The Problem with Trying to Recruit Your Warm Market Into Your MLM Business

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Today, I want talk about the problem with trying to recruit your warm market into your network marketing business.  I’m sure I will ruffle a few feathers by writing this post, but oh well.  Please keep in mind that this is just my opinion and we can respectfully agree to disagree.

I should start out by telling you that the warm market approach has been around since our industry first started nearly 60 years ago.  It’s a proven method and it can work well for some people.  It’s also the EASIEST method to teach your team because anyone can make a list of people they know and pick up the phone!

Most people who have ever participated in this great industry have been taught to make a list of everyone they know and try to recruit them into the business.  Some people have achieved MASSIVE success using this approach while most others have failed miserably.

I definitely think that following this approach is better than doing nothing at all, but I also don’t believe it’s the best way or only way to build your network marketing business.

There are several HUGE problems with the warm market approach as I see it.  Here are the major problems.

# 1 Most people don’t feel comfortable approaching their warm market

Let’s face it, not everyone wants to approach the people they know about the products or business opportunity.  Some people like keeping family, friends and business separate.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.  The last thing I want to worry about personally is straining or ruining relationships with the people I love and care about over a business opportunity.

# 2 Most people in your warm market are not the entrepreneurial type

This is quite perhaps the  biggest issue with working your warm market.  You’re busy trying to convince someone WHY they should start a home business of their own when they have no desire to do so!  Nearly 9 out of 10 people in the world are employees and have ZERO desire to be entrepreneurs.  Trying to recruit these folks as distributors is typically a waste of time.

# 3 Most people in your warm market are not part of your target market

Most people in your warm market have no desire to buy what you are selling (the products or business).  It’s not a personal attack against you.  They’re simply not a qualified prospect.  Not everyone is interested in fancy skin care products, weight loss products or a magical berry juice. Smart business owner identify their “ideal” customers and then focus on reaching people in those demographics. They don’t try to sell anyone and everyone.

# 4 Typically your friends and family are your biggest critics

The people who know us best are usually the hardest on us.  I once heard that you can’t be a profit in your own land.  I believe it.  People who have known you for a long time will know everything you have done right, and wrong, in your life and they will hold it against you.  After all, it’s hard to talk to someone you know about making money if you have been broke your whole life.

# 5 Most people don’t have enough respect or influence to recruit people from their warm market

This goes hand in hand with number four.  Most people are not truly respected by the people in their warm market (when it comes to business).  Sure, their friends and family like them or love them, but they don’t think of the person as a successful entrepreneur or businessperson.  This makes it difficult to recruit people from your warm market.

Additional Thoughts

Just to clarify, I am NOT telling you to avoid your warm market.  I simply want you to know that it’s not the ONLY way, or best way to build your network marketing business.  If you do approach your warm market about your products or business opportunity, just realize upfront that most people will not be interested.

I also suggest you talk to these people about the products rather than the business.  More people will be receptive to a product or service than a business opportunity.

I’d also say that if you are a respected entrepreneur or businessperson, such as a lawyer, doctor, accountant or business owner, you can probably approach your warm market with great success, because people look up to you, respect you and admire you.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that the warm market approach is good for people with credibility and a large sphere of influence.  If people admire you, trust you and respect you, you can do very well with your warm market.  If you don’t have that luxury you might have to use a different marketing approach UNTIL you become successful in your network marketing business.  At that point, many folks in your warm market will want to get involved.

And remember this,  smart entrepreneurs clearly identify their target market FIRST and then focus on finding and selling to people in that specific demographic.  That’s a lot smarter than wasting your time with anyone and everyone.

What are your thoughts about the problems with trying to recruit your warm market into your network marketing business?  Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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Chuck Holmes is an author, blogger and network marketer. He is a top producer in his network marketing company. He is happily married and lives in Florida with his beautiful wife, Rachel.

4 thoughts on “The Problem with Trying to Recruit Your Warm Market Into Your MLM Business

  1. I totally agree that “smart entrepreneurs clearly identify their target market FIRST and then focus on finding and selling to people in that specific demographic.” The largest target is people who wash thing and brush their teeth. Consumables is an ideal market. Nutrition and beauty care is another profitable one. So is weight loss and weight control. Pure drinking water is a concern of some. If you can find a reputable MLM company that supplies all of these, you have found yourself a winner.

    The task then becomes converting your warm market to buying from you. (Most of them will be female, by the way.) That is where your good characteristics come into play. Can your customers depend upon you to provide the kind of service a paying customer deserves? They will test you to find out if you are in business for the long haul. Can you weather a few, “No, not this month.”, stick with it, and return the next month and the month after?

    Read through Chuck’s posts to find out what works and what doesn’t. You can trust Chuck to ALWAYS put out good advice.

    • If you are selling consumables such as soap and toothpaste, I still don’t believe everyone will be your target market. Some people buy consumables based strictly on price. Someone who shops at the Dollar Store for their consumables will more than likely never buy a MLM Product, because it costs significantly more! Ideally, you are looking for people who understand quality, will pay for it, and have the money to do so! When it comes to the business your target market is much different. Avoid people who need extra money and focus on people who have the desire to change their life for the better. I’ve always found my best recruits by finding business minded people: people who work on commission or have owned a business before.

      At the end of the day you never really know who will join, but I think it’s smart to identify a niche market and focus on them exclusively. This saves you time and money in the long run. Just my two cents.

  2. I must give a resounding amen to this post Chuck.

    I have found that sometimes we have a tendency to come off too strong to our warm market, and it drives friends and family away. Personally, I just tell them what I am doing and if they show a hint of interest, I will go further.

    I agree that leading with the products is always the best. When we try to push our warm market too hard, no one will want to come near us.

    Thank you for taking the dive and ruffling a few feathers.

    Have a Happy 4th of July.

    • As long as you approach your warm market in a sincere, honest, non pressure and low key way you are fine. But just keep in mind that recruiting people from your warm market is not easy to do for most people, especially if you don’t have the credibility.

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