The One Thing All Successful MLM Leaders Have in Common

The one things all successful MLM leaders have in common…

When you look at the successful people in our industry you will see people from every walk of life.

You will see men, women, old people, young people, fat people, thin people, beautiful people, ugly people, white people, black people, married people, single people, outgoing people, introverted people, and thousands of other characteristics.

It’s true, anyone CAN be successful in our industry, although most people won’t make the decision to do the work and become successful themselves.

Despite the many differences that MLM leaders have, there is one thing they ALL have in common.

What is that one thing?

Most people would guess leadership ability, charisma, habits, focus, work ethic, discipline or something else.

While those things are very important and are required if you want to become successful in our industry, I don’t believe any of those things are the right answer.

As I see it, the one thing all MLM leaders have in common is SKILLS.

All top leaders in our great industry have taken the time to hone, develop and master their skills.

learn by doing memeThe most basic skills MLM Leaders have mastered include prospecting, inviting, following up, training, presenting, and closing.

Very few people enter our industry with these skills already developed.

Most MLM leaders take minimum two to five years to really master these skills, sometimes even longer.

Heck, it’s taken me more than ten years to do it myself, and I am still a work in progress.

Successful MLM leaders read books, find mentors, attend events, enroll in automobile university and work on their personal development EVERY SINGLE DAY.

These activities are VERY important to them and they do them daily.

Mastering these skills is not a matter of chance or luck. 

Each leader works very hard to develop these skills.

They have a plan for their personal development.

They learn these skills by studying and by doing.

To succeed in this industry yourself, you’ll need to take the time to develop your skills.

Once again, those skills include prospecting, inviting, following up, training, presenting, and closing.

Let’s face it, every industry in the world requires a certain set of skills, even your day job.

Think about the skills a plumber or electrician has to develop and master to become licensed in their profession.

most basic skills networkers have memeThink about the skills that lawyers and doctors have to develop and master to become licensed and proficient in their profession.

Think about the skills that moms have to master and develop, mostly through trial and error.

Think about the skills professional athletes master and develop over the course of their life and career.

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Once again, very few people are born with these skills.

Yes, some people have natural talents and abilities and are gifted in certain areas, but to master and refine these skills they need to practice, practice, practice.

That’s what you will have to do to become a successful MLM leader.

Once again, mastering these skills will not happen by accident.

To master the important skills, such as prospecting, inviting, following up, training, presenting, and closing, you will need a game plan.

You will need a personal development plan.

You will need a mentor.

You will need to be a good student of your business AND learn by doing.

Without the skills, you can still make some money and achieve some success in our industry, but to succeed in a big way you need to master and refine your skills.

The best thing I can recommend that you do is to set aside time every day to master your skills.

Yes, you can learn by studying and from your mentor, but the best way to really master your skills is to roll up your sleeves and get to work.  Get in the trenches, stay in the trenches and learn by doing.

Read that again so it sinks in.

You will learn more in one hour of “working” than you will in twenty hours of “studying” something.

successful mlm leaders memeFinal Thoughts

The bottom line is that all successful leaders in the network marketing industry have taken the time to develop and master their skills.

These skills include prospecting, inviting, following up, training, presenting, and closing.

If you want to succeed on a grand scale, you’re going to have to make the time to work on yourself and master your skills.

Be a student of your business.

Get in the trenches and stay in the trenches.

Learn by doing and through your mentor and personal study.

Within a few short years you should be able to master and hone these skills and become a MLM leader yourself.

What are your thoughts?

What is the one thing you believe all MLM leaders have in common?

Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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4 thoughts on “The One Thing All Successful MLM Leaders Have in Common”

  1. Great post, Chuck! First thing i did when I started network marketing was grab all the ebooks on Amazon about MLM and watch hundreds of YouTube videos from the best leaders in the industry. This training saved me. I would have jumped from one company to another whenever the going got hard, but i learned from the leaders to stay committed and work on myself. That’s where success lies, not in changing companies, but working on your skillset. Thanks!

    1. Pick one company and stick with. That is hands down my biggest mistake over the past 14 years. I’m not in Amway anymore. It was my first company. Most of the top earners in that company have been with them 20 to 40 years. Chew on that.

      When you look at leaders in most companies, I’d bet that 90% or more of them have been with the same company at least 10 years, if not longer. Most of them got off to a slow start as well. Good things take time, patience, hard work, focus and commitment. If it was easy everyone would do it.

      Shiny objects do not exist in the real world, only in our minds.

      1. Amen to that Chuck!

        I too have dove around a bit and have kicked myself for doing so. I like how you brought up the professional athlete. If they were to jump from sport to sport, they would not master the sport they were in. It takes practice, persistence and patience.

        By following all your tips in this post, we can find success, but it won’t just fall in our laps. We have to build those skills.

        Thanks for the reminders.

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