The Mighty Giant: Best CRM Program for Network Marketers

In today’s post, I am going to give you an overview and review of The Mighty Giant.

Since I am a happy customer with this service (not an affiliate), I decided to interview one of the company’s key people, Jeff Osness. I sent Jeff several questions via email. What you will see below are the questions I asked him, along with his responses.

The Mighty Giant Review

Can You Tell Us a Little Bit About Yourself, Jeff?

I live in a small town in southern Utah, with my beautiful wife and five children. The natural beauty here is truly mesmerizing. We live close to several state and national parks, with canyons, streams, and breathtaking views of our natural environment.

I spent a handful of years as a full-time network marketer. Prospecting and recruiting – talking to people – were my strengths. I took great pride in winning regional and national recruiting contests for my primary company. But, my real joy, came from helping others achieve success. This is what drove me!

A few years into my networking career, I started using some CRM tools provided by a company called, Networx Online. This was a turning point for me… I was hooked!

Using technology to help achieve success was truly magical for me. I mean, I was already doing most of these “daily activities” manually. But now, I could automate most of these actions… and now my productivity went to a completely new level.

I was captivated and shortly thereafter, I went to work with my new friends at Networx Online. Truly life-changing for me. Wonderfully talented people with great integrity, very caring and super focused on what I loved to do already – help others achieve success!

That was about 15 years ago, and my happiness factor has been sky-high ever since.

Helping home-based entrepreneurs use our tools and systems – to achieve the success they are seeking – is unbelievably rewarding. I wake up blessed each day, and I honestly would not want to do anything else!

What is The Mighty Giant?

The Mighty Giant is an online marketing system developed by Networx Online, Inc. However, this system is unique for several reasons. The primary reason is that it is a universal marketing system – it can be used to market any company, product, or opportunity.

Although, it was primarily designed for the network marketing or direct sales industries, it can be used for virtually any industry. If you need help with contact management, presenting, communication and follow-up – then the Mighty Giant was created specifically for you!

We are certainly a humble bunch, but I think it is fair to say that we are known throughout the industry as having the industry’s best contact manager. Powerful and feature-rich, yet super easy to use.

What are the Features it Offers?

We have been developing our technology platform for the past 18 years. The great part here – and the reason I mention this – is that we have learned a few things over the years. What works versus what does not. What is important versus unimportant clutter and noise. Mostly, what is necessary to achieve success.

After building over 200 marketing systems, like The Mighty Giant, we have learned this universal truth when it comes to software: complexity is the enemy! We must keep everything we develop, not only real-world relevant, but also simple.

Our most popular and most used features would include things like our Contact Manager, SmartSender, Marketing Website, Broadcast Tool and Email Campaigns… to name just a few.

The Mighty Giant Review

Why Should Network Marketers Use It?

Great question! Answer: The Mighty Giant will increase your personal (and your team’s) productivity!

The system has been carefully designed to assist its members at being more efficient and more effective at growing and managing their businesses. Allow the Mighty Giant to do the heavy lifting for you.

When it comes to technology, here is the key: you must be getting a greater return, than the input.

In other words, for a piece of software to be effective and for it to be useful in helping you achieve success in building your business – you must be receiving a far greater amount of benefit than the amount of energy and time you are investing in using that piece of software.

In our view, working “hard” has no correlation with “wealth”. That is, working smarter always beats working harder. You never want to confuse input and output. The goal should always be to put the least amount of input to get the greatest output. That is the essence of technology.

The Mighty Giant provides some amazing technology that will assist you with being more efficient and more effective. It will do much of the heavy lifting for you, in a very automated fashion. Your 24/7 personal assistant, if you will.

However, please keep in mind – people do not do business with technology, they do business with people! Super important to remember.

The Mighty Giant will provide the features, the technology, the automation and the greater return on input. You must provide the heart, the desire, the determination, the people skills, and the self-discipline to stay the course on the path to success!

How Can Network Marketers Use It Effectively?

As the late, great Jim Rohn, would say, “Being successful, is a matter of repeating a few simple disciplines over and over.” And of course, one of my personal favorites, “When you help enough other people get what they want out of life, you can have everything that you want in life.”

This is the essence of The Mighty Giant. On a daily basis, qualify and add new contacts. Use the time-tested presentation and communication tools in the system to provide information and deliver the presentation about your company, product, and opportunity.

Allow the system to follow-up and help move your contacts along through the sales process. Contacts become prospects, and prospects become new customers and distributors.

All of the tools necessary to be successful are already developed and available in The Mighty Giant. No need to reinvent the wheel. Simply, plug in, follow along, and repeat a few simple actions daily to achieve the success you desire!

How Much Does It Cost?

Two account levels are offered.

  • Professional: $12.95 per month, with an initial 7-day trial for only one dollar
  • Premier: $29.95 per month, with an initial 7-day trial for only one dollar

To my knowledge, there is no CRM system available that offers our level of value, features and functionality – for such a low monthly cost.

mlm crm program

How Can I Learn More About It?

Glad you asked! Here are 2 ways to learn more:

# 1: Visit the Mighty Giant home page to learn more:

# 2: Signup for your own personal account and test-drive it for 7 days for only one dollar!

In my humble opinion, to truly understand the value of any software and/or to fully understand if it will provide you with the return and benefit you are seeking – you need to get inside and play around. Pull back the curtain, get inside the back office and really take The Mighty Giant for a spin!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, I hope you enjoyed this interview with Jeff Osness about The Mighty Giant. If you are a network marketer, and you are looking for a good CRM program, I highly recommend The Mighty Giant.

On the other hand, if you have used The Mighty Giant before, I would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below to share your insights about it. Thank you.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid review, nor am I an affiliate. I put this on my website because I am a happy customer and wanted to share this CRM with other network marketers.


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  1. I’ve been looking for something like this too. Thanks for the good info Chuck. I think anyone that studied everything on your site, watched your youtube videos and had some hustle could succeed in network marketing.

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