The Kim Bright and Ray Cassano Cell Tech Tape

The Ray Cassano tape is a LEGENDARY tape in the network marketing industry.  If you’ve been in the industry for any period of time you’ve probably heard about the tape.   The tape came out in the early 1990s.

I’ve known about it for years, and I’ve been trying to get my own copy for a couple years now.  Last week, I found an old copy of the tape on eBay so I decided to purchase it and listen to it. I just finished listening to it tonight and I REALLY enjoyed it.  I can see why it was so successful.

In case you don’t know, the Ray Cassano tape was a promotional audio tape made by Kim Bright, Ray Cassano and a few other reps in Cell Tech.  The purpose of the tape is/was to promote the Cell Tech business and talk about the super algae products that Cell Tech offers.

The tape is conversational in nature.  It consists of 4-6 people having a conversation while sitting around a kitchen table.  They provide lots of testimonials about how the products have helped them improve their health, have more energy, etc.  They also talk about the business opportunity and share their experience in the business as a distributor.

This tape really caused waves in the network marketing industry.  It’s considered one of the most successful promotional tapes EVER.  It helped launch Cell Tech’s growth and put them on the map.

Basically, Ray and his group of distributors simply mailed these tapes to their warm market and strangers to build their MLM Team.  They got their new team members to do the same thing.  As a result, thousands and thousands (if not more) of these tapes were mailed to people to listen to.

People would listen to the tape and then contact the person who sent it to them to get started.

Ray Cassano went on to become a Double Diamond with the company.  He is still a top distributor with the company, which is now named SIMPLEXITY.

What I want to do in the rest of this post is share some key takeaways I got from the tape.  Hopefully, this information can help you in your own business.

First and foremost, tapes are a VERY effective way to grow your network marketing business.  What’s great about a tape/CD is that you can give it to your prospect and they can listen to it in their car on their way to work.  Most people won’t take the time to watch a video or webinar when they get home from work, but anyone can listen to an audio CD while driving.  CDs are convenient.  After all, you’re not asking your prospect to turn off Monday Night Football or their favorite SITCOM.

I would highly suggest you make a tape for your business.  DO NOT use a company made tape. Those suck.  You want a tape or CD that is personalized and does a simple, yet effective job explaining the business and products to your prospect.  This frees up your time so you don’t have to give the presentation yourself.

Next, tapes are a great SYSTEM to grow your business.  You can teach ANYONE on your team to hand out 1-2 tapes per day to prospects.  Anyone can give or mail a tape to someone they know.  That’s a lot easier to do than building websites, setting up auto-responders, etc.  In fact, I cannot think of a simpler way to build a business.

Another key lesson I learned from the Ray Cassano tape is to focus on the BENEFITS of your products or company.  If you want to connect with your prospects, you have to focus on what’s in it for them!  This tape did a great job with that aspect.  Spitting out a bunch of facts won’t do much for your prospect.  You have to ask yourself “what’s in it for the prospect?”  And you want your tape/CD to focus on those things.

Finally, the tape did a great job “connecting” with prospects.  When I listened to the Ray Cassano tape I felt like they were talking to me directly.  It was very personal.

Those were my key takeaways from the tape.

Final Thoughts

The Ray Cassano tape made a huge impact in the network marketing industry.  It put Cell Tech on the map and it influenced many other network marketing companies and teams of distributors to use tapes to grow their business.  If you’ve never listened to a copy yourself, I would encourage you to buy one and add it to your swipe file. It would be money well spent.

If you have experience with the Ray Cassano tape, I would love to hear from you.  If you were in Cell Tech and used the tape to promote your Cell Tech business, I would love to hear what type of results you experienced.  Just leave a comment below to share your story.

Disclaimer: Cell Tech and Simplexity are registered trademarks.  I am in no way affiliated with either company.

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2 thoughts on “The Kim Bright and Ray Cassano Cell Tech Tape”

  1. Tapes or CDs make great sense to use in your network marketing business. As Faye mentioned, many people get turned off when a person approaches them about a MLM. Using a simple CD takes that people pressure off the prospect and the defensive nature is let down. In these days, there are many network marketing businesses. A person gives themselves a huge advantage using this method. Thank you for sharing this Chuck.

  2. What a simple idea and a seemingly non-professional one: to simply make a tape of a kitchen table conversation. But that is probably what made it so effective: it was not pushy and it was easy to listen to. These days, you would want to make a DVD – and make your own, just as your post suggests. Anyone can send out an impersonal company DVD, but your potential customers and recruits will be impressed that you took the time to make your own.

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