The Top 10 Unicity Products

In today’s post, I’m going to discuss the top 10 Unicity products…

With its headquarters in Orem, Utah, Unicity became a network marketing power player in 2001 when Rexall Showcase International merged with Enrich International. Unicity’s motto is “Make Life Better.”

Unicity has been doing that for people in several ways. Unicity sells a wide range of weight loss and health products that make life better for the people who utilize them. Not only does Unicity make life better for people with their health; the company also makes life better for some people’s wealth.

As a highly rated network marketing company, people can start their own Unicity business and gain security and wealth if they follow the proper procedures to do so.

In the paragraph’s below, I am going to provide the top 10 Unicity products, as I see it. I am using a wide range of sources to determine this list. I will look at sales, reviews and other information available to determine the top 10.  Please keep in mind this just my opinion.

We are in no way affiliated with Unicity, nor have we been in the past. You are receiving an honest and upfront review.

Top 10 Unicity Products

At the end of this article, you will find references where I determined this top 10 list. If I left out a Unicity product and you feel it should be on the list, or you disagree with my rankings, feel free to leave a comment below.

10: EquaLean®

Using vitamin B blends, white kidney bean extract, ginseng root and citric acid to block carbohydrate absorption in the body, Equalean is a favorite for those who desire to lose the carb weight factor.

9: Satisfy For Glucose

This can be used at any time in place of a meal or snack. Just mix this with water or milk and you will get a rich chocolate flavored drink that will satisfy your hunger. Many other similar items mess with blood sugar levels, but Unicity’s Satisfy maintains level blood sugar. Satisfy is a great way to lose weight without feeling hungry.

8: Aloe Vera

This is nature’s perfection for cleansing the colon and intestines. With the years of gunk and junk we have added to our bodies, a good cleaning can always help. These Aloe Vera tabs by Unicity can help do the job! Aloe Vera not only has great laxative qualities, it is also a natural healing agent.

7: Xxtra Power Generation™

These capsules provide that burst of energy a person needs to workout. Using no man-made chemicals, Xxtra uses natures best energy providers that are mixed in perfection to provide that energy you may need.

top unicity products

6: CalmPlex 2000™

Life can sometimes be full of stress. The children, the spouse, the job, or the neighbors can drive us into wanting to sail away to a desolate island. Unicity may not have the desolate island for you, but they do have CalmPlex 2000. The ingredients in CalmPlex will help you relax, and even get a good night’s rest.

5: Bios Life C™ (Packets)

Bios Life C helps your body with good cholesterol and helps to fight off the bad cholesterol. Bios Life uses natural fibers to create this scientific solution to your body’s cholesterol. Bios Life has been a huge favorite.

4: Prostate TLC™

The prostrate in men needs to be well-managed. This product by Unicity helps maintain safe levels of the testosterone that can create prostrate enlargement and other prostrate problems. I predict this product will even climb higher in sales in the near future.

3: Vegan Client Transformation Pack

This has been a huge factor in tremendous weight loss for people. This pack includes:

  • 1 Blender Bottle

  • 1 Coaching

  • 3 Matcha Focus

  • 3 Balance Cholesterol

  • 2 Lifiber

  • 4 Complete Vanilla Vegan

2: Bios Life® Slim

This a Unicity favorite by a large crowd of people. You simply mix 1 scoop of this with water, milk juice, etc… 10 to 15 minutes before your 2 largest meals. By doing so, you will not only eat less, this substance will regulate stored fats.  Learn more.

1: Balance

This is probably Unicity’s best-selling product. Balance helps your body do exactly what it says; it balances your blood sugar, your cholesterol, and promotes digestion and fat reserve. It will help you balance your eating habits, the stress in your life, and also your mental capacities to do what Unicity says: Make Your Life Better.

Final Thoughts

Unicity has a great product line that can and does make people’s lives better. These are only 10 products out of many more. As a customer you can make your life better with weight and health management, and as a distributor you can do the same plus add a nice income to your financial side of life.

Which Unicity product is your favorite? Is there a product you believe should be in this top 10 list? Feel free to share your comments or questions below.

Again, we are not affiliated with Unicity, so if you would like more information on becoming a customer or distributor, you may want to visit the Unicity website here.


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4 thoughts on “The Top 10 Unicity Products”

  1. The competition is high in network marketing health and wellness. I do see though that most of the companies that offer health and wellness products have unique products with unique properties.

    I believe that anyone considering joining a network marketing company that sells health and wellness products try many of the products, and even compare them with products from other companies so you can make the best decision on the company you would want to be affiliated with.

    Unicity has some wonderful products, but I will stick with the company I am with now, without mentioning any names.

  2. Seems like there are so many companies in the health and weight loss field these days. It makes you wonder what sets Unicity apart from all the others. I do like what some of the products on this list are designed to do for the body. I imagine that if used properly and if actually effective, people who use the products see great improvements in their overall health and wellness.

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