The Best Type of Training in MLM

What is the best type of training in MLM?  Is it training on how to sponsor people? Or, how to retail products? Or, how to build depth? Or, tips for getting started? Or, how to prospect people?

While all of those things are important there is one type of training that is at least 100x more important.  And you know what type of training that is?  MOTIVATIONAL TRAINING.

You see, most distributors in most companies have enough technical knowledge to share their products and business opportunity with others.  Most distributors have a basic understanding of how the compensation plan works.  And most distributors have a pretty idea about ways to generate leads and meet prospects.

But where most distributors fall short is they don’t have the MOTIVATION to go out and do these things.  They might THINK about building their business all the time.  And they might keep themselves busy doing busy work.  But, we all know that that doesn’t generate money in your business.

What most distributors need is some training on how to be motivated and get off their butt and actually DO what they are supposed to be doing: prospecting, showing the plan, following up, getting customers, and training their new team.  What they need to do is roll up their sleeves, get out of the house and APPLY their knowledge.

Information overload is something that paralyzes distributors (not literally though).  They have so much information and they’re always trying to learn every detail of every part of the business that never make the time to go out and BUILD the business.  It’s sad, but true.

So, if you want your team to produce better results, you could do any of the following things:

  • Remind them of their goals and dreams
  • Remind them that having a job will not make them financially free
  • Remind them that the only way to build a business is to go out and do it
  • Remind them that they know enough to get started
  • Remind them that they will learn more by doing than they will by studying

You see, if you don’t do these things, all of your other training time is ultimately wasted.

Think about it for a minute.  If you spend hundreds of hours training everyone on your team, but no one goes out and applies that knowledge, what good was your training?

My recommendation to you is to make sure that MOST of your training is geared around the motivational side of the business, not the details/technical side of the business.

This one thing alone can really launch your business.

Even if you can just help motivate 10% to 20% of your distributors get motivated and do something, you will see MUCH better results in your business.

What do you think about motivational training?  Do you think it’s important?  Do you think there is something more important to focus on?  Leave a comment below and let us know. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Chuck Holmes
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5 thoughts on “The Best Type of Training in MLM”

  1. I also have to mention that I believe motivation mainly comes from within a person. As many say, “You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink.” We can use motivational techniques and try to help people, but essentially, that motivation must come from within.

    I believe we just show and tell, and from there, it is completely up to the individual whether they do the work or not. That doesn’t mean we don’t have an open door with them, but there is a point where we have to realize the motivation is up to them.

  2. Unlike Cliff, I have to agree with you. The biggest problem in MLM, and in the world in general is motivation. Laziness has overtaken many people. I blame it somewhat on technology. If people had to work harder physically to achieve something, they would understand that hard work is the answer.We all need motivation. All the other training is just a byproduct. Heck, we need the motivation just to seek other training. Another great post sir.

  3. To me, ‘The best kind of training’ is actually an insight into the form of apprenticeship that would work best for me. I find the concept of motivational training really in trudging and practical. I agree that too much knowledge with no application actually chokes the whole chain. One will end up with people who know too much about the industry without any active initiative, the perfect recipe for a back lash. The risk here is that these distributors will know all the weaknesses of the business model, making a potentially leaking sales chain.

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