The People’s Network: TPN History, Review and Cool Facts

Founded by two well-known personalities in multilevel marketing, The People’s Network quickly grabbed the attention of many people.

You may, or may not have heard of The People’s Network, but hopefully, after this post, you will be more familiar with this former MLM Company.

In this post, I am going to provide a history of the company and share some cool facts I learned during my research.

The People’s Network History

Back in the mid-1990’s, Jeff Olson and Eric Worre started The People’s Network (TPN). Jeff is a legend in the MLM Industry. He’s currently the founder and leader of Nerium, a leading MLM Company. Eric Worre is the founder of Network Marketing Pro, and the author of Go Pro!

TPN was a first of its kind in network marketing. Selling satellites and services, they also had their own televised program in which they also sold self-help tapes and books.

Here’s some information I found online about the mission and vision statement of the company.

The vision of The People’s Network is to form a global partnership, creating an information passageway that offers knowledge from the greatest minds in the world, in an ongoing supportive environment, bringing awareness, purpose, principals and value to all, while stimulating one’s imagination and recognizing one’s achievements. TPN is more than just a conduit; it is also a movement that gets people involved in the process of personal development. It is this unique and empowering element that has enlisted the enthusiastic support of the top motivators, educators, and personal development specialists in the world. TPN gives to these great minds in a participatory environment that enriches your life beyond your dreams! This venture is heavily financed, supported, and endorsed by these top individuals, corporations, and others. ~

The company was a hit and those who joined were happy to do so just to gain the help that Jeff and Eric offered. The help TPN provided network marketers was immense.

In 1997, Pre-Paid Legal Services purchased TPN, and for the most part, as satellite service began to change, TPN limped along for a short period with their programming of self-help materials, but with Eric and Jeff moving to greener pastures, it fell away.

Some Cool Facts

As I was researching this post, I ran across some cool facts about The People’s Network and the personalities involved with it.

  • When polls were taken about top MLM Trainers, The People’s Network founder, Eric Worre comes in the top 5 along with Todd Falcone, John Maxwell, Randy Gage, and Tim Sales.

  • Eric Worre has built organizations that had over 500,000 distributors in 60+ countries.

  • The People’s Network was the initiator of preaching the use of the 3rd Party principle.

  • Before The People’s Network, both Jeff Olson and Eric Worre were with Quorum International: an electronics multilevel marketing company.

  • Pre-Paid Legal which became LegalShield paid 1,000,000 shares of their company’s stock to purchase The People’s Network.

  • Jeff Olson and The People’s Network preached PDR. PDR stands for Plan, Do, and Review.

  • Speakers on The People’s Network included MLM stars such as Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Jeffrey Gitomer, and more.

Chuck’s Thoughts

The People’s Network was a brilliant idea. That’s why it grew so quickly. The idea of learning personal development, leadership skills, and business skills in the comfort of someone’s own home just makes sense. I believe the growth and popularity of the internet would have eventually closed it down or forced it to change the way it does business. Of course, that’s just my opinion. Now we have YouTube for free. You can access any trainer or speaker and watch their videos free of charge.

Final Thoughts

What are your thoughts on The People’s Network, Jeff Olson, or Eric Worre? Were you involved back in the 90’s with this company? Please leave a comment below to share your thoughts. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Chuck Holmes
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18 thoughts on “The People’s Network: TPN History, Review and Cool Facts”

  1. I got heavily involved in TPN when they opened the Canadian market. I saw an ad in Entrepreneur Magazine and was introduced to Bruce & Charlee, who became my direct upline. I worked closely with them, and another group that was growing in Saskatchewan, as well as Darren Hardy (who went on to become publisher of Success magazine). Darren came for an event and worked with us on several recruiting conference calls.

    I grew a core group in Saskatoon and expanded into Alberta and British Columbia. We had very committed people on our team and from the very beginning I focused on teaching them to run it like a business, prospecting for people interested in self-help programming, and not just sell to their family and friends.

    We had a lot of momentum and though business was growing, it was slow and my distributorship never ran a profit. I invested everything I earned and more into building the business (TPN branded marketing materials, product samples, travel, long distance phone rate which were crazy expensive back then, and conference call fees). Building any business would have required similar effort and investment and also wouldn’t likely have been profitable for the first few years, so it’s hard to look back and say it was anything but a good opportunity. However, the merger with PPL was in very bad timing for my team.

    Many of us made the commitment to go to Dallas, Texas for that conference as we had great momentum building. But the announcement of the merger immediately knocked the wind out of our sails. This is partly because Prepaid Legal Services was not available in Saskatchewan (which didn’t happen for many, many years after) and most of us couldn’t participate. But also, it was because PPL deviated so far away from the core business of “self-help programming” that most of us just didn’t buy into the new model.

    The reality was that TPN as a company was struggling and the move was made to try to salvage the downline. I’ve seen this sort of thing happen time and time again ever since, where large groups direct their downline leadership from one great opportunity to another and again another when revenues start going in the wrong direction.

    I had many friend who have tried their hand at Network Marketing (Amway, Jewelway, Golfway, USANA, Herbalife, and several others) over the years and none of them have earned a sustainable income that would come even close to replacing their jobs. And those who “appear” to have succeeded did so by building large networks and repeatedly moving them from one MLM to another, where I’m certain they made a pile of money each time at the signup but not enough on the residual to sustain things.

    I have only ever been involved in one network marketing company… The People’s Network (TPN). I truly believed in it and loved the programming. If I could have just paid my $50 bucks per month for continuous access to the fresh new content I would have remained a customer. If the programming would have been the only product, and the business was still operational, I could see myself still selling it today. But things got polluted when they tried to become Amway and pushed selling every-day products and things went astray when the merged with PPL making “legal insurance” their primary product. There were attempts following the merger, by other groups including Darren Hardy’s) to keep the programming alive in a new business model. But I can only ascertain that this was all before it’s time as nothing took hold.

    I knew before I started TPN that I would try MLM once and give it my all. My team was succeeding, our network and incomes were growing and we were operating the business with sound business practices not just focused on recruiting only family and friends. The momentum was halted because of the corporate merger that halted our ability to do business in our local markets and because it was a massive change in core focus. It quickly became evident that the television network was pivoting from expert Personal as Professional Development programming to a communications network for Prepaid Legal Services distributors. It was exactly the type of thing that shouldn’t have happened but unfortunately is commonplace in the MLM industry.

    Though I knew I would only try MLM once, I have zero regrets for joining TPN and giving Network Marketing a solid go. I learned the foundations for selling and business, am still friends today with several of the people I was introduce to because of TPN, and my career has flourished leading sales and marketing teams In corporate businesses. Learning early on how to lead and manage teams, negotiate, and the emotional intelligence required for dealing with human beings was a huge asset that I would not have had the opportunity to experience in traditional businesses. Even being blindsided with the merger was a blessing in disguise. Being an executive that has to take calculated risks, I learned early on to look both ways carefully before I cross the street. I’m always asking the question “What might be coming that I cannot yet see?” and it helps me be prepared for the not so obvious.

    It is in that regard I think it is good for people to give MLM a try, especially young people open to learning. But my advice is to NOT waste your time and energy on recruiting family and friends, putting those relationships at work. In traditional business, you don’t do that…you figure out who your target audience is and you aggressively focus on helping them with your products and devices.

  2. I owned a hair salon when TPN came around and I jumped at it – My clients didn’t! I loved the product and wish I had access to it in todays world – with subjects of “The Government – Who does what and why” “Bit Coin” “Stock Markets and all the games” “Critical Thinking” “Vitamins Plus – What works and doesn’t” When they decided to close shop… something about, can’t go digital $$$. I felt Used, Abandoned and taken advantaged of. After that I never joined another MLM and never bought from a MLM again!! To this day!! I wanted more and they took the money and ran out on us!! Leaving everyone I knew in the red!

    1. Sorry you had a bad experience with the company.

      I tell people a bad experience is like a bad experience in dating or going out to eat.

      If people never went out to eat again after having a bad experience, no one would ever go out to eat.

      If people never dated again because they had a bad experience, no one would date or get married.

      The company might have done you wrong. I feel for you in that respect. But, there are many great companies in our industry. You shouldn’t judge all of them by the way you were treated in one of them.

  3. I was a part of TPN as well, in Canada. What a ride, still friends with the people that were in our line. The programming changed my life and I still reference it from memory. It was unmatched, but the PPL takeover didn’t work in Canada.

  4. Ive done a lot of searches and this is the first one i have found to talk about TPN.
    At 22, I was recruited by a couple into TPN while working at a restaurant chain. The funny thing was, i had only heard of Amway and Mary Kay when it came to mlm. At that age I was positive energy on fire. And I believed in the message. But darn I couldn’t sell it.
    Trying to convince people to put up a satellite dish that would only bring them TPN and the costs associated was a tough sell.
    Needless to say, i paid my sponsors (my upper level/ the couple that had recruited me) my monthly dues directly and they paid for them to TPN on their credit card. The wife would send me the cc statements and I gave them a check. About 4 years later, a promise by the founders that we would all celebrate the millennium together at a HUGE conference in Orlando and to “stuck with it”, and diving myself into $8000 in debt (at now 26), not selling a single satellite system, I dropped my participation in TPN.
    Funny anecdote, the wife of the couple who were my upper tear left her husband for her upper tear mentor. I dont think there is anything sacred about mlm and who you have to use to get on top. Its a shame because at a young age I was hooked.
    Hate to say it took many years to be clear of the bruise on my credit history and I feel like a sucker for believing in something so unfounded in credibility.
    Lastly, i have looked for you tube videos about TPN to no avail. Probably because it was the 90’s and people have moved on from it. Very curious if anyone has any more docs, vids or stories about their experience.
    Thanks for listening

  5. I was never into the MLM concept, but when invited and attending the first conference for the Peoples Network I was blown away and knew this was something I wanted to be a part of.
    I was so let down when the organization went down and it made me realize that there is NOTHING in this life you can depend on.
    I only place my faith in God who I feel assured by my relationship with him that HE is the only thing that we can attach to that is real and sure.

    1. Tim,

      Yes, it’s sad when companies close. It hurts everyone. Hopefully, people can look for the good in the experience and move forward with their life. It’s really no different than traditional companies closing down and employees losing their jobs.


  6. Me and my best friend Mike were loyal TPNers from the moment we were signed on by another great Mike. We were blown away by the programming, but most of all by the residuals. I remember thinking at the time “Elvis makes more than I do, and he’s DEAD” You gotta be in it to win it folks, and we got in. We were one of the few teams that went out there and hit it hard. I still remember the brown station wagon we had with the “TPN WINS” license plates. Those were the days my friends. Wear white at night!

  7. I took the ride with my TPN family for 5 years. I went to most of the conventions and was a dedicated viewer of the shows. I did this while my kids were teenagers so they got the added benefit of this lifestyle. I met most of the speakers and thousands of people who wanted to create a better world. I think about everything I learned with the business and programming and I am thankful I went on the ride. It was a moment in time I will never forget.

  8. I was involved in TPN, went to their conferences and cruises. I was not into it for the multi-level marketing bent. I was in it for the education and information on how to live your life in a positive manner. Listening to phenomenal speakers and having a positive bent to the programming changed the way that I looked at life and helped me to raise my children to become positive successful, forthright people. This type of programming is sorely needed in today society and I think it would be welcomed again.

  9. I grew up watching TPN. It was a life-changing experience. The impact it made on my life is still with me and carries itself down to my own child. TPN was revolutionary.
    I still remember doing the recording as a teenager and seeing myself on TPN promoting how it wasn’t just for adults, it was for all ages.

  10. I was a part of TPN in the 90’s. I felt like I really belonged to The People’s Network. I wanted it to become my life! I miss TPN and would like to be part of it again and see it flourish. Our world needs more positive programming so very much! I’ve still got my TPN Independent distributor business card. “Supporting The Never Ending Search For The Best Within You”. =)

  11. I was part of TPN in the 90’s and absolutely loved the programming. I was sad to see it go. I learned about so many motivational, self-help people, like Mark Victor Hanson, Tony Alessandra, Jim Rohn, Roger Dawson, Patricia Fripp, and many more. I already knew about Les Brown, Brian Tracy, and others but TPN opened my eyes to so many more – and they were all great. Watching their shows instead of regular TV was a total mind shift.

  12. Actually, I do not know how the TPN worked in the past but I have a been thinking of a radio show in my country for our industry…just a way to get the message out…Thanks for such a timely post would certainly be reviewing this and get more info on how it can be done!

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