The Power of Having a Mentor in Your MLM Business

Successful network marketers have mentors.  There are no exceptions.  They have coaches who inspire, help, teach, encourage, support and train them.  This is another valuable lesson I learned from Mark Yarnell, one of the most successful distributors in the history of this great industry.  He talks a lot about mentoring in his books and training videos, but I want to focus on some of the key points that he says.  Let’s get started. 

The people at the highest pin levels are making the big bucks because of mentoring.  When you study the kingpins in any company you will quickly discover that they have some amazing mentors.  Whether it is their sponsor or someone in their upline, they are in someone else’s hip pocket, following their leadership and advice.  If the kingpins are doing this, so should you!  This doesn’t mean you will have the same mentor forever.  But, you should also have a mentor at a higher pin level than you.

A mentor is someone who demonstrates what is possible. The best person to have as a mentor in your MLM Business is someone who has actually DONE what you are trying to accomplish.  They are already successful and have helped many other people become successful. They let their actions speak for them.  Lots of people can talk a good game, but you only want to work with someone who has a proven track record and has already done what they are telling you to do.

Pick the right mentor and then shut up and listen.  This is where most people fall short.  Even if they find a mentor, they are “thick headed” and won’t do as their mentor says.  It’s as if they have trouble taking advice from someone else.  Or, they think their own way is better.  That’s a big mistake as I see it.  If you have the opportunity to be coached by someone more successful than you are, you are a FOOL not to listen to them; especially if they have already accomplished what you are trying to accomplish.  Do yourself a favor and humble yourself.  As questions and listen to their response.  Do not waste their time by doing all the talking yourself. Listen 10 times more than you talk when you are working with a mentor.

Accessibility is the sign of a good mentor. Finding someone who is successful to be your mentor is not enough.  You need someone who is accessible.  In other words, they can be reached by phone, in person or email.  They respond to your questions, calls and/or emails within 24 to 48 hours.  When you call them, you have their undivided attention.  I agree with Mark Yarnell and have personally found that the most successful distributors are ACCESSIBLE to their team, especially with those who are DOING THE WORK!  If your mentor is giving you advice and you aren’t going out and doing what they teach you, you DON’T DESERVE their time!

Pick someone with a vested interest in you.  You want a mentor who has a vested interest in your success.  Ideally, you want someone from your own upline to be your mentor.  The only way for them to succeed is to help you succeed.  Yes, you can have a mentor outside of your company or line of sponsorship, but I don’t believe it to be as effective as working with someone in your own upline.

When you think about these points about mentorship, I believe that Mark Yarnell is spot on.

You see, just about every successful person in life has a mentor.  Tiger Woods has a coach.  So do most other top athletes.  Most entrepreneurs have mentors.  So do most actors and actresses.  Most politicians (not that I like them) have mentors.  If these successful people have mentors, shouldn’t you?

Final Thoughts

My challenge to you today is to find a mentor for your network marketing business as quickly as possible.  Start in your own upline and keep calling upline UNTIL you find someone who has achieved what you want to achieve in the business.  Find out if they are willing to help you and mentor you.  If they are, do yourself a favor and shut up and listen to them.  Do exactly as they say.  Humble yourself.  Be a good student.  Only then can you really make it big in our industry.

What are your thoughts?  What do you think about the power of having a mentor?  Leave a comment and let us know.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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4 thoughts on “The Power of Having a Mentor in Your MLM Business”

  1. I like the tip to pick a mentor and then “shut up and listen”. There has to be a good a reason you picked that mentor, so while it can be a good idea to bounce ideas off that person from time to time, your main benefit will be found in listening and learning. If you can’t be quiet, and are constantly talking over your mentor or not paying attention to what they say, then why did you choose that person to mentor you?

  2. I really like the idea of finding a mentor within your network marketing program. I have no one within my life who I could turn to for MLM advice. I’ve been wondering, in fact, how to find a mentor. It just never occurred to me to go farther through an upline to find that person who is able and willing to help me achieve my goals. I especially like your advice about humbling yourself and being a good student. After all, they are taking their time to help with your career!

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