The Money Flow by Gerald Peters Founder of DBN

I recently read the booklet “The Money Flow” by Gerald Peters, founder of the DBN. I received this booklet in the mail from one of my network marketing friends. It looked interesting, so I decided to sit down and read it in one setting.

In essence, “The Money Flow” is a booklet designed to promote Gerald’s direct mail marketing system for network marketers.
It’s really a large sales letter. But don’t let that fool you completely. It does have some great information in it too.

the money flow gerald peters
“The Money Flow” book by Gerald Peters

You can receive the booklet my opting in to pay $5 along with the free information he mails out. The booklet covers many of the reasons why most network marketers fail (1) too few prospects and (2) lack of funds. He even offers some great advice about what the gurus don’t want you to know, such as:

1. 95% of everyone involved in network marketing are part-timers. Very few ever make it to full-time status.

2. Most all network marketing companies and money making plans are designed for the top 3% often referred to as the Heavy Hitters.

3. Most all compensation and commission structures DO NOT produce enough cash flow for the part-timer to stay in business.

4. 80-90% of everyone you recruit in a company/system/program will quit or drop out within 6 months or less!

5. And more!

After explaining the common pitfalls most network marketers experience, he offers a real world solution. He teaches the importance of having a system, one that is duplicatable and provides an additional income stream(s). Obviously, he knows what he is talking about, having built a downline of more than 13,000 distributors and earning a six figure income personally, for more than ten years in a row.

What I enjoyed most about “The Money Flow” was the no non-sense approach of Gerald Peters. He explains how the internet is saturated, and often provides information overload, whereas the direct mail strategy offers a proven, viable method of finding new customers and making more money. He even says that there is less competition promoting your business offline than online. I agree!

In essence, you can join his system and start making money right away. You simply need to purchase his signature products, which include:

  • “The Psychology of Creating Wealth and Extraordinary Income” ($24.95)
  • “The MLM Success Formula” ($27)
  • “The 24 Hour Cash Machine” ($99)
  • “The Mentalist” ($297)

He also sells leads and promotional materials.

All the products mentioned above are business tools and educational products that train you. Once you purchase the tools, you can start promoting them to people you know. Best of all, his office staff ships the materials, processes the payments and sends you your commission.

He offers a great affiliate program designed to put money in your pocket today. Best of all, you can promote this program first and then offer your network marketing business opportunity on the back-end. His system is designed exclusively for offline marketing, which is still a powerful way to build a MLM Business.

Gerald Peters’ Video

Final Thoughts

In summary, “The Money Flow” by Gerald Peters is an information booklet designed to promote his DBN System. It is information packed and offers lots of great tips and training for network marketers. In my opinion, this information was well ahead of its time, having been around for almost ten years now. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should.

Disclaimer: Please know that I am not affiliated with this system in any way.

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Chuck Holmes is an author, blogger and network marketer. He is a top producer in his network marketing company. He is happily married and lives in Florida with his beautiful wife, Rachel.

2 thoughts on “The Money Flow by Gerald Peters Founder of DBN

  1. Gerald Peters has done it again by giving timely advice of how to succeed in this industry with the booklet, “The Money Flow.” I think it was a smart business move on his part to lead others on how to succeed in the direct mail marketing system in this industry. This was a very informative review.

  2. I just read your review of Gerald Peter’s MLM book. Maybe his pamphlet will be a better place for me to start, so that I can be sure I like his ideas and writing style. Thanks for introducing me to him!

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