The Best MLM Company for 2017

Today, I’m going to write a post about the best MLM Company for 2017.  As a quick disclaimer, I am biased, just like you are.  I do promote this company.  I am not ashamed to admit that either, and I believe you deserve to know that right up front.

That being said, I am not writing this article to make a fast buck or CONVINCE you to join my team.  I just want to tell you the reasons I joined this company.  These are the things that I believe makes this company the best MLM Company for 2017.

In addition, I don’t believe any article or review is 100% unbiased.  Everyone has some type of agenda, or opinion, even if it’s just to get ad clicks on their review post.

I should preface by telling you that I’ve been in the industry for over 15 years now.  This isn’t my first rodeo.  I’ve done really well in some companies and failed miserably in others.  I’ve evaluated HUNDREDS of different network marketing companies.  Not all companies are created equal!

There are only a handful of EXCELLENT companies in our industry.  I could probably count them on two hands.  There are also some “really good” ones, a decent amount of “good” ones, and lots of crappy ones.  Choosing the right network marketing company AT THE RIGHT TIME is paramount for your long-term success.

Rather than just say the name of this great MLM Company right off the bat, let me tell you a little bit about it first.   I think this article will be much more interesting by taking this approach.

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Insights About the Best MLM Company for 2017

This company has been around since 2009.  It’s not some risky start-up. The company is stable, has a great reputation online and offline, and it is positioned for long-term growth in the years to come.

The company leadership and management team is distributor and customer oriented, friendly and helpful. As a matter of fact, the CEO proved long before he started this company that he could build a downline in network marketing. He earned over $14,000,000 in network marketing in the 1980’s as a distributor in a skin care MLM Company.

The company already does business in 40+ countries and is positioned for international growth.  It is headquartered in the United States (Arizona). I believe this company will eventually be a multi-billion-dollar company (just my opinion).

One of my favorite things about the company is that it is not saturated.  Talk to 100 people and I would be surprised if you found even one person who has heard of it before.  Simply put, it is the right company at the right time.  It would be like joining Amway in the 1970s, Herbalife in the 1980s or Nu Skin in the 1990s.

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The Money & Compensation Plan

The compensation plan is designed for the part-timer.  Since 99% of the people on your team will be part-timers, this is a good thing.  It’s also VERY lucrative for good recruiters and full-timers.

The company uses a binary compensation plan. You only have to build two legs and they can go as deep as you want.  What I really enjoy about this compensation plan is that you help your downline build their teams and everyone wins.  There is money to be made in this compensation plan!

There is no obligation to buy products each month (if you have customers) and there is a low start up fee (under $30) which gives you a free website for life. It is a one-time fee, so no need to renew each year.

What excites me the most about this company is the check matching bonus.  You can earn anywhere from 25 percent 100 percent check match on EVERY person you personally sponsor.  As you build a big team, and sponsor a lot of people, this will easily represent more than half of your weekly commissions.

To be quite frank with you, this is the best compensation plan I have ever seen in our industry, and I have looked at many of them.  The company pays weekly.

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Training & System

This company has an award winning training system.  It is the best training program I have seen in 15 years in the industry.  Best of all, the entire training system is free.  You get immediate access once you join.  There are close to 100 videos and 400 podcasts you can learn from.

Everything you need to succeed is in your back office. The company does a weekly conference call every Monday night. There are lots of marketing materials in the back office, to include flyers, business cards, brochures and catalogs.  Most of the marketing materials are free, while others can be purchased. There is even a classified ads system that you can use to build your business.

The company offers a “secret” Facebook group where you can get access to ongoing training and support.

In addition to the company’s system, I even offer a system for my team.  This includes a training manual for new reps, three weekly training emails, a weekly call, a secret Facebook group, and one-on-one mentoring.

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The Products

I’ve always said that if the products don’t make sense, neither will the business opportunity.  This company offers certified ORGANIC, wild-crafted and natural products, which happen to be very popular in the marketplace right now.

Their products are priced fairly, similar to what you find on the large online websites or at the vitamin stores. The products have a 30-day money back guarantee and they are wonderful.

Products include:

  • Body and spa
  • Essential oils
  • Nutrition
  • Home care
  • Outdoor
  • Baby care
  • and more

In all, there are more than 125 products to choose from, and the company adds new products every few months.

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The Fine Print

Here’s what I really love.  There is no yearly renewal fee.  You pay the $29.99 one time and you have a life-time membership.  There are no website fees.  You get a free website for life.  Your customers orders even count towards your monthly volume requirements.  Finally, NO ONE GETS HURT.  To me, this is very important.


My favorite thing about this company is the timing.  It’s been around since 2009, so it’s not a risky start-up.  Despite that, very few people have heard of it.   It’s still in pre-momentum phase, completely under the radar, and I believe it is the right company at the right time.  Ideally, you want to join a network marketing company BEFORE it becomes a household name, and everyone you talk to knows about it.  This is what really makes it the best MLM Company for 2017.


To put it all in perspective, this is a great company where no one gets hurt.  The products speak for themselves, and offer an amazing value for both the customer and distributor.  It’s a great fit for part-timers or full-timers.  It isn’t saturated and I believe it is the right company at the right time.  Throw in the fact that it has organic and natural products and I believe it is a WIN-WIN combination.

No, the company isn’t perfect.  No company is.  But, it’s the real deal.  If you would like to learn more about the best MLM Company for 2017, just click on the button below, type in your name and email and you will be redirected to my website.  Thanks or reading my post.  Have a great day.

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4 thoughts on “The Best MLM Company for 2017”

  1. The best MLM Company for 2017. That is a bold statement, but I am looking forward to hear what you have to say…Proceed.
    I like the fact that the company has been around for several years, yet it seems no one has heard of it, yet. But, I’d bet that is about to change.
    It sounds like the compensation plan works for everyone because you will have a mix of different levels of involvement from the part timer, the some timer and the full timer.
    The best thing I like about it is that no one can get hurt. Purchase products that people need and want. No enrollment fee. No renewal fee. No fee for your website.
    I hate it when you join a program and that want to charge you for every little thing. By the time you get through paying all of your fees you can’t buy product, much less have any money to promote it.
    Another thing I like is the system. Mail postcards and get paid. Almost anyone can do that.
    Thanks for the review. I know many of your subscribers will jump on board this program.

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