The Top 10 MLM Books I Read in 2015

In this post I want to share the top 10 books I read in 2015.  I read 61 books this past year.  Some were great.  Most were good.  A few were okay.  Not all of them were network marketing related.  I read business books, leadership books, marketing books, and network marketing books.  The titles below were very absolutely amazing, the best of the best.  Many of these books I’ve read several times before, but I learned even more by reading them again.

# 10 Best Worst First: 75 Network Marketing Experts on Everything You Need to Know to Build the Business of Your Dreams by Margie Aliprandi and Martha Finney

This book is a collection of interviews from six and seven figure earners in the network marketing industry.  Each leader shares their best tip, the worst thing you can do, and what you should do first.  There are 75 different interviews in the book and each one is filled with so much wisdom.  These leaders have been there and done that and can save you a lot of time by learning from their mistakes. Read my review of Best Worst First.

# 9 Developing the Leaders Around You by John Maxwell

As network marketers we are all in the leadership business.  One of our biggest responsibilities is to become a leader and to find and develop leaders.  When it comes to leadership John Maxwell is the # 1 most respected leadership trainer in the world.  I suggest you study this book and buy a few copies for your serious team members.  He shares so many tips on how to bring out the best in people and how to get others to take on a leadership role in their own business.

# 8 How I Raised Myself from Success to Failure in Selling by Frank Bettger

This is an all-time classic.  I read this book at least once a year.  This is quite perhaps the one of the top five “sales” books of all time.  It’s nearly 70 years old, but the information is still very relevant today. Frank was once a struggling insurance salesman who learned the secrets of success and eventually became a very wealthy man.  There is so much “how to” information in this book that I believe every entrepreneur should own a copy.

top mlm books of 2015# 7 Your Best Year in Network Marketing by Mark Yarnell

Mark Yarnell is one of my top two favorite network marketers of all time, along with Jordan Adler.  I’ve read this book several times now and it is a true masterpiece.  He doesn’t hold back in this book.  He talks about the duplication lie and tells you what you need to do if you really want to build it big in our industry. Mark was quite perhaps the most no fluff, no bull-shit trainer in our industry.  Sadly, he passed away a couple years ago. Read my review of Your Best Year in Network Marketing.

# 6 The 45 Second Presentation by Don Failla

Don is my sponsor in my primary MLM Company.  He is a legend in our industry and this book is the # 1 selling MLM book of all time.  Previously known as the “Napkin Presentations,” this book belongs in every network marketing leader’s personal library.  The book explains network marketing in a very easy to understand manner and shares some basic business building principles that every network marketer needs to understand.  Read my review of The 45 Second Presentation.

# 5 Beach Money by Jordan Adler

I’ve read this book more than 10 times now.  I read it every year, at least once.  Jordan is quite perhaps my favorite mentor in our industry, in a close tie with Mark Yarnell.  Jordan shares his struggles of going 10 years in our industry before he sponsored his first person.  He shares his numbers, mistakes, lessons learned, and tells some great stories.  Every network marketer should own a copy of this book.  Read my review of Beach Money.

# 4 Be a Sales Superstar by Brian Tracy

I am a huge Brian Tracy fan.  I’ve been studying his materials for more than a decade now.  This book is a gem.  It’s a short and quick read, but loaded with wisdom.  Brian shares 21 of his best selling tips so you can make the cash register ring and become a top producer in your business. Read my review of Be a Sales Superstar.

# 3 Go for No! by Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz

This is a powerful, well written book about getting NOs in your business.  Mr. Fenton shares the concept that the top producers in every industry focus on getting NOs, not YESs.  In other words, we need to set goals for how many NOs we want to get every day, week, and month, in order to get the amount of YESs we need to reach our goals.  This is written for sales professionals, but the information is very valuable for network marketers and entrepreneurs alike. For anyone who gets paralyzed by rejection, or fear of rejection, this is the book for you. Read my review of Go for No!

# 2 The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

This is one of the last books I read this year.  One of my friends, Tara, gave me this book as a gift.  I had heard of the book before, but never took the time to read it.  The whole thesis of this book is that we can all get a little bit better every single day.  It’s the daily habits that we do, or don’t do, that will ultimately determine where we end up in life.  I recommend this book for anyone and everyone who is looking to improve any aspect of their life.

# 1 Six Figures in Six Months by Clay Stevens

This might just be the best network marketing book ever written.  I think so anyway.  It is nothing short of a masterpiece.  Clay shares so many tips on having a SYSTEM anyone can follow to be successful.  He talks about how the business should be predictable and how it is a business of skill and strategy, not just numbers.  I absolutely love this book.  Read my review of Six Figures in Six Months.

Final Thoughts

In review, these are the top 10 MLM Books I read in 2015.  What do you think about the list?  How many books on this list have you read?  Leave a comment below to share some of your favorite MLM books that you read this year.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Happy New Year!

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