The Best MLM Company for 2023 & 2024

Today, I’m going to share my thoughts about the best MLM Company for 2023 and beyond, as I see it.

As a quick disclaimer up front, I am a happy affiliate and customer with this company. The views in this article are just my opinion. By all means, we can agree to disagree. In the paragraphs below, I will tell you WHY I think this is the best MLM Company for 2023 and beyond.

the best mlm company for 2023 and 2024


The Compensation Plan

Money talks. People start a home-based business to make money. PERIOD. Here’s what one of my MLM Friends said to me:

If the compensation plan doesn’t pay the reps don’t stay.

In other words, if the average person can’t make SOME money, they won’t stick around long. This company is good for part-timers and heavy hitters. They have a hybrid compensation plan, a combination of a matrix and a uni-level. There are six ways that we get paid:

  • We offer a Fast Start bonus paid weekly.
  • We offer a Fast Start matching bonus paid weekly.
  • We have monthly matrix pay.
  • We have matrix matching pay paid monthly.
  • We have a lucrative retailing plan and retail matching plan paid weekly.
  • We offer an exciting INFLUENCER bonus paid monthly.

There is upfront money and even more back-end money!

The Products

If the products don’t make sense, neither does the business. What makes our company stand out to me are the product quality and price point. We currently have about 20 health products. They are priced the same, or cheaper, than comparable products on Amazon. Our products are in the $10 to $30 price range.

Even better, we don’t need to purchase products each month to be qualified for commissions. We can shop whenever we want to! How exciting is that?

The products are natural, organic, made in the USA, and come with a 90-day, empty bottle, money-back guarantee, so there is no financial risk.

Soon, the company will have a wide assortment of products and services. Household items, travel, exclusive deals, etc. The company’s goal is to have HUNDREDS, even thousands of products and services for their members to choose from.

Our product is our MEMBERSHIP. As paid members, we get exclusive deals we can buy whenever we want to. If we maintain our membership, we are qualified to earn commissions and will save money on our purchases. 

The Marketing System

The system is the solution. Before you join ANY network marketing business, you need to ask yourself the following question:

How will I get leads and grow my business?

This company offers a FREE email marketing system to everyone. It is effective and easy to use. In fact, the company manages it for you.

As a team, we offer a postcard system, Craigslist system, drop card system, and more.

Startup & Ongoing Costs

To become an affiliate, you pay a one-time fee of $40, plus a $9.95 per month or $99.95 per year membership. This qualifies you for commissions for 12 months (if you choose the yearly option). Best of all, you are not required to purchase products each month to make commissions, because our membership is the real product.

More importantly, we get free websites we can use to promote our business and the company manages their exclusive email marketing and powerline system for us.

Most network marketing companies require you to purchase $100 or more in products each month to be eligible for commissions. We’ve eliminated that problem. If your membership is paid for, you don’t have to buy anything else to earn money!

International Opportunity

We live in a global economy. There are more than 7.5 BILLION people in the world. This opportunity ships products to about every country in the world. From what I have been told, they intend on having international distribution centers soon.

Internet Friendly

If you are an internet marketer like I am, or want to build your business online, you will love this company. They have an amazing capture page that converts well. Their internet marketing policies are also very friendly.

Solid Company Leadership

Our CEO has lots of experience in the industry. He is distributor friendly and cares about the people in the field. The company has the infrastructure, support, logistics, and employees to support future growth.

Why Work with Me?

There are several reasons you should partner up with me. First, I’m serious about the business. I’ve been in the industry a long time and know what I am doing. We have one of the fastest growing teams in the company!

Next, I have put together SYSTEMS for our team to use. All you need to do is use our scripts and follow our getting started training. We offer plenty of support through our weekly training webinars and team’s Facebook group.

Finally, I am willing to work closely with you IF you are coachable, hungry, and willing to work. I won’t build your business for you, but I will match your efforts.


In conclusion, this is the best MLM Company for 2023 and beyond, as I see it. I encourage you to take a free tour below and see what it is all about. No pressure either way. I know that if you take a tour you will like what you see. To your success!

take a free tour

Disclaimer: Individual results will vary. I am an independent affiliate.

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