4 thoughts on “The Email, Call, Mail, Follow-up Method in Network Marketing”

  1. These are such ultimate suggestions highlighting the importance of follow-up. One thing I would like to add is that most of the people in MLM business are making this mistake that they do not give all the prospects a similar consideration for follow-up. I believe in treating each prospect for my business as if he/she could become one of my best customers. Follow-up with all the prospects at same level and present yourself as a consultant rather than a salesman.

    1. When it comes to following up, I have to follow up with most people at least ten times before they join or buy. It normally takes them a few weeks to a few months from the time we first meet, until they join my team. If I didn’t follow up with them repeatedly, in multiple formats, I’m not sure what type of results I would get.

  2. I recommend to all who read this to utilize the suggestions Charles is putting here. In following Chuck for awhile now, I have watched this approach. As I am on multiple mailing lists, it is Chuck’s that I have the utmost respect for. He doesn’t come off pushy, but he is consistent. This is the kind of person I will, along with many others, do business with. Don’t just drop a prospect on 1 no.

  3. I like your step by step instructions, but I think that the order you do these things in may not be as important as just doing them. I do agree that you need to follow up with your potential (and existing) customers and recruits regularly, often, and in a few different ways. Do not let them slip your mind, because if you do, you will surely slip theirs.

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