The Different Personality Types of Network Marketers

I’ve always looked for ways to work on my people skills.

I’m pretty good at dealing with people, and I’m working on improving my people skills every single day.

One thing I learned a long time ago is that we are all wired differently.

Talk to any group of people and you will find a wide assortment of personalities.

Some people are laid back, some are hard chargers, some are emotional, some are funny, some are introverted, etc.

As you start to build your network marketing team, you will work with many different personality types.

One of the best things you can learn how to do is to identify each personality type and then learn how to communicate effectively with each person.

You must realize that each person is wired differently, each person needs to be led differently, and each person communicates differently.  

Treating everyone the same way is a recipe for disaster.

My goal today in this post is to share the most common personality types that you will see in your network marketing team.

After I talk about each personality type, I will share some tips you can follow to communicate with them effectively (and get along with them better).

Please keep in mind that most people will have a combination of these personality types, usually with one that is very dominant.


These personality types are the LEADERS and DOERS.

They are the LION.

They are the risk taker, strong willed, impatient, competitive, rational, driven, purposeful, aggressive, restless and touchy.

They are goal oriented and are very focused on PRODUCTION.

They are achievers.

Many of the top leaders in our industry have this personality.

In the regular world, you will see folks with this personality in charge of something.

They are the top executives, CEOs, sales professionals, and producers.

When you are working with a red personality type, you want to be short and to the point.

Talk about goals and production.

Don’t ramble or try to overwhelm them with a bunch of details.

Focus on the big picture.

Focus on the results and required action steps.

Also, be sure to stroke their ego and tell them they are doing a good job.

Have competitions with them.

Have contests.

Make sure they get plenty of public recognition.

My predominant personality is RED.


The blues are the introverted, analytical folks.

They are deep thinkers, detail focused, precise, reserved, systematic, anxious, moody, quiet and pessimistic.

If they were an animal, they would be a BEAVER.

They strive for perfection and there are few things they enjoy more than charts, graphs and details.

In the regular world, they are often found in the engineer and accounting professions.

When working with a blue personality type, you need to be patient.

Give them information overload.  They will love it.

Give them as much details about the compensation plan and products that you can.

Don’t overwhelm them with the big picture.  They like the minutia.

Realize that many of these folks will always be getting ready to get ready.

Since they want everything to be perfect, they will be doing lots of busy work, behind the scenes.

Make sure you educate them on the difference between busy work and productive work.


The yellow personality types are the social butterflies.

They are extroverted, they love people and they are the life of the party.

If they were an animal they would be an OTTER.

They are expressive, sociable, optimistic, animated, outgoing, talkative, carefree and lively.

They are the dreamers and the idea people.

They get overwhelmed easily with the details.

They just want to have fun!

In the real world, you can see these folks in a wide variety of professions.

They typically draw people in, and when you go to a party or event, they are the folks with a bunch of people around them listening to their stories.

When working with a yellow personality type, try to keep things simple and have fun.

Realize they will often have a short attention span and get distracted easily.

Tell stories whenever you can!


The green personality types are the laid back, easy going folks.

If they were an animal, they would be a GOLDEN RETRIEVER.

They avoid confrontation at all costs.

They like PEACE.

They are calm, cool and collected.

They are thoughtful, controlled, reliable, even tempered, informal and easy to get along with.

They are also in a wide variety of professions.

They keep things balanced and they bring harmony to whatever group they belong to.

When you are dealing with a green personality, keep things low key.

Avoid the hype and over excitement at all costs.  Don’t be confrontational with them or forceful.

These folks are a VERY important part of your team.

They definitely balance out the reds and keep peace and harmony in the group.

My Thoughts

One of the best things you can do is take the time to identify your own personality type.

Read the different types listed above and you should quickly discover which one is your predominant personality type, and which one (or ones) might be your secondary personality type.

different personality types for network marketersFor example, I am a red (about 80%) with a small mix of yellow and blue (about 10% each).

I tend to be goal oriented, productive, and focused, but I do like charts and numbers and I do love to have fun.

As new people join your business, one of the best things you can do is quickly figure out what their personality type is, so you can get along with them better, and communicate with them more effectively.

Whenever you are talking with someone (a prospect, customer or team member) keep their personality type in mind, so you can relate to them as much as possible.

Final Thoughts

We are all wired differently (thank goodness!).

Our job as network marketing leaders is to know how to identify the different types of personalities and then find ways to get along with each personality type.

After all, this is a people business.  Learning how to get along with different types of people is one of the best skills you can develop.

What are your thoughts?  What personality type are you?  Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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12 thoughts on “The Different Personality Types of Network Marketers”

  1. I am definitely a combination of all of them but green is my top one followed by red. As much as I like to have fun and keep it light, I don’t identify with the yellow other than that. I like being able to identify the prospects easily and adjust the information accordingly with the help of the personality colors. I really like Greg’s suggestion about tailoring presentations as well!

  2. This is really cool. I don’t think I have ever seen this particular personality test before. I feel like I am predominantly red with some yellow tendencies. I think knowing your prospect or team members personality type would be highly beneficial to your business. You can level with them better that way.

    1. You definitely have to be able to figure out each personality type of the people on your team. The quicker you can form common ground, or a connection with someone, the better.

  3. It does help if you quickly determine a prospect’s personality type.This can greatly help how you educate them on the products or the opportunity. As you stated, if the person is primarily red, you should get immediately to the point. I believe with blue people, you should be highly logical, showing the whys of everything you are explaining. With yellows, it would be pointing out from a social perspective, whereas greens, just explain the products without much hype.

      1. You made a great point there Chuck that I think I should provide more on…. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to develop presentations that coincide with the different personality types? I believe you could go so far as to make different presentation CDs. It just seems to me this would be a wise move. As you find anything that isn’t working in the presentation, you make a slight change. What do you think about this idea? Or anyone else?

  4. Really neat post. I definitely think that everyone is a unique blend of each of these “colors” so to speak. As Greg did by breaking down his percentages, I too did the same and came up with the following:
    50% Red
    25% Blue
    15% Yellow
    10% Green
    I wish there was some sort of quiz or something of the sort people could take to help them identify their “colors” and then determine what may be the best role for them.

  5. What an interesting post Chuck.

    As I read the personality types you listed here, I found myself trying to zone in on where I sit in relation to these. Personally, I find that I have a big mix, but I believe I would put myself at:


    Why the big mix? It usually depends on the circumstance I am in at that moment.

    Thank you for this very interesting post. So often we are looking out, instead of looking in.

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