The Top 10 Unicity Products

In today’s post, I’m going to discuss the top 10 Unicity products, as I see it.

As a quick disclaimer, I am in no way affiliated with the company, BUT, I have a huge amount of respect for Unicity.

With its headquarters in Orem, Utah, Unicity became a network marketing power player in 2001 when Rexall Showcase International merged with Enrich International. Unicity’s motto is “Make Life Better.”

Unicity has been doing that for people in several ways. Unicity sells a wide range of weight loss and health and wellness products that make life better for the people who utilize them. Not only does Unicity make life better for people with their health; the company also makes life better for some people’s wealth.

As a highly rated network marketing company, people can start their own Unicity business and gain security and wealth if they choose to.

In the paragraph’s below, I am going to provide a detailed review of the top 10 Unicity products. I am using a wide range of sources to determine this list. I will look at sales, how long the product has been around, online reviews, input from Unicity reps, and other information available. Please keep in mind this just my opinion and we can agree to disagree.

Also, we are in no way affiliated with Unicity, nor have we been in the past. You are receiving an honest and upfront review.

unicity mission statement

About Unicity

Before I share the top 10 Unicity products, here are a few quick facts about Unicity, just to give you a better understanding as to what they are all about.

  • The company traces its roots back to 1903 (Rexall).
  • It started with one product, BIOS LIFE, now known as BALANCE.
  • Unicity began utilizing the network marketing business model in 1991.
  • Unicity launched in 2001, when Rexall Showcase International and Enrich International merged into Unicity.
  • The company does business in more than 60 different countries.
  • There are more than 400 different products to choose from.
  • The company has 17 products listed in the Physician’s Desk Reference (PDR).
  • Unicity’s mission statement is: MAKE LIFE BETTER!

You can learn more about Unicity’s history here.

Top 10 Unicity Products

Let’s get started with my top ten list. After you finish reading this article, please share your thoughts by leaving a comment. I’ll start with # 10 and work my way up to # 1. Enjoy!

# 10: Balance 

High cholesterol is a major issue in today’s society. You could almost say there is a cholesterol pandemic in the United States. Unicity understands that. As a result, they’ve developed an amazing product called BALANCE. Here’s what one website has to say about it.

Most people know that fiber supports digestive health. But in addition to aiding digestion, fiber can also help lessen the impact that excess carbohydrates and cholesterol can have on the body. Soluble fibers, in particular, help support important bodily functions—soluble fibers help maintain healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels. However, the prevalence of processed foods and modern farming techniques has led to higher levels of sugar and lower levels of fiber in the foods we eat.

Unicity Balance is a pre-meal drink with a patented fiber matrix that includes bioactive plant compounds, polysaccharides, and micronutrients. The fiber matrix is designed to help ease some of the impact that excess carbohydrates and cholesterol can have on the body. Balance is formulated to provide critical vitamins, minerals, and soluble fibers to help curb your appetite.

# 9: Vision Essentials Plus

Everyone understands the importance of brain health, heart health, and overall health, but they often forget about the importance of eye health. Many eye issues have no symptoms or signs. That means you can have “eye issues” without even realizing it. To maintain your eye health, you should be proactive. That’s where the Vision Essentials Plus comes into play.

This latest vision health supplement, based on emerging science, incorporates a powerful blend of vitamins and antioxidants proven to support and maintain eye health. The special blend of antioxidants in Vision Essentials may help slow down the advance of AMD (age-related macular degeneration). The formula is based on the NIH‘s Age-Related Eye Disease Study I and II (AREDS) formulation, which found that a combination of antioxidants was able to slow the advance of AMD. ~

# 8: Complete Vanilla Meal Replacement

Meal Replacement shakes are a great choice for busy people who want to lose weight and/or stay healthy. Skip the fast food and leave the house with something healthy instead (and cheaper). You can do that with the Complete Vanilla Meal Replacement shakes. Online reviews claim it tastes great and is easy to make!

You know you want to eat healthier and feel better, but you also know that it’s sometimes easier said than done. You need to make sure you’re controlling your caloric intake, getting enough protein, and eating foods that won’t make your blood glucose spike, all while getting the right nutrients. You’ll be lucky if you find something that meets all of those requirements and is palatable enough to make it all worth it. Unicity Complete is a convenient way to meet all these needs. It’s a delicious meal replacement, developed to provide you with the nutrition you need to be healthy. Complete is high-protein and low-carb, and it contains fiber to increase satiety. Drinking Complete for breakfast is a great way to start your day and set yourself up for success. Complete Vanilla Vegan does not contain artificial, dairy, gluten, or soy ingredients. ~

# 7: Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera. There’s a good chance you’ve heard of that before. In fact, you probably know the benefits it offers. Unicity offers an amazing Aloe Vera product in capsules form.

The use of Aloe Vera can be traced all the way back to the ancient Egyptians, The glamorous Cleopatra regarded Aloe Vera as her beauty secret. Aloe was held in such reverence in Egypt that it was considered to be the Plant of Immortality. Drawings of the Aloe plant have even been found inscribed in the tombs of pharaohs.

There are several variations of the Aloe plant, but only one variety has a legendary medicinal reputation dating back thousands of years. the Aloe Vera. Vera, that means true in Latin, was added to the appellation of this particular specimen in order to distinguish its primacy among the Aloe plants.

One of nature’s time tested healing substances, Aloe Vera helps the body cleanse itself and provides minerals, vitamins, enzymes, glycoproteins, essential oils, and amino acids to support the body’s defense, gastrointestinal, and urinary systems. ~

# 6: Bios Life 2 Natural

Do you struggle with hunger pains? Are you always hungry, even after you finish your meal? If that describes you, this Unicity product might just be the one for you.

Bios Life 2 can help curb your appetite by giving you a pleasant, full feeling when consumed before meals. Bios Life 2 is a natural way to control your appetite while nourishing your body with important nutrients needed for multiple systems. Bios Life 2 also contains antioxidant vitamins C and E, which have been proven to protect cells from free-radical damage. It also supplies key nutrients such as beta-carotene, calcium, zinc, and a complex of B vitamins that promote the body’s overall health and well-being. ~

top 10 unicity products
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# 5: Bios 7 Microbiome Support

High Blood sugar. HDL Cholesterol. High Blood Pressure. Waist size.

If you’re struggling with any of those things, you should take the time to educate yourself about Unicity’s Bios 7 Microbiome Support. 

Bios 7 is Unicity’s premier metabolic health product for people that live in a glucose-infused world. It inherited all the benefits of Bios Life S, plus additional ingredients that support a healthy microbiome. Bios 7 combines the power of our newly patented fiber matrix with other important nutrients that when taken consistently and correctly, promote overall wellness and serve as daily nutritional insurance. ~

# 4: Prostate TLC

This one is for the guys reading this post. It’s important to take care of your prostate. The prostate is about the size of a chestnut and weighs about an ounce. The prostate has an important role in semen, ejaculation, and sexual health. Millions of men struggle with prostate issues, especially as they get older.

Prostate TLC support prostate health and wellness, and contains nutrients and phytosterols to maintain overall prostate and urinary flow function. ~

# 3: LiFibre

Most of us don’t eat enough fruits & vegetables and we don’t get enough fiber. If that describes you, you should check out the Unicity LiFibre. 

Unicity LiFiber is a psyllium-based powder drink mix that can be added to water, juice or the beverage of your choice. The psyllium base provides more than eight times more soluble fiber than oat bran. Fiber is also known as roughage. It is the indigestible part of plant foods that pushes through our digestive system, absorbing water along the way and easing bowel movements. Dietary fiber refers to nutrients in the diet that are not digested by gastrointestinal enzymes.

A key ingredient in LiFiber is the fiber part extracted from a plant called Psyllium Husk, and a prebiotic FOS (Fructo oligo Saccharide). A low-residue diet causes a gluey state that cannot be efficiently processed by the intestines. The colon is the solid waste management organ for the entire body, and mucous and rubber-like waste can easily adhere to the colon walls. The colon is the easiest breeding ground for microorganisms, some of which may be harmful.

Headaches, skin blemishes, bad breath, fatigue, and joint distress can be linked to a congested colon. In addition, colon and bowel problems are a big factor in early aging. When waste backs up, it becomes toxic and then releases the toxins into the bloodstream. Other elimination organs become overburdened in their detoxification duties, and it’s easy to see why health problems begin. Cleansing your colon lightens the toxic load on every part of your body. In fact, hardly any healing program will work without a colon cleanse as part of it. ~ Food Supplement

# 2: Matcha Energy

Feeling sluggish? You know, right after you eat that big lunch and you’re sitting at your desk at work wondering how you’re going to survive the next few hours? If that describes you, you might want to check out the Unicity Matcha Energy.

I have started having Unicity Matcha once every alternate day and trust me when I say this, in past 6 days alone I have felt more energy and concentration at work compared to earlier. No, it is not an overnight miracle but I feel better. I no longer feel sleepy during afternoons either, maybe because of the caffeine in Matcha that does not give a rushing high like coffee but a calm sustained energy throughout the day (those Zen priests sure knew what they were onto!) I am surely bringing Unicity Matcha as a friend in my daily life. I hope all of you join in too. Here is a toast to our continuing quest for health! ~

# 1: Bone Fortify

It’s important to have strong bones. In fact, our bones allow us to move around and live life. Our bones also store minerals and protect our organs. Unicity has developed an amazing product to help with this. It’s called Bone Fortify!

Our bones are living tissues that give our bodies shape, store crucial minerals, protect vital organs, and enable our movements. However, aging and the lack of proper nutrition can compromise this essential structure. Young or old, physically active or inactive, male or female—we all need vitamin D, magnesium, vitamin K, and calcium to help maintain healthy bones. Providing healthy support for this essential structure is imperative for a healthy life.

Bone Fortify offers a multi-tiered approach to bone health, helping to give your bones the best support possible. With its unique blend of calcium, vitamin D, vitamin K, and magnesium, Bone Fortify is a delicious powdered drink mix specially formulated to support the body’s natural processes responsible for overall bone health. ~ Unicity website

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Unicity has a great product line that can and does make people’s lives better. These are only ten products from their large product line. As a preferred customer you can make your life better with weight and health management, and as a distributor you can do the same plus add a nice income to your financial side of life.

Which Unicity product is your favorite? Is there a product you believe should be in this top 10 list? Feel free to share your comments or questions below.

Again, we are not affiliated with Unicity, so if you would like more information on becoming a customer or distributor, you may want to visit the Unicity website here.

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4 thoughts on “The Top 10 Unicity Products”

  1. The competition is high in network marketing health and wellness. I do see though that most of the companies that offer health and wellness products have unique products with unique properties.

    I believe that anyone considering joining a network marketing company that sells health and wellness products try many of the products, and even compare them with products from other companies so you can make the best decision on the company you would want to be affiliated with.

    Unicity has some wonderful products, but I will stick with the company I am with now, without mentioning any names.

  2. Seems like there are so many companies in the health and weight loss field these days. It makes you wonder what sets Unicity apart from all the others. I do like what some of the products on this list are designed to do for the body. I imagine that if used properly and if actually effective, people who use the products see great improvements in their overall health and wellness.

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