The Myth About MLM Duplication and MLM Systems

I’m a big fan of systems.  I realize that businesses either succeed or fail because of the system they have (or don’t have in place).  For my first 12 years in the network marketing industry I believed that you had to have ONE system for your entire team to follow.  I no longer believe that.

I have since come to realize that no system will work for everyone!  Everyone is different, with different personalities, backgrounds, and talents.  And if you try to force everyone to build their network marketing business using your system, you will have high attrition rates.

In most companies, their system is for new people to make a list of everyone they know and start contacting them.  If you told me I had to chase my warm market and prospect strangers face to face, I couldn’t work with you or use your system. I just have no desire to build my business that way.  I’m sure other people feel the same way as well.

Yes, everyone needs a SYSTEM to follow.  But no, it doesn’t have to be their upline’s system. Your goal should be help each person on your team come up with a simple system that works for them.  You should spend time with each person you sponsor, find out what they are naturally good at, identify their strengths, and help them create an action plan using their strengths.

For example, some people love doing home parties.  Other people hate it.  Some folks are amazing at prospecting strangers.  Others fear it.  Some people have a good understanding of internet marketing.  Some folks don’t own a computer.  Some people are good at direct mail. Others have no desire or knowledge on how to do it.  Some folks want to set up at trade shows, flea markets and bazaars.  Others don’t want to do that.

Some people are shy. Others are extroverts.  Some people are tech savvy.  Others aren’t.  Some people already have a large following (like a blogger).  Most don’t.  And some people live in a rural area and don’t know anyone locally.

I could go on and on here, but the bottom line is different strokes for different folks.

Forcing everyone to build the business the same exact way is stupid!  Do you really want 50, 500 or 5,000 people doing or saying the exact same thing?  I hope not.  Study any successful distributor and you will find they became successful because they differentiated themselves from everyone else in their company, not because they built their business the same way everyone else does. 

If you were to interview 100 top earners from a variety of different network marketing companies, you would find out that all of them built their business differently from each other.  And if you were going to interview the successful downline members in their teams, you would find that they built their businesses differently from their upline.

Sure, these same leaders might TEACH EVERYONE to build their network marketing business by making a list, contacting friends and family, and prospecting strangers, but there is a GOOD CHANCE they didn’t build their own business that way.  And once again, that is not the only way to build a successful network marketing business.  They teach that method because it is the easiest way for someone to get started, not because it’s the best or only way to do it.

Now, I’m not saying that making a name list and contacting people you know and prospecting strangers is bad.  That way has worked for more than SIXTY YEARS.  It’s a proven method.  That being said, it’s far from the ONLY way to build a successful network marketing business.  And it’s not the way I want to build my business.  Ultimately, you have to find what works for you and take massive action.

the myth about mlm duplication and systemsYes, your new distributor needs some guidance on what to do and how to get started.  I accept that.  No matter how you build your business, everyone needs to know how to generate leads, show the plan, follow up, train their team and get customers.  I get that.  But how they implement that action plan should be based upon what they bring to the table.  There are literally hundreds of ways to skin a cat (just an analogy, I like cats).

The bottom line is that LEADERS find a way that works for them.  If you go on to build a big network marketing business, or have already done so, you will quickly discover that the successful people on your team, and in your company, all do things differently from each other. And that’s a good thing.

The best thing you can do is come up with a system, or mode of operation, that works for you based upon your own natural talents and abilities.  And be open minded enough to realize that not everyone on your team can/wants to build the business the same exact way that you do.  As a sponsor and upline, it’s your job to help them find something they can follow to build their business.

What are your thoughts about systems and duplication?  Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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12 thoughts on “The Myth About MLM Duplication and MLM Systems

  1. Kristen

    This is so true. The majority of businesses will use one system and tell you “it works” and then expect everyone else on their team to use the same system. And a lot of people on their team may fail and they’re scratching their heads wondering why. I firmly believe in finding a system that works for YOU, building up that way, but as you recruit people to your team, say “Hey, this is what worked for me, but it might not work for you. Let’s find what DOES work for you and focus on that”.

    1. chuckholmes Post author

      Exactly. Find something that works for you and master it. Teach each new team members to develop something that works for them and master it. Not everyone is the same. Different strokes for different folks.

  2. Diamond Grant

    There is no “one system fix” for all people. People are individuals and they all operate in different manners. You should help them find the mechanism that produces the best results for them. Ultimately, this helps you because once they fall into their groove they will begin to produce great results and that will flow to you as well. Trying to force someone to fit into a mold that they do not fit into is cause for disaster and frustration and should be avoided at all costs.

  3. Greg Boudonck

    Sometimes the wisdom you show in these posts just amazes me Chuck.

    Personally, I feel this is a very good approach. To add to this, as you are finding systems that will work for different people, I would write down all the basics of that system. As you gain new people, you can show them the variety of systems you have in place and have them choose which of them they would feel the strongest with, or develop a new one to fit their personality.

    I am in total agreement. What will work for one may not work for another.

      1. Greg Boudonck

        Sometimes it is also good to take systems and use what works and throw away what doesn’t. What I really mean by this is using different things from different systems. Mixing it up, so to speak. A system may have cold calling people out of the phone book, and maybe that works for you, but the same system says you need to personally give a presentation. Maybe you aren’t very good at that, but you found another system where the person hands the prospects a DVD that gives the presentation. Why not use them both? Sure they are parts of 2 different systems, but if it works together for you, by all means, use it.

    1. Kathy Marie Howell

      Great post Chuck! I agree, a system is the only way to grow your business.

      Greg, I like what you have to say about systems that work for other people and showing them once you have figured out how they operate best.

      Good job guys, teamwork always wins!!

  4. Syed Azhar

    Thanks Chuck. I agreed with you. Along the way when I develop an online system for myself and also for my groups, I found its only works just for few people in my team. Some like to do offline marketing, and some like to do via online. So I need to change the plan. I create both plan for them on how to offline and online marketing. But not all working on it. Totally agreed with you.. Everybody have to find their own system that best suit to theirself.


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