The Top 10 MLM Companies In Brazil

Today, we are going to take a look at the top 10 MLM Companies in Brazil.

Network marketing is a popular business structure in this large South American country. Because of its popularity, there have been various MLM scams.

The Brazilian government, in an effort to halt the scams, has made many rules and restrictions for MLM Companies to operate there.

As long as MLM Companies abide by the rules, the Brazil market can be quite lucrative.

Top 10 MLM Companies in Brazil

Top 10 MLM Companies in Brazil

Starting from #10, here are the top 10 MLM Companies in Brazil, as I see it. You can find the company’s website link in the reference section.

Disclaimer: Neither I nor Online MLM Community are affiliated with any of these MLM Companies in Brazil. This information is for your education.

# 10: Herbalife

An MLM Company that was founded in 1980, Herbalife manufactures and sells a variety of nutritional supplements, weight loss supplements and also, personal care items.

Herbalife has various independent representatives in Brazil and business is good. The Herbalife Brazilian website is in Portuguese.


The purpose and unique value of our company, our distributors and our employees is to help people be healthier and happier through personalized nutrition and a proven business opportunity, so that around the globe, every tomorrow is continually better.

Source: Herbalife

# 9: Forever Living Products

What list would be complete without Forever Living Products? Founded in 1978, FLP is one of the powerhouses in the network marketing industry. While they are very popular in North America and Europe, they are gaining market share and momentum in Brazil.

They specialize in aloe vera products, including skin care, weight loss and nutrition. They offer a very generous compensation plan for the self-motivated person.

Forever Living Products Brasil began operations in 1996. The widespread acceptance of its products, its manageable Marketing Plan and the dedication of its FBOs have made Brazil the number one spot in worldwide sales over 160 countries Forever acts.

Source: Forever Living Brazil

Brazil is the fifth largest beauty and personal care market in the world

# 8: Mary Kay

Cosmetics are a huge selling commodity in Brazil, and Mary Kay has a huge following in the country.

Based in Addison, Texas, Mary Kay Ash founded this MLM Company back in 1963. Mary Kay is one of the largest MLM Companies in the world.

I don’t know if you will see pink Mary Kay Cadillac cars in Brazil, but I do know you will find many happy Mary Kay representatives.

People with very different lifestyles and profiles can become consultants. Each has the freedom to run the business according to their lifestyle and personal goals. The differential of the performance is the personalized customer service, according to individual characteristics and needs. They promote dating and beauty sessions that can address skin care, makeup and fragrances.

~ Rosana Bonazzi, Vice President of Sales, Mary Kay Brazil

# 7: Avon

Yes, the Avon lady operates in Brazil, too.

Avon has been going strong since it was started in 1886. And the fact is, Brazil is Avon’s largest market… Even bigger than the U.S.

The company has cosmetics, other personal care and household products that are popular in Brazil.


To celebrate women’s power to make a beautiful and positive impact in the world.

Source: Avon

# 6: Nu Skin

With a huge range of products for personal care and dietary supplementation, Nu Skin started in 1984 in Provo, Utah and has spread all around the world.

Brazil has several successful Nu Skin representatives and the company has a strong presence in the country.

Our mission is to be a force for good throughout the world by empowering people to improve lives with rewarding business opportunities, innovative products, and an enriching, uplifting culture.

Source: Nu Skin

# 5: Tupperware

Earl Tupper started this unique brand of kitchen storage containers in 1948. Now Tupperware is favored by housewives all over the world. That includes Brazil.

Year after year, Tupperware has amazing sales revenues.

Our Purpose:

Inspire women to cultivate the confidence they need to enrich their lives, nourish their families, and fuel communities around the world.

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Brazil offers good prospects for foreign investment

# 4: Yanbal International

This South American MLM Company claims it was inspired by, and created for women.

Yanbal has over 50 years of selling via direct sales cosmetics, perfumes, jewelry and more. Based in Peru, Brazilians have adopted the company into their country.

We started 51 years ago as a family company with the mission of changing women’s lives, and today we continue living with the same spirit.

Source: Yanbal International

# 3: Belcorp

Belcorp and Yanbal are fierce competitors. After all, it is a family feud as to who has the best cosmetics.

But Belcorp has an advantage in Brazil in that they opened an office there. Belcorp has a strong presence in Brazil and it seems this cosmetic company will continue to have strong growth there.

Women are our main consumers. Through our brands L’Bel, Ésika and Cyzone we are committed to bringing them closer to a world of memorable experiences.

Source: Belcorp

# 2: Amway

More than likely, you are familiar with Amway. It is currently the largest MLM Company in the world.

The company was founded in 1959 in Michigan and started spreading out around the world. In 1991, Amway opened in Brazil and has grown huge there. The company even has farms where they grow tropical fruits in Brazil.

Despite representing only about 1% of our global sales, Brazil was confirmed by the headquarters as a focus country for Amway’s international investment strategy,” says managing director at Amway do Brasil, Rossana Sadir. The Brazilian subsidiary is currently the company’s fastest-growing operation worldwide, with a 40% average annual growth.


Natura controls nearly 60 percent of the direct selling business in the country

# 1: Natura

Natura gets the #1 spot. This Brazilian cosmetics MLM Company was founded in 1969 and is headquartered in Cajamar, Brazil.

While cosmetics are this company’s top sellers, they manufacture a wide range of products.

Brazilians support their local companies and that is why Natura gets the top spot.

Natura products are created to generate pleasure and well-being. They awaken the senses and improve the relationship of people with themselves, with their bodies, with others, and with the world.

Source: Natura

Facts About Brazil

Here are a few quick facts about Brazil. The source for these facts is cited below.

  1. Brazil is the largest country in South America and is the world’s fifth largest country.
  2. The country has a total population of 193 million people, and its capital city of Brasilia is home to 2.6 million people.
  3. The official language of Brazil is Portuguese.
  4. The country does not have an official religion but most of its people follow the Roman Catholic faith.
  5. The country’s primary currency is the Brazilian Real which has been used in the country since 1994.
  6. One aspect of Brazil’s economy today is their manufacturing of commercial jets. They are the third largest commercial jet manufacturer in the world.
  7. Brazil received its name from the tree brazilwood, which is abundant in the country.
  8. Brazil is home to approximately 2,500 airports.
  9. Brazilians are very fashion conscious. They often travel to European cities to shop, or buy clothes online from France and Italy.
  10. Family life is important as well, and most families live in close proximity to each other so that they can all take care of each other as they grow older.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, this is my opinion of the top 10 MLM Companies in Brazil. If you believe the list should be different, feel free to post your opinion below. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for visiting our website. Have a great day!

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