The “I Have to Think About It” Objection: How to Deal with It

If you’ve spent any time in sales or in network marketing, you’ve probably had your prospect tell you “I have to think about it.”

Sound about right?

You do a great presentation.  Your prospect seems interested.

They’re smiling, leaning forward.

You feel excited and are 100% sure your prospect will buy.

Commission time… here I come!

And then those dreaded words come out of your prospect’s mouth.

“I have to think about it.”

I still get this response from time to time.

Truth be told, it drives me crazy.

Worse than crazy…


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I’d much rather hear a NO that hear “I have to think about it.”

At least when you get a NO you get closure.

You can move on to your next prospect knowing this one isn’t interested in buying.

I also believe that “I have to think about it” is not really an objection at all.

It’s more of a stalling tactic.

Yes, in 2016 people still stall….

In fact, most people have a hard time making ANY type of decision.

Maybe the person doesn’t want to hurt your feelings by telling you NO, so they say “I have to think about it.”

Maybe the person doesn’t have the money to buy what you are offering so they say it to you.

Those are normally the only two reasons you will hear it.

Why do I say that?

Because your prospect is not going to go home and actually think about it.

They’re not going to think about it at ALL.

They’re not going to think about you at all.

Think about your own life for a moment.

How many times have you told a salesperson “I have to think about it.”

Probably a few times, right?

Well, did you actually go home and think about it?

And did you call the salesperson back to give them your decision.


I’ve never met anyone who had to think about it who actually bought from me.


Once again, it’s a stalling tactic.

Nothing more and nothing less.

When you hear these dreaded words, you only have a few things you can do.

First and foremost, you can ask them “what part of the presentation do you need to think about?”

This might help you identify the real problem or objection.

You could even ask them “how much time do you need to think it over and when would you like me to follow up with you?”

That might work.

In most cases though, you won’t get a positive response to either of these questions.

Once again, they are stalling.

You could have the mindset that you need to give them more information so they can make an informed decision.

That might work in 1 out of every 500 cases.

But in most cases, even more information won’t seal the deal.

Truth be told, NOTHING you do with that person will seal the deal.

My best advice I can offer you is to simply move on to your next prospect.

That’s what I like to do.

I like to add these “I have to think about it” people to my drip campaign and keep in touch with them once or twice a month, forever, until they unsubscribe, buy or die.

The bottom line is “I have to think about it” is a stalling tactic used by prospects who either don’t have the money to purchase what you are offering them, they really aren’t interested in what you are offering, or they are scared to tell you NO.

Treat them well.

By all means stay in touch with them.

Don’t try to pressure them or hard sell them.

Instead, have an automated follow-up process that gives them additional information, so they can eventually make a decision.

But don’t sit around and wait for them.

Tick tock, tick tock.

You’ll hear that sound continuously if you do sit around and wait.

Do what top recruiters and top salespeople do.

Collect a decision and move forward.

If you’re selling a low cost product or business opportunity in the $50 to $500 price range, there isn’t really much to think about.

You’re not asking your prospect to harvest their kidney or give you their first born.

If they can’t see a value in what you are offering, go find someone who does.

The only exception to this “I have to think about it rule” is if you are selling a high ticket item, where tons of research is required.

Even so, if you did your job right, there isn’t much for the prospect to think about.

Just my two cents.

I’m sure many of you will disagree with me, so leave a comment below to share your thoughts.

I look forward to hearing from you.  Have a great day.

chuck holmes


Chuck Holmes
Network Marketing Professional (since 2002)
Author, Blogger, & Entrepreneur

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2 thoughts on “The “I Have to Think About It” Objection: How to Deal with It”

  1. I am a firm believer in giving one more shot, and I like what you said about “what part of the presentation do you need to think about.” I think this will give you an answer, and if not, I agree…move on but add the person to your list and stay in touch.

    You are right, they won’t think about it, but you can help it by just staying in touch in a low pressure way. Don’t push, because if they join with their current mindset, they will probably do nothing anyway.

    Great post and great tip. No need to stress on one person…there are thousands more.

    1. Exactly, Greg. I also believe you should never pressure or guilt trip anyone.

      Most people will take some time to make a decision. Just realize that most people who tell you “I have to think about it” will not stop and think about it.

      Your real goal is to move people from exposure to exposure and collect a decision each time.

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