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chuck holmesToday is your lucky day. You didn’t find this website by chance.

My name is Charles Holmes. My friends call me Chuck. I hope you will do the same thing. After 17-years of struggling in MLM, I finally had my big breakthrough because I joined the right company at the right time and put in the work.

I’ve worked with numerous companies in the past. Most of them were good companies. I just joined the company at the wrong time. I put in the work and developed my skills, but never earned what I thought I was worth. Can you relate?

I am happy to be an independent affiliate with HB Naturals. In just 14-months since joining HB Naturals, we went from zero to over 125,000 team members. I did not get a deal or bring a big team with me either. Although my results are not typical, we do have lots of team members succeeding! That makes me very happy.

When my friend Ainsworth shared this company with me, I knew it was what I spent many years searching for. Here’s what I loved about the company initially (and still do).

  1. Free to Join
  2. Get Paid INSTANTLY (no waiting)
  3. In Demand Natural & Organic Products (including CBD) at fair prices
  4. A Fair & Balance Compensation Plan (great for the part-timer or professional)
  5. No Membership or Renewal Fees
  6. Free Email Marketing System (ran by the company)
  7. No Forced Auto-ship
  8. In 120+ Countries
  9. Unique Gift Card System

While the company you join is important, the person you select as your sponsor is just as important. I’ve put together a simple system for our team members to follow. Our system works.

What Our Team Can Offer You

  1. 300 Free Leads Each Month (for doing 100 CV auto-ship)
  2. Team Advertising CO-OP
  3. Postcard System
  4. Craigslist System
  5. Secret Team Facebook Group
  6. Weekly Webinars
  7. Recognition, Contests
  8. A Strong Team Culture with No Hype, Pressure or Drama

We have everything in place for someone who is coachable, has the desire to succeed, and is willing to work.

Who I’m Looking for?

I’m looking for customers, part-timers, and professionals. HB Naturals has something for everyone. Do yourself a favor and click on the CLICK HERE TO REGISTER button below and take a free tour and get some additional information. After you do that, let’s talk. You can email me at or send me a text to (443) 421-8260, and I’d be happy to answer your questions. Thanks.

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Individual results will vary. My results are not typical. The products are not designed to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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