The Dictator Leadership Style in Network Marketing

The dictator leadership style in network marketing…

Are you a coach or a dictator?

That is an important question to ask yourself if you are involved in network marketing.

I see a lot of people in our industry act like a dictator to their team.

They tell their team what to do, how to do it, expect them to follow their orders without deviation, and have the “my way or the highway approach.”

Some industry leaders even have the audacity to tell their team members that if they don’t follow their system or do what they say, they won’t help them.


Did you join network marketing to have another boss?

I didn’t.

If my sponsor or upline told me I had to use their system or their approach or they wouldn’t help me, I would tell them to “pound sand” and they would get a quick karate chop to the throat and a kick in the nuts.

Like you, I am an independent contractor, an independent business owner.

It’s my business, and I can build my business any way that I want, as long as it is legal, ethical and moral.

Yes, I like assistance.

Yes, I like support and encouragement.

Yes, I like advice and coaching.

But no, I’m not going to work with someone using a dictator leadership style.

Now, just to clarify, I’m not knocking systems.

I respect leaders who have a system in place for their new team members to follow.

Most new people need some type of direction and system to follow.

But, I also realize that most top leaders in our industry don’t follow the system they have their own team members use.

In fact, the only thing top leaders in our industry have in common is that they all build the business differently from each other.

Write that down and remember it.

If you look within their own team, their own leaders built the business differently than they did.

It’s crazy, but true.

This is a volunteer Army.

No one has to follow you.

Most people won’t follow you, especially if you use a dictator leadership style.

What people want is a LEADER to follow.

They want someone who inspires them by their actions.

They want someone who gives them advice, but doesn’t force it on them or pressure them.

They want someone who is there to lend a listening ear.

They want someone who encourages them and brings out the best in them.

They want someone who empowers them.

They want to follow someone with a BIG vision who knows EXACTLY where they are going!

They want someone who acts like the team captain on a sports team.

As a network marketing leader, you need to be flexible.

You need to get rid of the “my way or the highway approach.”

You are leading a volunteer Army, which means people don’t have to do what you recommend or tell them to do.

Your real job is to inspire people by your own actions. 

You want to teach people different ways to build the business and let them pick a method that works best for them.

You also want to sit down with each person on your team and figure out what they are naturally good at.

Show them how to leverage their own talents and abilities to build their business in a way that makes sense to them.

dictator leadership styleI know you were successful building the business the way that you did it, but that doesn’t mean that every person on your team can be successful doing it the exact same way you did.

Please remember that.

Be nice to people.

Be their friend.

Don’t be bossy.

Offer suggestions, but let people choose for themselves.

Inspire them and encourage them.

Speak belief into them.

And by all means, don’t blackball or chastise people because they don’t follow your system or do what you do!

Your best people won’t follow your lead anyway.

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Final Thoughts

What do you think about the dictator leadership style in network marketing?

Do you think network marketing leaders should be dictators, or more supportive of their teams?

Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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