The Best Website Hosting Service: NameCheap

In my opinion, NameCheap is the best website hosting service for network marketers and bloggers. I am a big fan of the company. I use their hosting services myself, and have so for several years now.

In case you’ve never heard of them before, they offer domain and website hosting services to include cloud hosting, shared hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting. They also offer email, website design and lots of other services. They have tens of thousands of customers, great customer support, and very fair prices.

As a network marketer, it is in your BEST interest to have some type of online presence. And quite perhaps the best way to do that is with your own website or blog. Setting up my own blog is the best business move I’ve ever made.

It wasn’t fast or easy, but it was well worth the work that I put in. I wrote another post on how to build your MLM Business by blogging, which explains how to do that in greater detail. I suggest you read that post after you finish reading this post.

When it comes to website hosting, you have LOTS of options. Some of the most popular hosting companies include GoDaddy, JustHost, Host Gator, Blue Host, Yahoo Small Business, Site Ground and more. All of these are good options at fair prices.

The major problem with many of these vendors is that they PROHIBIT network marketing themed blogs. It violates their terms of services. It’s vital to research each hosting company’s terms of services BEFORE you purchase them.

Best Website Hosting Service for Network Marketers

Best Website Hosting Service for Network Marketers

Here’s why I like NameCheap and recommend them.

# 1: I Use Their Services 

I use NameCheap to host this website. I’m not going to promote a product I do not use myself. I am a very SATISFIED customer with NameCheap. I would promote their service, even if I wasn’t an affiliate. I’ve been using their services for several years now and haven’t had any problems with my website. This website is hosted on one of their shared hosting plans.

# 2: Great Customer Service

You can contact NameCheap 24/7 whenever you need help with customer service. Their customer service reps speak English as their primary language, they are friendly, helpful and courteous. You can do a live chat at two in the morning or during your lunch break and someone will talk to you. Very seldom do you have to wait on hold for more than a few minutes. The only downside is that they do not have a phone number to call to talk to someone. You have to use the chat option.

Customer support has always been at the core of Namecheap because we know that customers are happiest when they feel supported.

This ethos goes right to the top of our company. When we first started, our CEO dealt first hand with customer support, and still continues to respond directly to customers on Twitter today. Customer Support was also the first team that was created, underlining how important it is to us.

~ NameCheap

# 3: Server Uptime

NameCheap takes great pride in their server up time. When they do upgrades and transfer servers, they are fast. All of this means your website will seldom, if ever, be down for maintenance issues.

# 4: Experience

NameCheap has been around since the 2000, so this isn’t their first rodeo. They are experienced, proven and know what they are doing. They aren’t some fly by the night hosting company that is here today and will be gone tomorrow. They also have tens of thousands of happy customers, so you can assure they are reputable.

# 5: The Pricing

As of June 2019 their hosting packages start at just a few dollars per month. There are different hosting packages to choose from, but they are definitely priced competitively. The only downside to the pricing is that it might go up a little bit after your first year, because they offer introductory prices to new customers. Don’t worry though, most hosting companies do the same thing. Even if the price goes up a little bit, it’s still a bargain!

NameCheap runs at $8.88/year for .com and $12.98/year for .net domains during signup. Renewal fees at NameCheap are slightly higher, costing $10.98/year for a .com domain and $14.98/year for a .net.


# 6: Usability

Contrary to what you might think, I am not a techie. NameCheap offers a very good CPanel, which is the back office where you upload, fix and make changes to your website/hosting. Installing WordPress only takes a few minutes to do and everything in the back office is really easy to navigate, even for the non-techie like myself. And if you don’t want to do any of these things yourself, you can hire one of their people to do it for you.

# 7: The Affiliate Program

NameCheap can also be a great second income stream for your network marketing business. They offer decent commissions for referring other people to their services. Once you’ve used their services and are happy with it, it will be easy to recommend it to others.

In most cases you will earn 30% on your referral sales, depending on which package you sell. Yes, some other hosting affiliate programs pay more, but I’m willing to make a smaller commission per sale, because I know what I am endorsing is a great value for my customers.

My Final Analysis

In summary, I believe NameCheap offers the best website hosting service for network marketers. They are by no means perfect and they aren’t the only GOOD hosting company to choose from, but they offer a good value and are worth using.

Once again, I am a very satisfied customer myself. If you’re considering starting your own WordPress blog or website, I would suggest that you at least consider them as one of your hosting options.

Truth be told, I think the best thing you can do is compare two to three different reputable hosting companies to find the one that makes the most sense to you. Be an educated consumer.

If you would like to learn more about NameCheap, or try out their website hosting and domain services, check out this link. I am an affiliate with the company and do make a small commission if you purchase the hosting through my link. Whether you buy from my affiliate link or buy directly from the company, you pay the same price! In either case, I appreciate your support, and hope you enjoyed this post.


Disclosure: I am also a NameCheap affiliate and do make a commission if you buy through my link.

Web-based Email Hosting with Namecheap

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14 thoughts on “The Best Website Hosting Service: NameCheap”

  1. I was with GoDaddy for quite some time. I must admit that I did have some issues with their customer service, but everything else was good. I now use iPage and have been overly happy. iPage has some tremendous packages, especially for people who are just starting out.

    I have never used Blue Host, and I do know that Host Gator has some great programs.

    Like Chuck said, it is wise to research and see what exactly your needs are, the up time, and the pricing and then judge accordingly. When you have a blog or website, you want to get the most out of your hosting plan.

  2. If I were to recommend just one web hosting service to a network marketing beginner, I would have to suggest GoDaddy. Next, I’d list all the same reasons you did because I agree with each of them and I think that each of those strengths is what sets them apart from their web hosting competitors. Everything about the company is dependable: the customer service, the quality of the servers, the pricing, and the ease of use of its components. Sure, the price goes up after a year, but you’d hope that after a year of using the service to grow your business, you’ll have more than enough money to continue paying.

  3. With how essential a self-hosted blog and web traffic is to successful marketing, it’s crucial to find a website host that is reputable and will be there when you encounter technical difficulties. There are so many options out there but it looks like GoDaddy has a great track record for support.

  4. I love HostGator- I have used them for several years now for our family owned business and they are great! It was affordable when we were first starting out and we have been able to grow and they have grown along with us! I will likely stay with them for years to come!

  5. I’ve never heard of this before, but it does seem as if it would be a smart move. I like the financial affordability aspects and good customer service/availability is definitely a must for me. I do like and appreciate that you recommend products/services that you use and that you aren’t just out here recommending things for the sake of it. I will begin the process of comparing hosting sites to see if this one makes sense for me as well.

  6. I think they are offering a good price and are comparable to what other hosting companies are offering. I am using another company that offers similar service for almost same price but I find their back office system difficult to use. Not really a technical freak so it is a little complicated for me. I have already hired their hosting package for 3 months so may be after this ends I will try HostGator on your recommendation.

  7. I use HostGator also, and I am a fellow fan for the same reasons you are. Though I have not taken advantage of the affiliate program yet, I am aware of it and agree that it is pretty generous. I do like that customer service is located in my country and there is no language barrier when I call with issues (and there have only been a couple of minor ones). The price is great, and I have never had any real issues with my website, other than a couple of minor ones that were resolved very quickly. I have been with HostGator for years and do not plan on changing that.

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