of creamy white lilies & the fresh bitter bite of Japanese citrus… adore adore adore!

~ Julia Glenn

# 12: Avon Far Away Eau de Parfum

This has a secret combination of jasmine, peach, orange, all combined with vanilla musk, sandalwood and amber. It has a soothing scent to calm your moods. I know you will love it. On the website there are 397 reviews with an average 4.7-star rating. It normally sells for about $20.

This is by far my favorite scent by Avon! It’s not too strong but still lasts for several hours. It has a slight sweet scent but definitely does not overwhelm your senses. I would definitely recommend it. It is also not overpriced like some of these other brands.

~ Crystal Brown

# 11: Avon Senses Silky Vanilla Body Spray

This is another one of the most popular Avon products. This mist leaves your skin feeling fresh. Enjoy the vanilla and brown sugar smell. Just spray it on and relax. Use it once a day and enjoy it. A bottle normally sells for about $10.

Always purchased original blend. Was skeptical when product was reformulated. I took a chance and ordered the new formula. I am happy to admit I LOVE it. It is like the old aroma is just intensified. I am truly a happy Avon customer.

~ Kacey

fergie avon perfume

# 10: Avon Black Suede Cologne

This is another popular product that has been around for a long time. It’s a combination of sweet mossy tones and spicy accents, combined with amber, woods and musk. It’s great for the manly man. You can get a bottle for about $20.

My all time favourite cologne. I’ve been wearing it since 1981 and can’t tire of it. There is simply nothing like it in the world of men’s perfumes. It is immediately recognizable, sweet but woody, oriental yet fresh, powdery but masculine… in fact fairly hard to define. Its sillage is excellent. Sprayed on a scarf, it lasts for days and days. To sum up : I love Black Suede and will go on loving it till Avon decides to discontinue it. Though I hope they never will…

~ Jaro

# 9: Avon Mesmerize Cologne

It smells great and lasts all day. From what I hear and read online, both men and women alike love this product. It currently has 99 reviews with an average 4.8-star rating on the company’s website. This normally sells for $20 to $25 per bottle.

This cologne is very subtle and as a soft fresh scent. I used to use this all the time when I was younger and even to this day it is still a reliable Cologne for any occasion. Absolutely love it and I love the price even more. Definitely something worth trying out in giving a chance.

~ James F.

# 8: Avon Soft Pink Bubble Bath

There’s nothing better than a bubble bath after a long day at work. If you need to relax and unwind, do yourself a favor and treat yourself to the Soft Pink Bubble Bath. Guys, you should even try it. It’s great for a romantic night with your significant other. This product helps me relax.

This is a wonderful product. I love the soft pink scent; it’s very light and romantic smelling! It’s not strong either so it doesn’t interfere with your body wash or lotions. Great price too!!

~ x0kerbear

# 7: Avon Skin So Soft Radiant Moisture Body Lotion

I love body lotion. My skin dries out and gets rough-looking from the Florida sun. I’ve tried many different lotions and this one is my favorite. You can get an 11.8 fl oz bottle for about $8 to $10.

I have dry and itchy legs and one spot on my left leg that kept reappearing as a sore spot. Three days after using my Skin so Soft, I noticed the itching was gone and the spot on my leg had almost disappeared. I am so pleased. I used so many different lotions, gels, and creams without success and Skin so Soft did the job (on sale too).

~ Carol

# 6: Avon Skin So Soft Shower Gel

I normally take a couple of showers per day, because of the heat here in Florida. I use this shower gel whenever I can. It doesn’t dry out my skin, plus I enjoy the smell. It currently has a 4.6-star rating on the company’s website, with 150 reviews. You can order a bottle for about $6.

The argan oil infused into this shower gel really sold it for me. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed yet super moisturized and soft, and the smell is just delightful. I love how Avon shower gel bottles are in the shape of a hook, very handy.

~ Milushka

avon sales per second

# 5: Avon Foot Works Maximum StrengthHeal Cream

I live in Florida and wear flip-flops 365-days per year. As a result, my feet get dried out and cracked. Every night before I go to bed, I rub on some of the Foot Works Heal Cream on my feet and it works its like magic while I sleep. It provides 24-hour moisturization and helps soften callused skin. It’s normally priced in the $4 to $7 range.

I love my pedicures, and I thought I would do them myself. That isn’t going to happen. However, this cream helps keep my pedicures lasting way longer than they used too. So as a supplement to my foot maintenance this is fabulous!

~ JR

# 4: Avon True Color Moisturizing Eye Make Up Remover Lotion

This Avon product helps moisturize lashes and fragile skin around the eyes. It works quickly, is gentle, and removes all traces of eye makeup. It is water based and clinically tested. This product normally sells in the $4 to $8 range.

Honestly one swipe and all your makeup is off, It is so creamy and gentle it comes off so fast which I LOVE because I don’t rub my eyes and create fine lines, just a simple swipe and it come off so quickly. Packaging is simple, small and fits in my little skin care bag.

~ Jacqueline B.

# 3: Avon Ultimate Multi-Performance Night Cream

This works wonders on your skin while you sleep. It helps hydrate your skin and restore the youthful appearance. It also helps with the skin’s texture, crow’s-feet, skin tone and fine wrinkles. It is also allergy tested and dermatologist tested. This product normally sells in the $25 to $40 range, but goes on sale all the time.

Ultimate Transforming Lift day and night creams are incredible for my skin. Finally I have found my HG moisturizers. My skin looks and feels amazing, nothing has done what these products have done for my skin, I have tried so many products from the least expensive to the most expensive. Thank you Avon for these truly amazing products. People guess my age at about 25, and I say yes you’re right, but I’m really 40 years old! I’m in my glory with these products!

~ Orton

# 2: Avon Wild Country Cologne

Many people don’t realize Avon has products for guys too. One of the most popular men’s products is the Wild Country cologne. This has been a customer favorite for more than 50-years. I call it a 3-ounce bottle of masculinity. It is a classic fusion of bergamot, sandalwood and aromatic woods. A bottle normally sells in the $15 to $30 range.

Surprise Surprise ! I’m a woman & I use it daily.. I wear ponytail extensions & I spray my hair with Wild Country men’s cologne. Everywhere I go people wonder who smells so good. I tell them its me & when I tell them its Wild Country for men they ask if they make a woman’s version. I wish Avon would make a woman’s version but please don’t change the scent. Avon should call it Scent of a Man but made for women too. Good slogan for starters!

~ Cathy Wit

# 1: Avon Skin So Soft Bath Oil

This is easily one of best-selling Avon products, and definitely one of my personal favorites. You could build a solid business just with the Skin So Soft product line. The original bath oil is really, really popular. You can use it for so many different things. It smooths dry skin without irritation. It leaves your skin feeling soft. It has a fresh herbal scent. Take a small amount and apply it to your arms and legs right after you bathe. The normal price ranges between $10 and $20 for a 16.9 ounce bottle.

Avon’s Skin So Soft bath oil is awesome. I use it all the time. The scent is woodsy and last all day. It makes your skin feel good. This bath oil has calming effects in my opinion.

~ Marjorie Taylor

Honorable Mention

Here are some additional Avon products that didn’t make my top 20 list, but are definitely worth trying out.

# 1: Avon Imari Eau de Toilette

This is a chypre, floral perfume. It has a touch of citrus, musk and jasmine, along with some hints of vanilla orchid. It comes in a 1.7 fl oz bottle. It normally sells in the $15 to $25 range. Be sure to check for sales.

# 2: Infinite Lift Targeted Contouring Serum

Fight aging with one action. It is formulated with Polypeptide Life Complex. It lifts the facial skin for a younger, natural look. It is hypo-allergenic and dermatologist tested. It’s normally priced in the $20 to $35 range, depending upon the current sale.

# 3: Anew Ultimate Cream Cleanser

This product removes makeup from the face and eyes. It is back by popular demand. It removes impurities from your face and feels richly hydrating. One tube is 4.2 fl oz. The normal price is about $7 to $15 range.

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks. These are the top 20 Avon products of all time, as I see it. Of course, this is just my opinion and we can agree to disagree. If you have a different point of view, and would like to share your thoughts, just leave a comment below to let me know your favorite Avon products of all time. I look forward to hearing from you.

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6 thoughts on “The Top 20 Avon Products of All Time”

  1. What’s the best way to sell from the website provided by Avon when you sign up to be a rep for the company? Must we have a fairly large email contact list of customers that we know will order on a regular basis and can selling from sites like Facebook and Twitter bring in many new customers, if any, or are we better off selling to people within our own local community?

    Thanks for any suggestions in advance!!

  2. Avon is a great example of using brand recognition. It is ever evolving, changing with the times. People know the name of Avon and they instantly know what to expect with the product and the sales technique. I think everyone has dabbled in Avon to some extent. There are some weaknesses in the team building structure but from the consumer end this is a great company!

  3. Great article, Greg. I sold Avon for a period of time and really enjoyed it. The company has amazing name brand recognition and most people think very highly of it. The price point is also really, really good. Their comp plan for retailing is great, but I couldn’t get excited about their “network marketing” compensation plan. Thanks for sharing. My favorite Avon product of all time is the Skin So Soft. I have used that for almost 25 years. You can use it for almost anything.


    1. Thank you Chuck,

      I will have to agree that their structure in recruiting other distributors is lacking, but the profits you can make retailing are wonderful, and almost everyone has at least one or two Avon products they love.

      I personally love the Skin So Soft myself, especially when I used to fish consistently in Missouri lakes where the mosquitoes can suck a gallon of blood from you in 5 minutes. That Avon product sent those little flying draculas off to better prospects.

      I didn’t realize you sold Avon for awhile. I never did, but I have done well selling Avon collectible decanters and bottles.

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