The Best Dog in the World: Rocky

The best dog in the world…

I remember like it was yesterday.

I was a teenager.

I was at home having dinner with my mom at the kitchen table when my dad opened the front door with a big smile on his face.

In his arms was this cute little puppy: a baby German Shepherd.

While my mom gave my dad “the look” I was a bundle of joy.

I just wanted to kiss and hold this little puppy.

We named him ROCKY.

ROCKY was my first real love.

He was the best dog ever.

We’d do everything together.

We played hide and seek.

He followed me around.

We liked the same television shows.

We even liked the same food.

Well, he liked my food!

I fed him extra treats when my mom and dad weren’t looking.

He even slept in my bed with me each night (even though he wasn’t allowed too).

When my parents would walk down the stairs at night to use the bathroom (their bedroom was upstairs), he would slither off my bed very quietly and lay on the floor until they went back upstairs.

Then he would get back in bed with me.

Smart dog, huh?

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When I got home from school each day, he was sitting there waiting for me.

I spent a few years with ROCKY before I graduated high school.

I have so many great memories with him.

rocky and meAfter high school, I left for college and then the Army.

ROCKY stayed home with my parents during that time.

Whenever I came home he was so happy to see me.

We’d play.

I’d give him a hug and tell him how much I missed him.

Some of my best moments with ROCKY include:

  • Him stealing my winter hat while we were playing in the snow
  • Taking him for a ride in my car
  • Walking through the fields and yard with him
  • Playing fetch (he’d never bring the ball back, LOL)
  • Cuddling

He was such a wonderful dog.

He really was my best friend.

He never judged me.

He was always happy to see me.

He always loved me.

You know, every kid should have a dog.

After being gone from home for a few years, I received a call one day from my parents that they had to put ROCKY down.

rockyHe was really sick.

They kept him going as long as they could, but it was time.

That day crushed me.

I cried.

Now, more than ten years later, I still think about ROCKY all the time.

I don’t have a dog of my own yet, but I’m sure that I will one day.

Dogs really are man’s best friend.

They don’t judge you.

They’re always happy to see you.

All they want to do is spend time with you.

And all they expect in return is to be fed and loved.

I love dogs.

They are a gift from heaven.

To all you dog lovers out there, I salute you.

To ROCKY, I love you and miss you buddy.

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1 thought on “The Best Dog in the World: Rocky”

  1. I really enjoyed this post about your best friend Rocky Chuck. I also had a dog named Rocky some years back. He was a yellow lab and very smart.He was hit by a stupid driver on our gravel road in Missouri, and I cried like a baby when I buried him in a thunderstorm.

    We now have 2 dogs here in Puerto Rico. One is a chijuajua and the other is a mix that we discovered was abandoned as a puppy in the Cerra Maravilla mountains. ( I was doing a political story when we saw him running along the road).

    I love our dogs and I agree, every boy should have a dog.

    Great post sir. It made me smile.

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