The Top 10 Famous MLM Brands

Today, I am going to give you my opinion of the top 10 famous MLM brands.

What Is A Brand?

When the term brand is used, it could be the name of the company, a single product or even the name of a person.

Some good examples may be:

  • Coca Cola which is both the name of the company and their primary product.
  • Happy Meal is a product that nearly every child recognizes from McDonald’s.
  • Ray Higdon is a well-recognized brand name of a person who is a MLM master.

The key to famous brands are, they are known far and wide. Maybe people can’t tell you where from, when or who makes them, but they know the name and the quality. It could be from advertisements or word of mouth, but when the brand is mentioned in a group of people, the majority recognize the brand and many will laugh at the person who doesn’t.

Top 10 Famous MLM Brands

I am using various factors to determine this list such as sales, advertising runs, time length, etc… But do know that this list is subjective. It is my opinion completely and your opinion may differ. So, do feel free to share your opinion in the comments section at the end of this post.

I am starting with #10 and working up to the most famous MLM brands.

#10: Pampered Chef

One of the primary reasons this “cooking” MLM Company hits this brand list is the ownership. In 2002, Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway acquired Pampered Chef making this party plan MLM Company a household name. Pampered Chef was founded back in 1980 and you can visit the company website here. 

mlm brands

#9: Monat

In an amazing brand building miracle, Monat easily takes the #9 spot on this list.

Why do I say miracle?

Because the Urdaneta family started Monat in 2014. So in just a few years, Monat has become the recognized brand name for hair care quality.

I see many men I know who had hair loss and they claim Monat has brought hair back to areas they never thought would be able to grow hair.

Monat = high quality hair products and you can visit the company website here.

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#8: Shaklee

When Forrest Shaklee started this MLM company that sells a variety of products in nutrition, weight loss and household products, I doubt he realized his name would become a well-known brand.

Anywhere you are in the world, the Shaklee brand name is known.

The company was started in 1956 and is headquartered in Pleasanton, California. You can see the Shaklee products and opportunity at their website here.

#7: Juice Plus

This could be a controversial listing to many…

Juice Plus, the brand, is manufactured and sold by National Safety Associates based in Tennessee.

These drinks and tablets are meant to provide the fruits and vegetables many people don’t get on a regular basis.

So how did this brand get so popular?

O.J. Simpson – The Heisman Trophy winner and accused murderer who also spent several years in prison on robbery charges.

While NSA canceled all contracts with Simpson, everyone must admit that the great running back who was also a convict brought the Juice Plus name to fame.

Here is the Juice Plus website.

#6: Nutrilite

One of the largest and most successful MLM companies is Amway… A brand name in itself but I don’t believe makes this list. But Amway’s biggest selling product, Nutrilite does make the list.

Nutrilite vitamins and minerals is one of the flagship products Amway started with back in 1959. Nutrilite continues huge sales and when the name is mentioned, many people immediately recognize it without knowing it is an Amway product.

You can get Nutrilite from the Amway website here.

#5: Herbalife

Many of the people who know the brand name have no idea what it is.

So why is it famous?

Because a large percentage of Herbalife distributors have had huge success by putting the brand name and their phone number in the back window of their car or truck.

Whenever I am out driving, I would say that I see at least 1 vehicle advertising for Herbalife.

In case you don’t know, Herbalife makes and sells primarily weight loss products. It was founded in 1980 by the late Mark Hughes and is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

You can see the Herbalife website here.

#4: Tupperware

Mention Tupperware to any housewife and the conversation about food storage will start.

I believe Earl Tupper probably had no idea his invention would be so recognized many years after the start. It all started in 1948.

Now many companies have tried to match Tupperware, but is there anyway? No!

Tupperware rightly deserves this place and will hold it for some time.

Here is the Tupperware website.

#3: Proactiv

How could you not know about the facial care product called Proactiv. If you have watched television, you have surely seen these infomercials.

Designed by Rodan and Fields, which is a MLM company started by two dermatologists, Proactiv was sold to Guthy-Renker owned primarily by Nestle.

Rodan and Fields still markets and sells other skin care products and you can see their website here.

The Proactiv website can be found here.

#2: Mary Kay

If you haven’t seen one of those pink Cadillac’s, I would be surprised.

Top Mary Kay cosmetic representatives receive those cars as a benefit of their sales and attracting new distributors.

Mary Kay has been a recognized name of the woman who started this company in 1963, Mary Kay Ash.

You can see Mary Kay’s website here.

#1: Avon

Ding dong – Avon calling!

It was a jingle we heard on television, radio and my Mother when she knew her favorite Avon lady was coming to show off her wares.

Today, many of the Avon decanters are highly collectible and since its founding in 1886, Avon has become well-known all around the world.

Yes, Avon deserves the top spot… Can you debate that?

Final Thoughts

Well, there you have my opinion of the top 10 MLM brands.

Let’s here your thoughts and opinions; please share them below. And speaking of sharing, share this on social media and let’s get more opinions. Thank you and have a fantastic day!



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11 thoughts on “The Top 10 Famous MLM Brands

  1. My mom loves Tupperware because of the quality. In fact we still have our Tupperware food storage in the kitchen 🙂
    The Tupperware did a very good brand strategy in making it stand out from the competition. Mothers love Tupperware 🙂

  2. When I was pregnant, I started to take Nutrilite products in 2009. It was really good and I still remember I didn’t get any sick during pregnancy. Those supplements and vitamins were very helpful. I feel good to read here, it is most famous brand still in 2018.

    • Yes, Nutrilite is great. There are thousands of happy customers.

  3. I always see top Mary Kay cosmetics representatives with their pink Cadillacs and this is no doubt, definitely is working in attracting new distributors.

    • Yes, you gotta love the Pink Cadillac. I went to visit Chicago and stayed at a hotel where they were doing a Mary Kay training, and there had to be at least 100 Pink Cadillac cars in the parking lot. It was pretty cool.

  4. Tupperware is well recognized in many places after many years of its start. Even though many companies have tried to match Tupperware, they have not even come close. Tupperware is still the best product argued among women.

    • My wife and I went to a Tupperware party a few months back. Everyone spent a lot of money and had a ton of fun. Tupperware is still our go to plastics for things around the home.

  5. Nutrilite, one of Amway’s biggest selling product is the best vitamin and mineral products around and it is enjoyed by many. No doubt, a lot of people appreciate its availability.

    • Yes, the Nutrilite products are great. They seem a bit pricey to me, but you do get what you pay for. I haven’t used the products since leaving Amway, but I do have several friends who have taken the Nutrilite products 20+ years.

  6. Skaklee MLM company has the best variety of products in nutrition, weight loss, and household products, which are becoming widely accepted and used. It is indeed worth to be on this list!

    • Yes, Shaklee definitely has a great reputation for creating outstanding products. They’ve been in business around 50+ years now and I don’t see them going away any time soon.

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