Surveyed MLM Leads

What is a surveyed MLM Lead? I definite It is a person who responded to a survey about starting their own network marketing business. The person answered specific questions about what they are looking for in a home-based business.

Most MLM Lead Companies place generic ads in different newspapers or magazines and on the Internet to acquire new leads. In many cases the ad features a survey, which consists of 3-5 different questions. Some of the common questions include:

• How much money do you have to start a home-based business?

• How much time do you have each week to grow your business?

• How much money can you afford to invest in your business each month?

• What type of products do you enjoy most (health, beauty, information technology, energy drinks, etc.)?

• Do you have any previous sales or entrepreneurial experience?

• Do you have previous experience in the home-based business industry?

• When would you like to start your own home based business?

This covers most of the basic questions, but once in a while you might find a few different questions. Please keep in mind that most surveys don’t ask specific network marketing questions. If they did, they wouldn’t get as many respondents.

What does that mean?  It means that most surveyed MLM leads that you buy have not expressed an interest in network marketing specifically.  So when you talk to them about a MLM Business, don’t expect a very high conversion rate.

Your Real Target Market

Don’t let that upset you though. Please realize that the real target market for our industry is people already involved in network marketing and people ACTIVELY looking to get involved in network marketing. Most of the people who fill out these online surveys are not in your target market. Instead they are aspiring home-based business owners or disgruntled employees or unemployed folks. That means that if you work hard (and are lucky) you will only sponsor a VERY, VERY SMALL percentage of these surveyed leads into your MLM Business.

Advantages of Surveyed Leads

That being said, there are still some advantages or buying surveyed MLM leads.  The biggest advantage is that you have someone to call to share your products and business opportunity with.  Without leads, your business is doomed.  Any lead is better than no lead.

In addition, you know the lead expressed an interest in starting a home-based business. You also know their answers to the questions from the survey. You know how much money they can afford to get started, how much they will have to invest in their business each month, and whether or not they have previous experience in the home-based business industry. In most cases, you also have the date the person completed the survey and the IP address from their computer.

Disadvantages of Surveyed Leads

On the other hand, the major disadvantages of this type of MLM lead is that you don’t know how many times the leads have been sold to other distributors. Most of the time, lead companies sell each lead up to five or more times. That means that several other distributors have purchased the same leads and probably contacted them about their business opportunity. By the time you contact the prospect, they are tired of “receiving another call” or they have already found a business opportunity to join.

Another disadvantage of surveyed MLM leads is that you never get to see the actual survey that was used to generate the lead. Sure, you will get the responses to the questions they answered. But you’ll never know how many other questions were on the original survey. You won’t know if they were “enticed” or “rewarded” to complete the survey. And, you won’t know which website the leads came from. The final disadvantage of a surveyed MLM lead is the cost. In many cases, surveyed leads cost 3 to 10 times more than regular MLM leads.

My Thoughts

Despite some of the disadvantages of purchasing surveyed MLM leads, I still think they are a good option for some MLM distributors. After all, having leads is better than not having leads. And if you have good phone skills, you will sponsor some new distributors. Regardless of what types of leads you purchase, your ultimate key to success is your follow-up and phone skills. If you don’t plan on calling the leads, don’t waste your money purchasing leads in the first place.

How to Generate Your Own Leads

Rather than buying leads, I think your best course of action is to learn how to generate your own leads.  Once you learn how to generate your own leads, you are in the driver’s seat and in complete control of your business.  Buying leads isn’t bad, but generating your own leads is 10x better and more effective (as I see it).  Yes, you will go through a learning curve to figure out how to do it, but it is time and money well spent.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, a surveyed MLM lead is someone who responds to a survey about starting their own home based business. You can purchase this type of lead from many different lead companies online. Before you spend lots of money, I recommend you “test your results” with several different lead companies. Ask a lot of questions and do your due diligence BEFORE you buy.  After all, some lead companies are better than others.

In addition, I think it’s much wiser to take some time and money and learn how to generate your own leads.  Having your own leads is much smarter and more fun than cold calling people! When you generate your own leads, they are typically better quality and unique to you!

What are your thoughts about surveyed MLM leads?  What type of experience have you had when buying leads?  Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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4 thoughts on “Surveyed MLM Leads”

  1. I have to also go along with making your own survey for your MLM business. I just feel that buying these could be very difficult if they have already been called by others. By creating your own online survey, you control the questions, and you know that the person responding is getting the call for the first time via a survey response.

    Yes, it may be worth trying the purchased survey leads, but I would also get your own survey online as quick as possible too. It just makes good sense.

  2. Great thoughts! I especially like the fact that if someone filled out a survey lead (to get involved in MLM) you at least know there is some level of interest. Yes, it might be they were just frustrated at their job that day, but it might also be that person who has been learning about MLM and is ready to take the first step. That’s the person you are targeting anyway – the one who has an idea of what is involved. Maybe they’ve taken the first step or maybe they were already involved in network marketing. The nice thing is that this isn’t just a cold call.

    1. Good points. Using your own survey is even better than buying surveyed leads. Anyone can post a survey on their website to generate leads and ask the right questions and know that the leads aren’t being sold to anyone else.

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