The Answer to Your Struggles in Network Marketing and MLM

Do you want an answer to your struggles in MLM and network marketing?  I’m going to share with you some SECRET advice that can really help you out.  To end your struggles, you need a strategy, a laser-like focus, daily action and discipline.  That’s it.  This business is not rocket science and you do not need to over complicate it.

To help you do this, I’m going to offer you a simple game plan you can follow for the next 30 days.

# 1 Limit Your Internet to Less Than an Hour a Day

The internet is a fascinating beast.  But let me tell you something.  Just about everyone I know in the industry has INFORMATION OVERLOAD.  There is so much information online that contradicts each other.  Everyone and their brother has a great idea (including me).  The more time you spend surfing the net, the more confused and frustrated you will be.  You will have so many “good ideas” that you don’t know where to begin.  As a result, you will do nothing.

# 2 Call or Talk to 10 NEW People a Day

This business is about talking to people.  Until you build a connection with someone, the odds of you sponsoring them into your business is very low.  The best way to build a connection is face to face.  The next best way is via telephone.  Make it a point to call 10 people a day.  Start with your name list and then from there starting calling leads that you buy or generate on your own.  If you need people to talk to, try prospecting while you are out and about living life.  This is a great way to meet people to share your business with. Besides, it’s easy to meet 10 prospects a day when you put a smile on your face and be nice to people.

# 3 Schedule or Show One Presentation a Day

If you’re talking to 10 people a day, you shouldn’t have much trouble booking some appointments to share the business plan with your prospect.  You can share the plan face to face, through a webinar, via Skype, or with a good video.  If you average one plan a day, every day, that would be minimum 30 plans a month (except February).  What would your business look like if you did 30 business presentations in a month?

# 4 Get your team to do the same thing

Teach this exact same process to your team.  Not everyone will do it, and that’s fine. But the people who decide to do it will get pretty good results.  If people aren’t willing to follow this simple process, help them create a game plan that works for them!  After all, there are a million ways to skin a cat.

That’s it.  It’s so easy a cave man could do it!

So, if you are struggling in MLM, you now have a solution.

If you were to follow this strategy for a month, you would contact 300 people.  Of those 300 people, you might set 30-40 appointments to show a presentation.  Of those 30-40 presentations, you should easily sponsor 3-6 people (individual results will vary).

So if you did that for a year, think how big your business could be.

Success in this business just boils down to talking to people.  Talk to a lot of people and you will get a bunch of NO’s but you will also get a bunch of YES’s.

There you have it folks.  This is the answer to your struggles in network marketing.  Talk to people every day, book appointments and be consistent.  I hope that helps.

chuck holmes


Chuck Holmes
Network Marketing Professional (since 2002)
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1 thought on “The Answer to Your Struggles in Network Marketing and MLM”

  1. The internet is actually full of contradicting ideas. Couldn’t agree more. It is easy to get lost at the research stage and not ever do any meaningful thing. Again, I had not considered the consistency of my team. I think this is one of the best ideas I have picked today.Really, the thought that one of my team members could disobey me really scares me. I dread finding out they are involved in structural insubordination, so I tend to give them freedom. This reminds me of building business systems. Setting things to run in a certain fashion known to succeed each time. Great ideas there! Thank you for the wisdom.

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