The Top 13 Christian Based MLM Companies

In today’s post, I’m going to share what I believe are the top 13 Christian Based MLM Companies in the world.

While there are those who would say differently, I believe the United States of America was founded on Christian values. I will not go into a debate as to which Christian religious structure has it right, but I will say that we need to put our faith, our trust, and our belief in God Almighty before everything else.

After all, it is He who made us and when we say Christian, we are affirming the presence of God’s Son who was nailed to a cross to be the Holy sacrifice for our sins.

There may be those of you reading this post who do not have the same beliefs as me. That is your choice and I will not scream hellfire and damnation at you. But, I do ask that you respect my beliefs, even if you disagree with me.

There are many other people who have similar beliefs as I do, and that is the subject of today’s post. We will look at the top 13 Christian based MLM Companies.

While I am at it, I know there are some who claim that network marketing is completely non-Christian. I will just have to say that if that is your belief, you might as well just say that every business is non-Christian.

There are good and bad people in all business structures. MLM is simply a business format and it can be handled ethically or not, so do not blame it on the business structure, but on the individual who is managing their business improperly.

That is something else that I love about Christian based MLM Companies – they instill Christian values in their distributors so they will use ethical means in their business.

Even the Christian financial advisor Dave Ramsey says:

Multilevel marketing companies (also known as MLMs) have a bad rap. Some of it is deserved, and some of it isn’t. MLMs are often labeled as “pyramid schemes,” but that’s not true. The difference is that pyramid schemes are illegal because they offer no product. With MLMs, a product or service is the basis for the business.”

Top Christian Based MLM Companies

Top 13 Christian Based MLM Companies

So, let’s take a look at the top 13 Christian based MLM Companies. They are listed in no particular order, and I am not affiliated in any way with these companies except for the occasional use of a product or two. I am providing this information to help you in your choice of a Christian Based MLM Company to possibly affiliate yourself with.

# 1: 31 Gifts

Cindy Moore founded 31 Gifts in 2003. They are headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.

The 31 comes from the working woman in Proverbs 31 in the Holy Bible. I suggest you open your Bible and read that Proverb.

Not only is 31 Gifts in business to make profits, they also are in it to give back. They have a charitable program called 31 Gives that is helping women, girls, and families to live a fulfilling and purpose driven life.

31 Gifts has a wide variety of products, and many are meant to be gifts for others. I happen to know a 31 Gifts consultant who just loves the company and the products.

I founded Thirty-One Gifts in 2003 with one simple goal in mind – to help women by giving them the opportunity to run their own successful business. That goal remains our No. 1 priority today.

~ Cindy Monroe, Founder and CEO

# 2: La Bella Baskets And Gifts

Headquartered in Lakeway, Texas, La Bella Baskets and Gifts was founded in 2009 by two women with the names of Janis and Mia.

Just entering their website, I see a “We Are Thankful Sale.” Looking at the multiple products offered on the La Bella website, you can plainly see the Christian values they have.

To bring joy, love, and beauty to others, to seek all that is good in life, and to appreciate the sweetness of each day while inspiring everyone to believe that anything is possible!

~ Mia Florides, Founder & CEO

# 3: Mary Kay

Mary Kay Ash founded this now monstrous MLM Company in 1963. And, Mary Kay Ash had a strong belief in God and felt a huge desire to empower other women.

Mary Kay also was given wise words to speak, and that is where this quote from that wonderful woman came from:

“God didn’t have time to make a nobody, only a somebody. I believe that each of us has God-given talents within us waiting to be brought to fruition.”

Mary Kay quote about people

# 4: Just Jewelry

Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Springboro, Ohio, Just Jewelry puts God at the forefront of their business. The first mention in their beliefs is that God has a purpose for each of us.

Just Jewelry is letting the light shine too. They have what is called the Plumpy’ Nut Project. For every Faith, Hope and Love bracelet sold, they donate 2 Plumpy’ Nut Treatments to starving children. So far, there have been 47,000 meals served. Our God is an awesome God.

Just Jewelry is on a mission to impact our communities, our country and our world! By purchasing our products, you too can be a part of this incredible mission.

Source: Just Jewelry

# 5: F.A.I.T.H. Company

Pam and Mark Hatchard founded this faith-based, God driven MLM Company in Addison, Texas. The jewelry is all handmade and many of the artisans are refugees.

I just love the scripture at the bottom of the website. It is Jeremiah 29:11 – I have a plan for you declares the Lord: one to prosper you, not to harm you and one to give you hope for a brighter tomorrow.

From the beginning, F.A.I.T.H. has grown with the philosophy that if you can dream it, you can do it. We feel it takes guts to proclaim your dreams, courage to follow through, and determination to succeed. F.A.I.T.H. is a dream just waiting to be achieved.

~ Pam Hatchard, Designer and Co-Founder of F.A.I.T.H. Company

# 6: Initial Outfitters

Jim and Alicia Storbeck had a dream and with prayer and God’s help, they made that dream come true when Initial Outfitters was launched.

Headquartered in Auburn, Alabama, Initial Outfitters supports a great ministry called Charlie’s Lunch Ministry. Called IO Loves, every dollar made from embroidered lunchboxes and personalized backpacks go to feeding hungry children.

Thank you IO for loving and following God’s path.

It’s not really about the income, but how that income enriches, and even changes, your life. The outcome. That’s your “Why”. It’s personal, it drives you to succeed and is your definition of success. We’re here to help you achieve that! Initial Outfitters is an opportunity for you to make a living that makes a difference and empower others to do the same.

~ Jim Storbeck, Alicia Storbeck & Beth Reeves (Founders & Co-Founder)

# 7: Damsel In Defense

The team at this Christian based MLM Company put a huge trust in God, but they also know that it is important that we give women the means to defend themselves against predators.

Based in Boise, Idaho, the leadership team of Damsel in Defense all give their praise to our Maker. They sell many items that can keep women feeling safe.

Our mission is to equip, empower and educate women to protect themselves and their families.

Source: Damsel in Defense

mark 1124 verse

# 8: First Fitness Nutrition

This well-known Christian based MLM Company is endorsed by some top names in sports, but their biggest endorser is God.

Why? Because First Fitness Nutrition puts God first above all. The weight loss program is considered phenomenal.

Our Mission is to change lives physically and financially. We provide exclusive, all-natural weight loss and wellness products to lose weight, feel great, and improve your health.

Source: First Fitness

# 9: Mary & Martha

Well, the name of this MLM tells us immediately that it is Christian home decor company.

Mary and Martha were friends of Jesus and were there when he was crucified.

So much about this MLM Company is based on Biblical principles. They even are giving Bibles to children through Compassion International.

Our mission – Empowering women to share life together. A Gathering is a simple way to bring your friends together (or back together) for a few hours to share the latest happenings in life!

Source: Mary & Martha

# 10: Daisy Blue Naturals

Headquartered in Albert Lea, Minnesota, Daisy Blue Naturals are products made of all natural products for your skin. Just viewing their website, you can tell that it was hatched with Christian values.

What I love is the help that Daisy Blue Naturals is giving to Kids Inspiring Kids. Helping to feed kids in Uganda and working at battling the upheaval of kids in cities around the nation and the world.

In 1999 I looked down at my infant son and knew there had to be a better way. Immediately I began experimenting in my own kitchen and before long Daisy Blue Naturals was born. As a chemist and naturalist, it quickly became my passion to offer every family truly safe alternatives to ‘store shelf’ baby and skincare products.

~ Jena Thompson, Founder & CEO

proverbs 163 verse

# 11: Close To My Heart

This unique MLM Company started in 2002 in Pleasant Grove, Utah.

Just the name alone told me immediately that God is in charge of the company. The CEO is Jeanette Lynton, but the true Boss is in Heaven.

So what does Close To My Heart sell? Scrapbooks. Patterns and how to make scrapbooks to keep your precious memories alive forever.

Plus Close To My Heart supports Operation Smile that has put smiles on the faces of children around the world.

We show you how to celebrate relationships through discovering your creativity, to preserve and share the moments that matter most.

Source: Close to my Heart

# 12: Art & Soul

Since 1970, Gay Zurich has been making personalized cartoons and gifts for any, and everyone. Just seeing her beautiful works of art tell me that there is a heavenly helper guiding her talents.

And you can have your own business selling Gay’s art and designs. Art & Soul is headquartered in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

My work is meant to be uplifting, humorous and joyful, and sentimental. It is meant to bring a smile or even laughter, perhaps a sentimental tear. It is meant to warm your heart and, in some small way, to enrich your life. Thank you for letting part of my Art & Soul touch your life. I hope you enjoy your “Art With Heart” forever.

~ Gay Martha Zurich, Founder

# 13: Amway

Founded in 1959, Amway, is the largest MLM Company in the United States and probably the world.

As I see it, the majority of Amway systems are born on Christian values. I have been told that at major conferences they have prayer and even have church services.

Now there are some that claim that Amway is similar to a cult, but I would have to disagree. While I am not involved with Amway, I know several people who are, and they do not seem to be living cultish extremism.

If you think you may be interested in joining Amway or purchasing any of their fantastic products, you can visit their website.

Our vision is quite simple. We work each and every day to help people live better lives.

Source: Amway

how to make a vison a reality

Final Thoughts

Well, there you have my top 13 Christian based MLM Companies. What are your thoughts? Do you know of any others that I may have missed?

I will say that there are many other MLM Companies that have Christian distributors. If you are a Christian and considering joining a MLM Company, be diligent in researching that company to make sure you stay within your Christian values.

There are several things to consider:

  • It all belongs to God.

  • Be responsible with your money; make a budget.

  • It is better to give than receive.

Consider this quote by Randy Alcorn:

God prospers me not to raise my standard of living, but to raise my standard of giving.

If you trust God and obey His Word, I believe you can do just fine with a MLM Business. Just follow the Godly principles you know, and the path you take will be bright.

For those of you that are not Christian, that is okay. Well not really, but I cannot force you to become one, that is your choice, but I do know that you can still be a non-Christian and follow upstanding principles. Please do so with your MLM Business and together we can change the bad impressions so many have on MLM. And with that I will say, God Bless You All. Please leave any comments or questions below. Thank you.

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76 thoughts on “The Top 13 Christian Based MLM Companies”

  1. I appreciate this list showing the great potential this business model has in building the Kingdom and transforming culture. I do see several pitfalls in the MLM industry from my own experience and research, like spiritual heresy and material idolatry. I also believe it would be better in most cases to learn online marketing to market to people who are not friends or family.

    I see great potential in transforming the dark corners of the MLM industry, and since many people are waking up to this mission by inlining their Faith in their business. I support that based on John 3:17. Christ also came to save the world.

    1. Thanks for the comment.

      There are definitely bad things about our industry, just like any other industry. We also have a lot of good things about it.

      Some people do idolize the money and material possessions, but not everyone does.

      Your point about reaching out to people outside of your warm market. I couldn’t agree more. The problem is most people joining our industry do not have the marketing experience or budget to do 100% cold marketing.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    1. Most definitely. However, it also “pushes away” many people who are not religious and have no desire to mix the two. Branding yourself as a Christian MLM Company definitely has advantages and drawbacks.

    1. Thanks. My goal is to give a brief overview of each Christian based MLM Company on this list. People can then take the companies they like and do more thorough research to make an informed decision.

  2. Very reputable list for spiritual and customer based satisfaction. I think it’s a good idea to go back to the beginning, even in a biblical sense, to remind you what values are most important. A motivating, charitable foundation is a great recipe for high end consumer products.

  3. I’ve heard about some of those MLM companies, they are very successful and I think it’s great they follow their christian beliefs and handle their business ethically.

  4. I had no idea that Mary Kay was a Christian company, I respect the beliefs from other people however I think that including God in all areas of life, including business really makes a difference for good.

    1. Yes, having good values in a business is important. I personally like to leave religion out of business because not everyone is religious. Plus, you have potential customers who are different religions who might not do business with a company because they are promoting religion in their business.

    1. We are a misunderstood industry. It isn’t taught in school, at home or in college. Plus, the media doesn’t like our industry because we don’t fork over money in advertising. The industry does more than $100 billion annually. While it might not have the best reputation, no one can argue that it is illegitimate or doesn’t work.

    1. Yes, there are well over 1,000 MLM Companies in business, probably many more than that. If you search around, you will find one that speaks to you that you can get excited about.

    1. Yes, there are lots of Christian based MLM Companies. I would encourage you to do your homework, make a list of potential companies, and research each one until you find one that is good for you.

  5. Good foundation for these companies to exercise high moral and incorporate it into their mandates. I’m all for spirituality, women empowerment and making people feel valued and appreciated. I do think any religion or good philosophy can offer similar values as well. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Personally, I’m not a fan of mixing politics, religion and/or business, but to some people it’s very important. These companies seem to have their act together and are quite appealing to Christians.

  6. These types of companies has not been on the mix for the longest time. Then again the term Christian based can be subjective. So this is both a surprise yet it is not at the same time. To me as long as a company does good it is fine.

  7. I was not aware these were Christian based MLM Companies, probably because I haven’t looked into them or knew any more then the basics.

    It was interesting finding out more about theses companies. Yes, I agree that everyone has their own opinion about religion. Some people are passionate about finding a Christian based MLM Company. For other folks, it’s not a big deal. On the same note, I don’t think people should bash MLM Companies because they are guided by Christian principles (or because they aren’t). As long as the company is legal, moral and ethical, that is what matters most.

    If more companies focused on helping others, rather than helping themselves, they would prosper while making a difference.

    1. Good points, Kara. I think every new rep joining our industry should align themselves with a company and product line that matches their own value system. Our industry literally has something for everyone. You just have to look.

  8. Am I missing something about “Close to my Heart”?

    It does not show earning from other team members. Either they changed it, or it is direct sales, not mlm.

  9. Good job sharing the Gospel as we are instructed in Matthew 28:19-20

    Whole Wellness Club has been in business since 2007. The company is owned by a Christian and I have never seen dishonest behavior all the years that I have been involved. The first products were actually shipped from my small farm when the company launched.

    You do not have to be a Christian to be in the company either as a Preferred Customer or a Distributor. The pay plan is very generous. Customers are even given referral commissions for sharing the whole food organic products.

  10. Good post about faith based networking companies. If you do a new post in the future, please expand to the top 14 and include the Whole Wellness Club. We started in June 2007 on my small farm in Washington State, are global and the owner is a Christian man living in the USA.

  11. MLM is Non Christian…I have never heard that, but I guess I will have to ad my two cents. Hogwash is what I say to that comment. MLM is neither Christian nor Non Christian. If you are Christian, and you want to work your program, I believe God would be pleased especially when you donate some of your proceeds to help others.

    I have a Christian friend that won’t use certain products because that promote non Christian values, so it is good to know that he has choices on programs to promote. Here are 13 programs that he could join.

    1. Slow to find this site…I struggled with this for a while….yes God can make great things happen from money not from a Christian MLM, but…..I personally do not want to start with seed money from a company who does not advance the KINGDOM OF GOD….it’s so easy today to justify why I could go non Christian , my spirit knows and so does God.

    2. Al, I agree, many people have their own opinions on what is Christian and what’s not. I think it’s great to see people who are helping others! I hope your friend found a program that they love.

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