Take Massive Action in Your MLM Business: What it Means

Today, I want to talk about why you should take massive action in your MLM Business, and what it means.

Let me preface by telling you that this post is for the people who want to go FULL-TIME in their network marketing business. If you’re just looking to get your products for free each month or make an extra three hundred dollars per month, please disregard this post.

You’ll probably hear a lot of top earners talk about taking massive action to create momentum and leverage in their network marketing business, but there is a good chance that you don’t really know how to do it or what that means! I hope to explain it in greater detail so it makes sense to you.

take massive action in your mlm business

How to Take Massive Action in Your MLM Business

To really succeed in this industry, you have to do what most people aren’t willing to do. This business truly is a numbers game and the only way to work the numbers is to take massive action, and do it quickly and consistently.

Yes, you can build a large team by talking to two people a day, but it will take you at least five to ten YEARS to get good results doing that.

There’s nothing wrong with doing that, but if you want to speed up your timeline for success, you should talk to MINIMUM 30 people a day, every day for a year. If you approached 30 people a day for a year, you would talk to more than TEN THOUSAND prospects!

  • If you sponsored 1 out of 20 people you talked to you would sponsor 500 people that year
  • If you sponsored 1 out of 30 people you talked to you would sponsor about 333 people that year
  • If you sponsored 1 out of 50 people you talked to you would sponsor about 200 people that year

How big would your group be if you could do that? And what if you could get a few of your key leaders to do the same thing?

For hypothetical purposes, let’s suppose that you closed one out of every 20 people you talked to.  And let’s also suppose that you knew had to sponsor 150 people personally to find your FIVE rock stars and max out the compensation plan.

Using this hypothetical example, you would need to approach 3,000 prospects to reach your goals.

  • If you talked to 2 people a day, it would take you 1,500 days to reach your goal
  • If you talked to 5 people a day, it would take you 600 days to reach your goal
  • If you talked to 10 people a day, it would take you 300 days to reach your goal
  • If you talked to 20 people a day it would take you 150 days to reach your goal
  • If you talked to 30 people a day it would take you 100 days to reach your goal

Are you starting to see why you should take massive action in your MLM Business? Even if you talked to just two people a day, you could reach your goals in a little more than four years!  Not bad for a part-time gig.

to increase your results increase your activity

The Cold Hard Facts

Most people in MLM will NEVER approach 3,000 people about their products or business. Heck, most people will never even approach 10 people. Most people do NOTHING with the business, and them blame the company (or their sponsor) for their failure. It’s a sad reality in our industry.

The quicker you approach large amounts of people, the faster your business will grow. After all, this a business of exposures. Whoever makes the most exposures wins!

If you’re talking to lots of prospects every day, you’ll also improve your closing rates because you will sharpen your skills. The faster you build your network marketing business the more momentum you will create. And when you create momentum, get out-of-the-way, because there isn’t much you can do to stop it.

When I was in Amway more than a decade ago, one of my mentors told me that this is the hardest business in the world if you build it slow and the easiest business in the world if you build it fast. After more than 13-years to think about that wisdom, I have to agree with him.

The truth is, most people never even give themselves a fair chance to succeed. They don’t do what they need to do to be successful. They don’t work the numbers, they aren’t consistent and they never take massive action. That describes 98% or more of the people our industry.

After reading this post, my challenge for you is to make a commitment to take massive action in your MLM Business. Make a commitment to approach minimum five people a day, every day, seven days a week, for a year.

Even if you can just do that, there is no doubt in my mind that you will create huge momentum in your network marketing business and you will make a lot of money.

If you’re REALLY serious about your network marketing business, make a commitment to approach 30 prospects per day for a year.

We all know what it takes to succeed in network marketing. So, why don’t people follow through and do what is necessary to succeed? Usually this is due to fear. People are so fearful that they are willing to settle for they have in life now, and just hope and wish something will change. They are paralyzed when they think about how to take action. They purchase one more success product or attend another conference every now and then, but still, nothing changes. Wealth Mission Possible

successful mlm reps

Where Do I Find These Prospects?

Now, you might be thinking WHERE do I find these people to contact every day? That’s the question most people ask. Quite perhaps the easiest way to do it is to buy leads and call them.

You could also advertise online or offline. Or, you could set up at local events to meet people. Or, you could cold call prospects. Or, you could work your warm market and get referrals from each person you talk to.

You could do postcard marketing. You could hand out drop cards. You could advertise in your local newspaper. Or, you could do pay-per-click advertising online.

The options are endless. You just need to pick a lead generation strategy that works for you, and be willing to invest some time and money to make it happen. Focus on ONE strategy and get really good at it.

If I could only suggest one strategy, it would be to work the phone. The phone is your friend. You could easily talk to 30 people a day by phone, working your business just two hours per day. The only real question you have to ask yourself is “Will I do it?”.

talk to 30 prospects per day

The 10X Rule

There is a guy named Grant Cardone. I am a HUGE fan of his. He has a book and mantra called the 10x Rule. Basically, it states that you need to 10x your goals if you really want to achieve great things. Setting small goals won’t cut it, because small goals won’t force you out of your comfort zone.

On the other hand, if your goals are HUGE, you will be forced to do more with your business. You will be forced to take massive action.

Even if you come up short, and don’t hit your 10x goals, you will still be much better off than you would have if you just kept your smaller goals. To me, this is just another way of saying take massive action in everything you do!

What Can You Do Now?

If the thought of taking massive action in your MLM Business and contacting 30 people per day sounds overwhelming, I can offer you an easier solution. Just increase your current activity level. If you are currently talking to two people per day about your business opportunity, start talking to four people per day.

Do that for a few weeks and then double your activity level again and start talking to 8 people per day. Do this over a period of a few months and you can be up to 30 exposures per day in no time. Just get started, increase your activity level and keep doing it.

Final Thoughts

What are your thoughts about this simple concept? What does it mean to you to take massive action in your MLM Business? What do you do on a daily basis? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

Disclaimer: Individual results will vary.  However, if you follow the advice in this article, I’m pretty sure your business will grow substantially.

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10 thoughts on “Take Massive Action in Your MLM Business: What it Means”

  1. I have often heard network marketers complain that they are just not getting enough customers or distributors. They claim they set goals and are reaching them, but the numbers are still not meeting their needs or desires. This is where I say a person does need to take massive action.

    Personally, at this point, I will look at all my goals and develop a plan. I will double all those goals for a 30 day period. If the idea is to sponsor 3 people per week, I will make that number 6. Every goal I have will be double, and I will go above and beyond to reach it. Mind you, this also means putting in more time. If the goal was to spend 1 hour per day, that needs to be changed to 2 hours per day.

    This is a great way to take massive action and your network marketing business will have great things happen.

      1. Yes, and you will usually find that the massive action you take works so well, you will usually want to keep using the action you took. It is amazing how just adding 5-10 people you talk to daily can add dollars to your bank account. Just 1 extra hour a day really isn’t that much time. If we really consider how much time we spend doing things that don’t count we can easily find the time to do a few things that can really add to our network marketing business. Treat it as a real business. Just imagine that you put your life savings into it and you will want to. It isn’t that hard.

        1. It’s true, you can make excuses or you can make money. Very few people have the ability to stay focused and follow through. Those that do typically do very well in the business.

  2. When you break the numbers down as you did here Chuck, it makes the whole job seem so much easier. This is something I need to do more often. By breaking our goals down into easy to reach numbers, it provides motivation.

    When we look at the big number, it can be demotivating. If the goal is to sponsor 100 people in 1 year, that may seem like an unreal goal, but when you break it down into just talking to 10 people a day about the opportunity. That is easy. Anyone out in public at all talks to many more than 20 people a day. It could be on social media, the phone, or in person. The whole system is simple when you break the numbers down.

    Thanks for the reminder.

    1. Breaking down goals into smaller pieces is a wise move. It makes the things we wish to accomplish more attainable and helps make the bigger picture seem more achievable. The example you used does a great job of demonstrating this point. Generating prospects seems overwhelming, but if you break it down as you did it almost seems like there is no way you cannot achieve the goal of reaching out to that many people.

  3. It amazes me when I find very timid people within this line of work. I often wonder how on earth they are able to make connections when they find it overwhelming to start a simple conversation. It is true that you have to be bold and talk to a lot of people each day, which is honestly a lot easier than you may think. I go to at least 4 locations each day (usually more) to handle different errands and tasks throughout my day. If I generated a conversation with a group of individuals while waiting in line alone I would probably meet the 20 people per day mark. I think it is about being really aware of the opportunities you have and having the confidence to take them.

    1. Yes, the average person comes in contact with at least 50 to 100 people a day. If you’re willing to stick out your hand and say “hi” you can have a never ending supply of leads.

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