The Top 10 MLM Stocks

Today, I’m going to provide you an overview of the top 10 MLM Stocks.

It has become another way I invest and I have done slightly well thus far… Stocks.

But I do know that at any given time, the bottom could fall out, so I do not have everything in stocks and bonds.

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Top 10 MLM Stocks

But enough of that… Today, I am going to share the top 10 MLM Stocks from publicly traded multilevel marketing companies. I will start with #10 and work up to the top MLM stock.

#10: Avon – AVP

Avon currently is selling a share of stock for $1.53. This is low and could be in danger of being de-listed.

Founded in 1886, Avon has struggled over the last few years and separated into 2 separate entities; one for North America and one for the rest of the world which is headquartered in London. The company offers personal care items.

It is mixed emotions on the Avon stocks as some have claimed insiders have been “scooping” it up, but other forecasters say it will continue to be weak.

#9: Reliv International – RELV

Headquartered in Chesterfield, Missouri, Reliv International sells a variety of nutritional supplements.

Currently, a share of stock in this company sells at $4.97. This is essentially low in comparison to its 52 week high of just under $11.

Founded in 1988, many people have done quite well investing in their stocks.

#8: Nature’s Sunshine – NATR

Founded in 1972, Nature’s Sunshine manufactures and sells a wide range of dietary supplements. The company is based in Lehi, Utah.

Currently, 1 share on NATR goes for $8.20.

It seems that Nature’s Sunshine stock stays consistent and may be a good investment for a safe stock. The company’s revenues stay on a steady climb.

#7: LifeVantage – LFVN

This MLM company is based in Sandy, Utah and founded back in 1988. With their patented health and wellness product called Protandim, LifeVantage has seen some successful revenues.

Currently, LifeVantage stock sells for $9.70 and it seems stock experts are “bullish” on the company’s stocks.

#6: Mannatech – MTEX

Samuel Caster founded this health and wellness MLM back in 1993.

The company has faced much scrutiny but has since found its place in the network marketing world.

Many people have Mannatech stock not that it rises or falls much, but because of the great dividends. But experts say that revenues don’t seem to add up to keep the great dividends in place.

Currently, shares are $19.20 each.

#5: Tupperware – TUP

Many would tell you that this stock is a great investment. After all, Tupperware Brands has been around since 1948 and always is developing new products.

Using a party plan system, Tupperware is recognized in households worldwide.

1 share of TUP sells for approximately $35.41 at the time of writing this and it had a 52 week high of over $66.

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#4: Herbalife – HLF

This weight loss MLM company has grown substantially since its founding in 1980. But stock forecasters seem to be “bearish” on the stock, as they believe it is going into a downtrend.

You can buy 1 share of HLF for $52.24 which is quite near its 52 week high of $56.74.

#3: Nu Skin Enterprises – NUS

The experts are mixed on this personal care and dietary supplement company that has a worldwide presence.

Based in Provo, Utah and founded in 1984, Nu Skin Enterprises has consistently been on investor’s radar.

Currently, shares of Nu Skin go for $72.56 and forecasts say that this seems to be near bottom of a falling trend.

Does this mean I would buy in?

Hmm, I will have to think hard about that.

#2: Primerica – PRI

This financial services and insurance MLM company has done nothing but grow and grow. There is no reason it should stop now.

Founded in 1977 and headquartered in Duluth, Georgia, Primerica stock sells at $114.25 per share.

While that is near the company’s 52 week high, personally, I believe PRI will continue climbing.

It just may be a good investment.

#1: Usana Health Sciences – USNA

Another huge health and wellness MLM that is publicly listed, Usana tops this list as shares sell for $130.80 each.

Also based in Utah, Usana has a strong following but experts are predicting that Usana stock prices may drop sharply.

But experts have been wrong more than once.

Final Thoughts

Investing in MLM Stocks can be a great way to diversify, but always remember that it can be quite volatile.

Let’s hear from all of you… Do any of you own any shares of these stocks? Do you have any questions or feedback?

Thanks for visiting and be safe investing.

Disclaimer:Investing in any stocks, bonds, ETFs, futures or cryptocurrencies carries risk. You can lose large amounts of money fast. We are by no means offering any type of investment advice. If you choose to invest in any of these stocks, you do so at your own prerogative. Please do not risk any more than you can afford to lose.



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6 thoughts on “The Top 10 MLM Stocks

  1. Reliv International is indeed an amazing MLM stock and many have done quite well investing in their stocks. It is transparent and has a very smooth running.

    • Reliv International has been around for a while. They are an established, trusted brand. I have a friend who has been with them over 20 years now and he still does great with the company.

  2. Investing in MLM stocks can surely be a great way to diversify, but always remember that it can be quite volatile too. So you should weigh your options well before heading in so you don’t sink.

    • All investing comes with a certain level of risk.

  3. Primerica has stayed for long and yet still growing stronger. Their stock is one of the best and it hasn’t stopped climbing. Definitely the best around and also a good investment!

    • Yes, Primerica is one of the powerhouses in our industry.

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