The Myths About Selling in Network Marketing

Today, I want to talk about the myths about selling in network marketing.  Some people will tell you that to succeed in network marketing you don’t have to know how to sell.  I personally have mixed feelings about that.  I believe that selling is very important in network marketing, if you do it right.

In the rest of this article I’m going to cover some common myths and share some of my insights on the topic.

Myth # 1: Salespeople don’t do well in network marketing

I disagree.  Salespeople can do very well in network marketing.  Yes, there is a difference between direct sales and network marketing.  Direct sales is selling a product or service to a customer.  Network marketing is building an organization of people who consume the product, have a few customers and build a team of distributors.

I’ve found that many sales people have the qualities that will make them successful in network marketing.  They are used to working on commission.  They know how to work hard. They aren’t scared to talk to people.  They like performing under pressure.  They aren’t scared of rejection.  They like quotas.  They have a good sphere of influence.

For a salesmen to succeed in network marketing they just need to focus their efforts on selling, sponsoring AND helping their team members.  That is the key to success.  It’s not about recruiting hundreds of people.  It’s about selling, recruiting and TEACHING/HELPING your team to do the same thing.

Myth # 2: You don’t have to know how to sell to succeed in network marketing

I think this is a lie.  I think you do need to learn how to sell if you want to succeed in your network marketing business.  At a bare bones minimum, you must know how to sell yourself. If people don’t believe in you or your abilities to help them, there is a high likelihood you will have great difficulty sponsoring people into the business.

No, you don’t need to ever become a master at retailing, but you must have the leadership qualities, and be able to sell those qualities to your prospect.

Myth # 3: You don’t have to sell your products or service

This is another big misconception.  Every distributor should have some customers, at least five to ten.  Personal consumption is a great starting point, but if the only people in your organization using the products are distributors, you are doing something that is borderline shady and illegal.

All businesses need customers.  Network marketing is no different.  Every distributor in your organization needs at least five to ten customers and preferably 20 customers.  To do that, you must learn how to sell your products.  Yes, you can share the products with others, but you still need to know how to close the person and get the order.

Myth # 4: Selling is using high pressure tactics or begging to get people to buy from you

The last thing you want to do is pressure people.  One of the reasons our industry gets a bad reputation is because we have so many amateurs in it.  To become successful at selling in MLM, you need product knowledge and you need BELIEF in your products.  Once you have those two things all you really need to do is SHARE your story and experience with others and people will naturally become customers.

Begging people or pressuring people to become customers is a dead end road and the sign of an amateur.  The most successful retailers are people who LOVE their products and have a huge BELIEF in their product line and are willing to share their story and belief with others.

Final Thoughts

As I see it, selling and MLM are a great match.  If you are already good at sales, you can do really well in this industry.  Yes, selling in MLM is a bit different than the traditional business world, but you can take the skills you do have and succeed in network marketing if you are willing to modify your approach and thought process.

And for the person with no sales experience, you can succeed at selling and MLM too, if you take the time to build up your product story and belief in the products.

What are your thoughts?  What do you think about selling in the network marketing industry? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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12 thoughts on “The Myths About Selling in Network Marketing

  1. It amazes me that anyone would say any of these things. First off, I would think salespeople would be great at network marketing. Yes, there are differences, but they could. I believe, pick it up quicker than others.

    Of course, you have to know basic salesmanship for network marketing. In fact, any kind of business has to have some sales involved.

    The 3rd myth is what we say here in Puerto Rico as Loco. Unless you do not want to go anywhere with your network marketing business, you have to sell.

    No matter what a person sells anymore, high pressure does not work.

    Again, it amazes me people would even say these things.

  2. I think many of the talents and traits overlap but there is certainly a difference in approach that needs to be recognized. When you label yourself as a salesperson or network marketer, you fail to see beyond the scope of that description. The most important focus should be on developing solid skills that are useful regardless.

  3. Myth #2 is one I hear all the time and it drives me crazy! If you do not need sales experience to work at something that requires you to sell and market yourself and your product then that is like saying you do not need medical training or experience to be a doctor. It is just crazy to think you do not need sales experience of some sort to be successful with MLM processes!

    • You definitely need to know how to sell. You don’t need to be a sales expert, or a high pressure used car salesman, but you at least have to know how to sell yourself to others. This applies to ALL business owners. If you can’t sell yourself, you won’t do much business.

  4. I agree with your take on Myth #4 completely. People who fee pressured to buy something become annoyed and make an extra effort NOT to buy whatever it is you are trying to sell. If you are doing a good job at getting people to see the value in your product they will become interested on their own; no begging or pleading required at all.

    • I agree Diamond. If you are pressuring or begging people you won’t get very far.

  5. There are too many situations where I have heard of people struggling with these issues and getting caught up in these myths. They are so wide spread – it is sad. It is nice to see someone working to disspell these myths and highlight the truth in these matters. Thank you for sharing!

  6. I agree: MLM success requires some sales skill. After all, you are selling yourself and your opportunity. But as far as the products themselves are concerned, believing and using them are the best approach. If you cannot believe in the product that you are selling, your potential customers and recruits will pick up on that, and you may never get your business off the ground.

    • If you don’t believe in your own product line, nothing else really matters. You need conviction and belief in your own products or people won’t buy from you. It’s really that simple.

  7. I always used to believe that network marketing and selling are two similar ideas but the blog information shared clarified that MLM and selling match but there is difference in both. I strongly agree with your idea that forceful selling is not really successful in long term however if you LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS, you can strongly market them and appeal a huge number of target audiences. Very interesting resource!

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