The Feel – Felt – Found Method to Overcome MLM Objections

Objections are a normal part of any sales transaction.  Almost every prospect will have at least one objection before they get started or make the decision to buy.  Some will have more than that.  Objections

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7 thoughts on “The Feel – Felt – Found Method to Overcome MLM Objections”

  1. Very good tips Chuck!

    As a person who has been in sales for many years, I actually would get nervous if a person did not have at least one objection. This would usually mean a sales cancellation, which was their defensive way to get rid of sales people.

    When a person objects, they are not saying no, they just want more information and education. I have even objected just to see how well a salesperson could handle it, even if I wanted the product. I believe other people do the same.

      1. And, if you truly listen to the prospect and their objection, they normally will give you the answer either orally or with eye or body movements. The biggest key is to listen with a caring attitude, because people can tell if you really are just thinking of what you are going to say.

        It may seem difficult at first, but in time, dealing with objections can become second nature. The biggest step is to dispel your fear of objections and learn to accept them as a good thing. Once you have that, they are much easier to deal with.

  2. So Chuck I really do want to ask you if there is a person who leads a natural eating regime and who believes they can get all their minerals and supplements from a balanced diet of natural organic vegetables and fruit as well as pasture fed animals, what do you say to him or her?
    They may have enough income from their profession and they may have time, but are genuinely not interested. those people you have to let go.

  3. I really like this post! It can feel as though you are defeated when someone throws one of those comebacks in your face. I used to get stuck and just stop there when I got a response like that. My reply was always, “Well thanks anyway.” However, these are great ways to have a comeback for their comeback. It shifts the control back into your lap and allows you to have the last say that could in fact impact their decision to join you. I wonder how many more people I could have won over if I’d had this sort of knowledge early on.

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