The Best Way to Retain Your MLM Retail Customers

Throughout my website I talk about the importance of having retail customers in your MLM Business.  Without customers, you won’t make anywhere near the profits that you could make in your network marketing business.  Retail profits give you immediate profit in your business.  Most MLM Companies have a 20-50% markup, so there is a big opportunity to make some extra cash by selling the products to customers.   As I see it, everyone should have AT LEAST 10-20 personal customers in their business.

But getting customers is not enough.  If you really want to make a nice ongoing, residual income in your MLM Business, you need to learn how to RETAIN your customers, so they keep ordering from you month-after-month, hence providing you a residual income.

Today, I want to teach you the best way to retain your MLM Retail Customers.  These are just a few tips I’ve used personally with success.  Enjoy.

retain your mlm customersStep # 1: Create a Database of Your Customers with Their Name, Email, Phone Number and Address

The first thing you need to do is us a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Program or simple database where you can have a list of all your current and past customers, along with their contact information.  I think it’s best to use an automated program, but ultimately it’s your choice.  You can even use index files.

Step # 2: Send Out a Monthly Newsletter EVERY Month

Frequent communication is important.  If you don’t keep in touch with your customers on a regular basis, they will stop doing business with you (and rightfully so).  Customers deserve outstanding customers service and frequent follow up.  Send out a monthly newsletter IN THE MAIL every month to ALL of your current and former customers.  Include a featured product of the month, quote of the month, book of the month, tip of the month, and whatever else you deem important.  Focus on educating and entertaining your customers. This one thing alone will drive up your sales.

Step # 3: Send a Thank You Card EVERY Time They Place an Order

Every time someone places an order from you directly, or on your website, make sure that you send them a quick hand written thank you card.  It only takes a moment and it really gives a nice personal touch.  Have some note cards made up with your name, company, distributor number, phone number, address, etc. and use that. This will make it look professional.  When was the last time someone you did business with send you a thank you card in the mail?  If you’re like most people, the answer is “not very often.”

Step # 4: Send a $5 or $10 Gift Card Once a Year to Everyone Who Placed an Order

Reward your customers for being loyal customers.  Once a year, send out a $5 or $10 gift card to your good customers.  Either give them a $10 discount on their next order or give them a gift card to a store that you know they like (i.e. Starbucks, McDonald’s, etc.).  This little token of appreciation goes a long way to show them that you care about them.

Step # 5: Send Holiday and Birthday Cards

This should be common sense, but make sure you send out holiday cards and birthday cards to your customers.  It’s also good to do this for other occasions, such as a “just because.”  I’ve found that holiday cards are a good starting point, but times like Independence Day, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day and other holidays are great opportunities to send a card, too.


As a bonus tip, I would suggest you do a customer appreciation day once a year.  Invite your local customers over to your house for some beverages or a cook out.  Socialize and get to know them.  Become their friend.  This is a great way to retain customers and make them life-long, loyal customers.

Final Thoughts

In summary, retaining your MLM Retail Customers is not rocket science.  It really boils down to keeping in touch often, providing outstanding customer service and letting your customers know that you appreciate them. Follow these five tips mentioned above and you will be several steps ahead of your peers.  And you won’t have to worry about your customers leaving you for your competition.

What are your thoughts?  Leave a comment and let us know.

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4 thoughts on “The Best Way to Retain Your MLM Retail Customers”

  1. I really like the sending out a gift card once a year and sending birthday and holiday card ideas! Everything else, I have pretty much heard of and put into practice. I think its crucial to have a customer database so you have all your customer info in one place and you don’t have to constantly look up phone numbers and such.
    But, love the gift card idea especially! Reward them for being a great customer.

  2. These are great tips Chuck. So many business people, both network marketers and traditional business owners often just sell people and then forget them. It is very important that you keep a good relationship with customers because not only will they purchase more, they will refer others. I like your methods. I would also add having a contest from time to time that has a winner of one of the products. Everybody loves contests where they may win.

  3. Some involved in MLM focus on recruiting to the point that they forget they have a product to sell as well. With recruiting, it can take a while to see the financial benefits. Now building your business is definitely important to establish a passive income from your downline, but if you have a product you believe in and a good customer base, you can be very successful selling your products.

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