The Only Reasons People Join Your MLM Team

Today, I want to talk about the only reasons people join your MLM Team.  I know you think your MLM Company is better than sliced bread and everyone AND their brother should join your team.

But, if you’ve been out building your business for any period of time you already know that most people are NOT interested in what you have to offer.

Why is that?

Why don’t other people see the greatness in your company?

That’s a question that millions of distributors ask.

And here’s the answer.

People NEVER join a MLM Company.  Instead they join YOU (or they don’t join you).

For people to join your team, they have to know that:

1.  You can help them.

2.  You have a system that works.

3.  You know what you are doing.

If you don’t have those things going for you, VERY FEW people will ever join your team.

It’s sad, but true.

I’d like to take a moment and dig a little bit deeper into each one of those things.

You Can Help Them – Most distributors want to know that you will be there for them.  They want to know that you have a game plan to help them and that you will be accessible.  They worry that you will just sign them up and forget about them.

You Have  a System That WorksSystems are the key to success in any business.  Your prospect wants to know that you have a system for your team.  Your system must be simple and effective and affordable.  It’s got to be so easy that even a caveman can do it!

You Know What Your Are Doing – Your prospect wants to know that you are successful and SERIOUS.  Even if you aren’t a top earner yet, that’s fine.  They want to know that you will still be around with the same company in a few months from now.  They want to know that you are in the industry, and with your company, for the long haul.

By knowing these things upfront, you can set up a game plan to be a person of VALUE.  You can develop your own skills and develop systems that your team members can follow to duplicate your success.

Just remember, people don’t join your MLM Company.  They join you.

So get busy working on you and become a person with joining.  Do that and you will succeed. Don’t do that and you will fail.

What are your thoughts?  Leave a comment below and let us know.

chuck holmes


Chuck Holmes
Network Marketing Professional (since 2002)
Author, Blogger, & Entrepreneur

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5 thoughts on “The Only Reasons People Join Your MLM Team”

  1. I do think that people really are attracted to you, so you do have to know what you are doing. In everyday dealings and communications you need to be conveying the message that you are knowledgeable and confident and capable so that those interested in joining you feel confident in you and your ability to guide them through the process. If people don’t feel like you can help them or like they can trust you, your produce or even your business success won’t matter.

  2. This is so true, and it is the main reason why MLM business people should follow the advice given freely in many of your other posts: continue to work on improving yourself. People do join your team because they like or trust YOU, or they want to be like YOU. They may also really like the opportunity that you have to offer them, but they then only want to join because you have already shown them how successful YOU are at it.

  3. If you are new and your company offers it, get training, training, training, And if you don’t know something then be an expert in finding information. People won’t fault you for that. However, the better you know your product and your company the better chance you have of really getting someone involved. But there is hope if you haven’t been in long enough to be an expert. Bring people to a meeting where they can see that even if you don’t know you have a support group to help you.

    Great post.

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