The Difference Between Sponsoring and Recruiting in MLM

I’ve learned a lot from Don Failla.  One of the most important lessons I learned from the guy is the difference between sponsoring and recruiting in MLM.

You see, most serious network marketers are constantly in RECRUITING mode.  They are always looking for the next person to bring into their team.  They spend most of their time building WIDTH in their group, rather than building depth.

And while there is nothing wrong with keeping your eyes open for sharp people to personally sponsor, there is a HUGE difference between sponsoring and recruiting.

Recruiting is nothing more than signing up as many people as you can as quickly as possible.  t’s the mindset of finding as many people as you can to bring into the business and hoping a few serious people will follow your lead.

It’s the idea of throwing a lot of mud up against the wall to see what will stick.

Recruiting is a sales person’s mindset.

If you are only focused on recruiting, you will have a HUGE attrition problem.

Sponsoring on the other hand is quite different.  While you are still looking for people to personally recruit, your approach is much different. Rather than just go out and sponsor as many people you can, you do two things.

First and foremost, you look for quality people.  You look for people with a big burning desire to change their life for the better, who are coachable and COMMITTED to building a successful network marketing business.

The second major difference, and probably the most important one, is that you INVEST quality time with each person you sponsor.

You have a game-plan to help your team member get started.  You help them set goals.  You teach them the ropes.  You work with them (a lot) one-on-one.  And you help get their business off the ground and running.

The most important thing you can do with each new person is tap root them.  You help them build at least one strong leg so they have something to lose.

As I see it, sponsoring is a much better approach than recruiting.

Sponsors are teachers.  Recruiters are salespeople.  The most successful people in MLM are TEACHERS.  Please never forget that.

With recruiting you have really high attrition with the people you recruit.  Yes, you might sponsor a lot of people, but they normally drop out just as quick as them come in.

In addition, very few, if any of them will duplicate what you did.  As Don mentions in his book (paraphrased) “salespeople can recruit 50 to 100 people in a year, but none of their people will duplicate what they did, so their organization won’t be more than one, maybe two levels deep.”

On the other hand, when you SPONSOR someone, you build a friendship with that person, you invest quality time with them, and you help them achieve small, but immediate success.

You help them find a few customers.  You help them sponsor a few people.

And then you show their new people how to do the same thing.

This keeps your new distributors EXCITED.  It shows them the business works.  It builds their confidence in you and the business.  And it lowers the chance of them QUITTING the business.

Does that make sense?

If all your energy is just focused on personal recruiting, you might eventually succeed, but very few of your people will ever succeed.

And please remember that it’s much easier and smarter to work in depth than it is to just keep recruiting people.

The Difference Between Sponsoring and Recruiting in MLMNetwork marketing is about a lot of people doing a little bit, not a few people doing a lot.

Your “big” money will come from depth, not width.  That’s also where your long-term security comes from. 

Yes, you need some width to build depth.  But at the end of the day, it’s much smarter to sponsor a few people, and help them succeed, than it is to go out and try to personally recruit hundreds of people yourself.

What do you think about Don Failla’s advice about the difference between sponsoring and recruiting?  Does it make sense to you?  Why or why not?  Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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2 thoughts on “The Difference Between Sponsoring and Recruiting in MLM

  1. It sounds to me as the recruiter is as you said, a one-time salesperson. They sell the opportunity and you barely hear from them again until they want to make another sale. The sponsor becomes a teacher and a mentor. They give their prospects quality training, building them up so they can be successful in the business. The recruiter is essentially just concerned with self, whereas the sponsor is concerned with all. Yes, sponsoring is much better than recruiting.

    • It just makes sense to help the people you bring into the business IF they are willing to accept your help and mentorship. Most aren’t. Work with the willing and taproot everyone.

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