The Schwarz Organization: Amway Founders Crown Max Schwarz

The Schwarz Organization launched in 1984. It was started by Founders Crown Ambassador 60 FAA Points distributor Max Schwarz.  Max is a legend in the Amway business.  He is from Germany.  He joined Amway in 1977 and he has one of the largest teams in all of Amway.

The purpose of the Schwarz Organization is to train and motivate Amway distributors within its line of sponsorship. The company provides books, seminars, CDs, tapes and other business support materials to help members build a profitable Amway business.

This line of sponsorship primarily does business in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, Italy, Poland, Czechoslovakia and several other countries. Some of the key leaders include Max Schwarz, Maria Schleipfer, Lora and Alexander Dobler and Anja Schwarz.

The company does provide an additional income for its leaders, in addition to their Amway income.  After doing some research on the organization, it appears that they know what they are doing. They have thousands of successful distributors in their organization throughout Europe, and some in the United States.

The only controversy with the Schwarz Organization system is the tool money. This seems to be a problem in many of the motivational organizations.  Many people complain that the “tool money” is nothing but a scam, because it provides more income for the successful Diamonds than the Amway business opportunity does. I cannot verify this, but I do know that this is a common problem that you read about online.

Final Thoughts

If you are a current or former Amway distributor who participated in the Schwarz organization, I would love to hear your success story. Please tell us (1) how long you were involved, (2) who your upline Diamond was, (3) what level of success you achieved, and (4) your personal story. To get started, just leave a comment to this post. Thanks.


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