The Three Magic Words in MLM: Exposures, Training and Skills

The three magic words in network marketing are exposures, training and skills. These three words really are the key to success if you want to become a top earner in your company. What I want to do in the rest of this post is elaborate on what each of these words mean to me, and give you some tips for success.

# 1 Exposures

Exposure is the most important word in our industry.  The person who exposes the products and business opportunity to the most amount of people is the person that ultimately wins.  The only difference between you and the top earner in your company is that they have done more exposures than you have.

Not everyone will be a prospect.  Not everyone will say yes.  But if you talk to enough people you will find the people you are looking for.  It’s inevitable.  What you lack in skills and knowledge in the beginning, you can make up for in pure numbers.

Your key is to prospect at least five to ten people a day and expose the products or business to at least five people a day.  Do that every day for a few years and you will have a huge business.

If you expose your business to five people a day for one year, you would make 1,825 exposures. If just one in twenty people signed up as a distributor, you would sponsor 91 people that year. Do that for a five year period of time and you would expose your products or business to 9,125 people and you would sponsor nearly 455 people.  Those are powerful numbers when you stop and think about it.

# 2 Training

Training is very important.  Most people understand the value of a good college education. Most people understand the value of an apprenticeship program where you can learn a trade skill.  Most people understand the importance of having on the job training to succeed in their new job.

When it comes to network marketing, training is vitally important.  Most people have never owned a business before and most new distributors have very little experience in sales and marketing.  Most new distributors have poor people skills and poor leadership skills.  This is where a rock solid training program comes in handy.  Good training will help you improve your skills and it will also help you develop a winning mindset.

You’ll learn the ropes of what you need to do to become successful in network marketing.  You should be willing to invest in your own business education and business training.  Read books, find a mentor, attend events and listen to tapes.  Enroll in auto-university.  Learn something new every day.  Strive to get better every single day.  Make a life long commitment to personal growth.

It takes time to master a skill.  If you’ve never done something before, you’re not going to be an overnight success.  Most successful network marketers took two to five years, or longer, to develop the skills they need to succeed.  Put in the work, participate in the training and give it some time!  And remember that it normally takes 10,000 hours to master something.

# 3 Skills

If you are doing the exposures and training like I mentioned above, you will ultimately develop the skills you need to succeed in network marketing.  For most people, it will take YEARS to develop the required skills you need to be ultra-successful.

Think about a lawyer, accountant, doctor or any other professional.  Most of these folks have spent tens of thousands of dollars and YEARS of their life to develop the required skill-set they need to become successful in their chosen profession. You need to do the same thing if you want to succeed in network marketing.

Skills will enable you to work smart and get better conversion rates.  Once you’ve developed your skills, more people will join your team and want to work with you. Always remember that we get paid in the marketplace based upon the VALUE we bring to the marketplace.  The fastest way to improve your value (and make more money) is to develop new skills.

three magic words in mlmThe most important skills to develop are leadership, communication skills, people skills, prospecting, marketing, team building, product education, and persuasion skills.

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks.  I know this post isn’t rocket science, but it’s true.  As I see it, exposures, training and skills are the three magic words in network marketing.  Master these three things and you will change your life and business for the better.

What do you think about exposures, skills and training?  Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.  I look forward to hearing from you. Have a great day.

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12 thoughts on “The Three Magic Words in MLM: Exposures, Training and Skills”

  1. Yes those are the three magic words. I think getting the training you need is first and foremost because the training leads to acquiring the skills needed for maximum exposure. I think the goal of talking to five people a day is great but you’ll be more successful at converting leads into paying customers or rock star distributors once you improve your skill-set. You’ll also be more confident in the business, make more money and have fun doing it.

    1. Yes, training is vital. The sponsor or upline needs to have a plan in place to train their new people, but the new reps must also make the commitment to do the training. The training should teach the basics and then those skills should be mastered by on the job training. Just my two cents.

  2. I think you hit the nail on the head. These are vital. One of the skills you mentioned was communication skills (also people skills, and I think those two kind of go hand in hand). What kind of advice would you give someone who was trying to make it in network marketing, but felt like they had trouble communicating with people?

    1. Kristen, to go a bit deeper, some people do have issues with communicating with other people. In most cases, it is because they are introverted. The best way to solve this problem is to meet it head on. The only way to conquer fear is to do what you fear.

      Dale Carnegie courses are wonderful at helping a person learn the art of communicating. I would recommend taking some of their courses. I also recommend just getting out and doing it. Start talking to people and the fear of doing so will slowly go away.

      As Chuck said though, if the fear is just too much, maybe network marketing is not for that person.

  3. Exposure is, and should be the first on this list. No matter how skilled you are at talking, the more you expose the products and opportunity, the more yes answers you will receive. There is an old saying about the more crap you throw against a wall, the more will stick.

    Training is another key word. We should always be in a training mode; either being trained, or training others. As someone mentioned, we can’t force anyone to do anything, but if we show them, they will at least know how to.

    This was a good post.

    1. The numbers never lie. What you lack in skills you can make up for in numbers, in the beginning. As you improve your skills you can talk to fewer people and get better results. I believe that exposures alone can help you build a huge business, because you will get the training and skills just by doing that and learning through trial and error.

    2. Greg,

      I also believe exposure should be first. I have had a team member before that was telling me she isn’t making money (keep in mind she is the mom of a celebrity). I asked her what she was doing to get her name/business out there. I asked her how many people she told about her new business and asked for support. Her answer: My neighbor and sister.

      This is where the training comes in….

      I told her to ask her daughter for support, when she did she automatically had a $200 order. She did not follow up or recommend anything else. This particular person was uncoachable and ended up quitting. She could have had a big business just from her daughter’s referrals.

      As the saying goes: “You can lead the horse to water but can’t make them drink!”.

  4. Chuck, this is a good article. My only difference of opinion is regarding the idea of training versus the more comprehensive and more action – inducing concept of leadership. Good leadership encompasses training, but more. Leadership is tue real key to building a successful business of any kind, not just network marketing. Just my take based on building several very successful businesses that were based on teams of people, which are different than “solo operator” types of businesses.

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