The 45 Second Presentation by Don Failla: 20 Great Quotes

Today, I’d like to take a few minutes and share some of my favorite Don Failla quotes and lessons from The 45 Second Presentation.

I’ve known Don Failla for several years now. Although we have never personally met, I was part of his team for approximately two years. I learned a lot from his training and mentoring. Of all the trainers in the industry I’ve come across, I think Don’s teaching is the most practical and easy to implement. His ideas are simple, yet revolutionary. In fact, they’re so simple that most people ignore them and brush them off.

His book The 45 Second Presentation is quite perhaps the most beneficial book in the world for the new network marketer. If I was only going to give one book to my new team members, this would be the one. Anyone can read this book in about two hours and understand what they need to do to build their network marketing business the right way.

Top 20 Quotes from The 45 Second Presentation

Top 20 Don Failla Quotes from The 45 Second Presentation

What I want to do in the rest of this post is share some of my favorite Don Failla quotes from his book, The 45 Second Presentation. Each quote is in bold and italics. At the end of each quote I will also provide my own two cents.

# 1: The secret to the system we teach is not to talk. Talking is your worst enemy. The more you talk the more your prospects think they cannot do what you are doing.

When you are talking to someone, the prospect thinks you are trying to sell them something. And since most people don’t like to be sold something, they’ll probably just brush you off. Be a good listener, rather than a good talker. Let the tools do the talking and selling for you. Learn how to ask questions and listen. You have two ears and one mouth for a reason. Use them in that proportion. If possible, get your prospect talking and let them sell themselves on the idea of joining or buying.

# 2: Time is the number one excuse people make for not getting started.

You must show your prospects how they can work smart, and invest five to twenty hours per week to build their network marketing business. If they think the business will consume their life, they won’t do it! You should also show them how the business can free up their time by getting rid of their job within the next few years.

# 3: Don’t try to sell the world on your program yourself. Remember that network marketing is building an organization in which a lot of distributors all retail a little.

This business is not about one person doing everything themselves. It’s about duplication: a lot of people all doing a little bit each month. If you want to do sales, do direct selling, but that’s not what network marketing is all about. Instead, sponsor enough people until you have FIVE serious people. At that point, start working in depth as soon as possible.

# 4: You must explain to your people that if they truly want to duplicate themselves, they have to be at least three levels deep; only then are they duplicated.

You must sponsor someone, help them sponsor someone, help their new team member sponsor someone, and then help that person sponsor someone. Once you’ve done that you are duplicated. If your organization is only one or two levels deep you haven’t duplicated anything.

Most people who have made it big in network marketing dont have a sales background

# 5: Most people who have made it big in network marketing don’t have a sales background.

Salesmen can sponsor a lot of people, but they will rarely duplicate that in their group and build a big team. Most of their people will quit within 30 to 90-days because they can’t do what the salesperson did, and as a result, the salesman will have a revolving door in their network marketing business. From personal experience, I’ve found that TEACHERS are the people who normally do the best in our industry. This really is a sponsoring and teaching business.

# 6: Network marketing works best with products that are consumable.

Ideally, you want products that people can use up every month and need to reorder. This is much better than one time sales or big-ticket sales. The residual money is in the repeat orders, not one time purchases.

# 7: When you sponsor someone have him consider the first two to six weeks in the business as his training month. The next month will be the starting month.

Give your team members realistic expectations. Let them know they will need to go through a learning curve and learn the ropes of the business before they can expect any type of positive results. Tell them there is an “orientation” period where will learn the basic skills they need to be successful, just like any other business.

# 8: You can’t really expect to see visible results until you have gone down at least four levels deep.

It takes time to build your foundation properly. Rome wasn’t built in a day. You must start driving depth before you will find your real leaders. The deeper you go in your team, the more profitable you will become and the more leaders you will find. Adding depth also gives you added security in each leg of your team.

# 9: Most people are fearful about trying to start and build a business of their own.

Ask any 100 people you talk to if they want their own business and most people will tell you NO. Instead of saying the word business or business opportunity, use words such as “side hustle” or “income opportunity.” Or better yet, talk about the products. Why? Because everyone is a consumer.

# 10: Display to your people that when you call, you are calling to help them, not to check up on them.

The last thing you want your team members to think is that you are their boss. They already have a boss at their day job and at home. They don’t want another boss. Instead, encourage and uplift people. Show your people that you care about them and want to help them, not that you are checking in with them to see how much money they made you. It’s true, people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

# 11: If you want your business to be a successful business, you now know that you have to find five serious people to sponsor.

Keep personally sponsoring people UNTIL you have five people who REALLY WANT to build a big business and are coachable and willing to do the work. Once you’ve found them, you should shift your efforts and spend most of your time helping them build their teams. Keep in mind you’ll probably need to sponsor MINIMUM 100 people to find five serious people. 

# 12: When you have five serious people, you should be spending 95 percent of your time working with them, 2.5 percent of your time servicing the customers you have from your friends, and 2.5 percent of your time planting seeds.

Manage your time wisely if you want good results. Spend most of your time working in depth with the newest, most excited distributor. This locks in your reps above them and gives you long-term profitability and security in your business.

# 13: You need to help the people you sponsored support their people.

Don’t sponsor someone and abandon them. Work closely with your people and help them. Not everyone will want your help, but make sure everyone has their initial training and your support. Keep in mind that 95% of your team will need intensive hand holding and 24/7 of support. I would also chime in and tell you to work with the willing. Don’t try to drag anyone across the finish line. Don’t make the mistake of wanting success for someone more than they want it for themselves.

# 14: There isn’t anything that will motivate people more than to have someone under them doing something.

Light a fire in the basement and everyone above them will be excited. When you have someone serious on the 10th level of your team that will help motivate everyone on the 9 levels above them! That’s why you should always work in depth at the bottom most point of your team, with the newest, most excited distributor. This is known as tap-rooting.

If someone tells you they will give it 30 days to see how it goes

# 15: If someone tells you they will give it 30 days to see how it goes, don’t waste your time.

You can’t dig your foundation in thirty days. It takes at least six months and normally one to two years to build a solid foundation in your business. You can’t build a successful, lasting business of any kind in just a few months. What you are looking for is serious people who are committed and willing to work hard. Avoid the person looking to get rich quick without doing any work.

# 16: Some people in network marketing get discouraged after only a few weeks.

Don’t set your people up for failure. Give them realistic expectations about what it takes to succeed in the business. Don’t use hype or promise overnight success. Be honest with people and let them know that success requires time, money, hard work, and patience.

# 17: To be really successful in network marketing, you must teach someone else to be successful.

This is a sponsoring and teaching business. Sponsor and teach are the two most important words in our industry according to Don. And, he is right. Your goal is to transfer your knowledge to the people you sponsor as quickly as possible, so they are independent of you and can build a successful business of their own.

# 18: In network marketing you can’t see your income until you have laid your foundation there as well.

It takes time to build a good foundation. Your foundation is all of the people you sponsor AND your five leaders. After you’ve found your five leaders and you have a bunch of customers, you will start to see the fruits of your labor.

# 19: How far down group should I work? The further the better.

Never stop working in depth. Always work at the deepest level in your organization, with the newest most excited distributor. That’s where you will find your best leaders and that’s the best way to keep everyone else on your team motivated.

# 20: When you sponsor someone you get to go to work for them.

Your people do not work for you. If anything, you work for them. Your job is to work WITH them and help them get started right. Make sure you invest your time helping your people build their teams. Be a servant leader. Don’t build their business for them, but match their efforts and work closely with them until they don’t need your help anymore.

Final Thoughts

The 45 Second Presentation is a masterpiece and it’s a must read for any new or experienced network marketer. It’s loaded with awesome, yet practical tips on how to build a successful network marketing business. Most importantly, it’s written by a guy who has been there and done that and has one of the biggest teams in our industry.

I suggest you order a copy of the book for yourself and everyone you have personally sponsored. It’s a great way to teach people the right way to build their network marketing business.

What are your thoughts? Have you read The 45 Second Presentation? If so, what do you like about the book? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts. I look forward to hearing from you.

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8 thoughts on “The 45 Second Presentation by Don Failla: 20 Great Quotes”

  1. The ” 45 second presentation ” is a book
    written ” from the heart ”
    Mr Failla with Mrs. Failla are putting their ultimate
    heart full spirit in this script
    Every one who wants “success ” should have
    this so simple to understand , and so brilliant
    to write book , under his pillow .
    It’s a shame that this book is not in the front line
    of every company’s training .
    A book that is amazing simple to create tha AHA moment
    in every reader’s mind and heart .

  2. The second point is very accurate. Not having enough time is the most common excuse people use. I know for the longest time I put off my own involvement because of a lack of time. But what I finally was able to realize is that the investment of time and energy into MLM produces such a great profit that working it into your schedule is worth it. I had to learn how to manage my time better in order to make it work, but work for me it has. Best decision I ever made.

  3. The “45 Second Presentation” appears to be an impressive piece of learning in MLM marketing. Some of the tips that you have shared from this book appears to be very logical and applicable in network marketing business. I really liked the inspirational idea of motivation that people get when someone under them performs really well with something big. This surely proves to be a source of illuminating excitement on the levels above them.

    1. The “45 Second Presentation” is an amazing book. It will help any network marketer reprogram how they think about their business and the industry. It really gives people a practical approach they can follow.

  4. This sounds like an excellent book. The very first one is very important. I know when someone is trying to sell me and they talk too much, I become suspicious of both them and what they are selling. I don’t always do it intentionally, it is how many people have learned to put up barriers against sales people. I just may have to get this book. Thanks for the review.

    1. glad I could help. It’s true, most people do not like to be sold to nor do they like salespeople. Being a good listener and being good at asking questions really is the key to success.

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