The Solution to ALL of Your Problems in Network Marketing

What is the solution to ALL of your problems in network marketing?  It isn’t what you think.  Let me begin by telling you what isn’t the solution:

  • It’s not getting more help from your upline
  • It’s not trying to get your group to do more
  • It’s not trying to educate yourself
  • It’s not getting more organized
  • It’s not attending more events

Yes, all of these things are important, but ultimately the best way to solve all of your problems in network marketing is to go out and recruit another 20 or 30 people personally.

You see, you can only squeeze so much out of your current group.  You can train and motivate your current group until the cows come home, but you won’t reach the next pin level in your current company with your current group.  By all means, love and help your group.  But don’t sit around and wait for them to make you successful.

So many folks in our industry sponsor five or ten people (if that) and then sit back and wonder why all the money isn’t rolling in yet?  They think they can do a little bit, or find one or two serious people that make THEM rich.  This is pretty pathetic as I see it.  What separates the people who make it to the top 3% in network marketing from the other 97% of network marketers is PERSONAL RECRUITING.

You see, you have to sponsor a lot of people to find a few winners you can run with.  In the beginning, most of these folks will have to be personally sponsored.  You can get even better results if you can help your non-producers build a small team.  In those cases, you might find a leader in depth.

Sponsor your first batch of 15 to 20 people within a month or two of joining the business and identify the winners (serious people).  Work with them and help them build a team quickly. Give them training, motivation and direction.  As you’re doing that, go out and sponsor your second batch of 15 to 20 distributors within the next few months.  Of those 30 to 40 people you should have 5-10 VERY SERIOUS people that you can build your legacy with.

It’s not complicated.  It’s simple to do.  The only real question left is “will you do it?” The bottom line is that if your MLM Business isn’t where you want it to be, you need to focus on your personal recruiting.

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6 thoughts on “The Solution to ALL of Your Problems in Network Marketing”

  1. We, as humans tend to blame every other thing around us except ourselves when things are not going right. The blame may be on a person, the product, the company, or a situation. The fact is: to see the true problem, just look in the mirror.

    We all have the power to change outcomes. Sure, in some cases there are situations that are not in our control, but we do have the power and ability to control how we react to those situations. In many cases, a bad situation, if handled correctly can be turned into a good situation.

    I agree that sponsoring more people is the solution to all your network marketing problems. The solution is looking at you from the mirror. I do believe that you need to get customers also. Lead with the products or services and share the business opportunity.

    Great post Chuck.

  2. You cannot do this all on your own. You need a solid, dedicated, and competent team to really give you the competitive edge. It can be a bit tedious and time-consuming to go out and try to find a group of individuals who you can really work with and build with, especially considering the fact that many people quit or don’t exert enough energy to accomplish anything. But if you can go out and find this larger group and then identify the 5-10 incredibly serious and passionate individuals, you’ll find that what you accomplish with them is significantly greater than anything you could ever do on your own.

  3. How many of us can recruit that many people instantly (20-30 in the first month)? I do not know that I could do that. (Maybe that is a weakness.) I know that building your down line is essential to your success, but I really feel that leading with the product and thus encouraging people to approach you about the opportunity is a great strategy. I believe that it will result in a more loyal, long-term down-line.

  4. If you don’t want to run and manage a business, DON’T do MLM. You have to be committed and dedicated. I don’t know one person, regardless of their financial success, who would say ‘I don’t need anymore money’. That means everyone you meet is a potential recruit. Just think of how many people cross your path in an average day, just doing every day things. Those are all opportunities crossing your path to recruit for you downline.

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