The Hype, Lies and Pressure in MLM

In today’s post I’m going to talk about the hype, lies and pressure in MLM. I’m going to talk about certain things that SOME distributors do that give our industry a bad reputation.

During my first few years in the industry, I made many of these mistakes myself. I was an amateur. I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

Now that I’m a network marketing professional, I hope to pay it forward. I want you to learn from my mistakes so you don’t make them in your own business.

I personally believe that the hype, lies and pressure in MLM are the # 1 reason our industry gets a bad reputation. We have millions of reps who have not been trained properly, or are ignorant about what they should and shouldn’t be doing to grow their business.

The Hype, Lies Pressure in MLMThe Hype in MLM

Our industry has more hype than any other industry I know of. Many network marketers talk about their opportunity saying things like:

  1. This is the easiest company to build…
  2. Get in now and I’ll build your team for you…
  3. Get in now if you want to get rich…
  4. All you need to do is find 2 who get 2…
  5. Jobs are for losers…

Hype might have worked back in the 1980s or 1990s, but people today want nothing to do with it. The only exception might be MLM Junkies. They love the hype.

Today’s consumers are smart. They appreciate HONESTY. They appreciate someone who can share the facts and benefits without using hype.

Be excited about your opportunity and products, but have contained enthusiasm. Be excited, but don’t go around making false promises. Don’t exaggerate.

Instead, focus on WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOUR PROSPECT. That is the smart way to recruit more reps. Focus on the benefits and how your prospect will benefit if they buy your product or join your business. Do that without hype and you will become a recruiting machine.

Sometimes the negative perceptions of Network Marketing are created by the way we present the products or the opportunity to the world. Sometime we get so excited that we misrepresent our product and opportunity. We start throwing around big language about our products that we can’t substantiate. We call the product a miracle cure. Say it’s guaranteed to create certain results. There is so much hype, and no substantiation behind that claim.

Such actions decrease the credibility of the Network Marketing profession. As we go out there and create more and more hype, people believe it less and less. So, think about what you can do to make sure that within your organization you are making responsible claims about your product or service. If anything, you need to be under-hyping the product. Even if you’ve had incredible results, you can’t use that language. If you continue to over-hype, there’s going to be more and more regulatory scrutiny inside of your company and the profession itself.

The truth is enough. So, be careful with the type of language you use because hype doesn’t serve our profession.

Source: NetworkMarketingPro

Networking is not about hunting. It is about farming

The Lies in MLM

There is NEVER a good reason to LIE to your prospects. EVER. The truth is always more than good enough.

Never lie about how much money you are making in the business. Never lie by saying your business is easy to do. Never lie and say your prospect will get something, even if they do nothing. Never promote your business opportunity as a job.

Tell people the truth. The truth is good enough.

Once you start lying to people, you lose your credibility. Even worse, you have to remember what lies you told to who.

Don’t go down this road. Instead, be honest with your prospects. Be a person of impeccable integrity and character.

If you share the truth with them and they don’t see it, or they aren’t a good prospect, you don’t WANT or NEED them in your business.

Exaggerating your earnings is one of the quickest ways to bring scrutiny to your business and damage the MLM industry, according to MLM attorney Kevin Thompson. Be honest when presenting your compensation plan to prospects. Inform them that an MLM business takes time to build and that it’s best to work it part time while still employed before committing to full-time involvement in MLM. Offer to help your prospects when they join. MLM is a business of people helping people. Just as you may have a sponsor who helps you close prospects, offer the same services to your recruits. Give them free leads to work, and make time for three-way calls between your recruits and their prospects.

Source: Chron

We dont want to push our ideas on to customers

The Pressure in MLM

I’ll start this section out by sharing a fictional story.

Imagine this for a moment. You and your spouse visit a used car lot. You’ve been thinking about upgrading your vehicle to something better. As soon as you drive onto the lot and exit your vehicle, you are approached by a slick salesman.

He has bad breath, is wearing cheap cologne, an outdated sports coat, and he immediately starts talking about the most expensive vehicle on the lot. He says he’s got a deal for you, even though he never took the time to figure out what you are looking for.

He talks a lot. He asks you a few questions, but he always interrupts you and never lets you finish. After a few minutes of conversation, he rushes you into his office to work out a deal.

He brings you into a quiet room. The temperature in the room is much warmer than it should be. You and your spouse start to sweat. He offers you a cup of coffee.

As he rushes out of the room to get your coffee, it feel like forever. You feel like you are in an interrogation room. You sit there and wait. And wait. After he brings you your coffee, he leaves again to work out a deal with the sales manager.

Hours go by. It feels like WEEKS. He ends up spending HOURS trying to pressure you into paying too much for a vehicle you don’t want and can’t afford. Obviously, he does not have YOUR best interest at heart. Instead, he’s just trying to close out the month strong and meet his sales quota.

After hours of going back and forth, you and your spouse have had enough. You leave the dealership vowing that you will never return.

You then go home and share your experience on Facebook. You tell everyone you know NOT to do business with that dealership.

Have you ever experienced anything like this? If so, you know EXACTLY how your MLM Prospect feels when you PRESSURE them.

NO ONE wants to be pressured. Your prospect KNOWS when you have their best interest at heart AND they also know when you are just trying to make a quick dollar.

My best advice is to treat every prospect you talk with as well as you would your own best friend. Always ask for the sale, but NEVER pressure anyone. Your job is to LEAD people to a decision that is most beneficial for them, not for you.

Be a professional at all times. Act like a lamb and you will sell like a lion!

When customers feel pressure, they feel that demands are being placed on them. Pressure violates customers’ trust when the salesperson doesn’t show respect for their ideas and opinions. Creating demand and force doesn’t work. Patience, respect and understanding do. When you’re able to turn pressure around, you become elevated to a level far above your competition. When you truly want to serve your customers, they know it.

Source: ResourcefulSelling

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks. These are my thoughts on the hype, lies and pressure in MLM. I hope from this day forward you will make the decision to be a network marketing professional and always do the right thing.

What you have your hands on is good enough. There is never a legitimate reason to use hype, lies or pressure with your prospects.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree with me? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

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9 thoughts on “The Hype, Lies and Pressure in MLM”

  1. I really enjoyed this article as I’m finding there’s a lot of hype in many organizations which is a huge turnoff for me. I just try to be real and authentic and genuine and work with integrity.

  2. It is my opinion that all network marketing companies should make policies regarding outright lying. I believe that if a distributor is caught telling lies to further their business, the MLM should drop them.

    It is the lies and hype that have given network marketing a bad name. I have been turned off by such things and had nothing to do with the company after. I have found that many of these companies are quite reputable, it was that particular representative that ruined it. In doing so, he/she not only hurts themselves, but also hurts the company. This is why they should create policies banning liars.

    1. Greg, what an interesting point you make about banning liars in the industry. I would be interested to see some sort of policy enacted and how exactly that policy would be mandated and enforced. There would have to be some sort of solidified proof the distributor lied and that may be hard to do. It seems like it would open the door for he said, she said debates and even allow for lazy people or people who simply didn’t reach personal goals to make false claims about a distributor out of anger. Nevertheless, I do think some type of policy needs to be put in place to hold people accountable, I am just not sure how that would happen.

      1. You make a very good point Diamond. Since I have been the victim in just that type of scenario, I completely understand your concerns.

        Yes, I think it would have to be absolute proof. We can find that in many websites, blogs, and emails. I have seen people outright lie in many forms in writing. A good example is posting your network marketing opportunity as a job on Craigslist. That is a lie. Now if you post it as a business opportunity, that is much different.

        It is just the ones who have been caught red handed that should be banned in my opinion. Hopefully by doing that, MLMs would instill a fear into others who may be tempted to lie.

  3. Honesty is always the best policy. No need to sell people a dream only to have reality come crashing down on them. That simply makes people angry and bitter and that is not good for business at all. Give people the respect of telling them what is real- the good, bad, and the not so simple. People will come to respect you more for sharing everything with them as opposed to misleading them.

  4. So many network marketers need to read this post. You are correct Chuck….It is these 3 items that have hurt the MLM reputation the most. For one thing, hype immediately turns me off. When someone comes to me like they are on a rocket ship with a product or opportunity, I will usually run the other way. Being positive and being hyped are 2 different things. Lies never work because they will be discovered. Pressure was out when aluminum siding went away. We need to allow the products or opportunity to sell itself.

    Great post.

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