Support Your MLM Team No Matter What

Today, I want to share another valuable lesson I learned from Holton Buggs, a legend in the MLM Industry.  That lesson is “people want to know you will be there for them.”  In other words, make sure that you support your MLM Team no matter what.

Most people are skeptical to join MLM because (1) they don’t think they can do it, or (2) they don’t know if you will stick around and help them.  After all, most “sponsors” quit the business and leave their small team of distributors out to dry.

As a sponsor, you have an obligation to support EVERYONE you personally sponsor into the business. Even if you’ve sponsored just one person, you don’t really have the right to quit.  In essence, you promised that person you would stick around to support and help them, so you really do them an injustice when YOU quit.

That being said, even if you do stick around, you still need a PLAN to support your team of distributors.  To me, that means you are accessible and willing to help them.  It does not mean you will build their business for them, but it does mean that:

1.  You will train your team

2.  You will provide some direction

3.  You will answer their questions and help them when they ask for it

4.  You will provide motivation when they need it

5.  You will treat them with dignity and respect REGARDLESS of whether they become a success story or not

Now, please don’t confuse this with babying your team or doing the work for them.  You should never do that.  But, you should provide a good example and be there for them WHEN they ask for help.  This doesn’t mean you need to know all the answers, but you should be willing to GET the answers when people have questions or need advice.

In addition, you shouldn’t be nicer to someone because they are building a big business than to someone who is just a wholesale customer.  You should follow the Golden Rule and be nice to everyone on your team.  Treat everyone with respect.  Treat everyone as nice as you would your own daughter or mother.

By all means, spend your time with the workhorses and go the extra mile for them.  But, don’t ignore your non-performers in the process .  Sometimes a non-performer will turn into a superstar if they are nurtured and supported properly.  And, your non-performers help create volume in your organization.

In the past, I’ve violated this rule a few times myself.  I had a tendency to do the most for my superstars and do the least for my non-performers.  Thank goodness I matured and learned this valuable lesson: to work with the superstars and support EVERYONE on your team, regardless of their performance.

Once again, the best way to support your team is to be accessible and let them know that you are available when they have questions and need help.  On the other hand, you should never baby them or build their business for them!

What do you think about this concept?  Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.

*** This is part of a mini-series.  Read the original post.

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3 thoughts on “Support Your MLM Team No Matter What”

  1. There is a fine line on how much time you give each person on your team. If you give too little, it is bad. If you give too much, you are taking away from other responsibilities you have. It takes wisdom. I am a firm believer in calenders and schedules. Writing your objectives and goals down will help you give the proper amount of time to each person and responsibility.

    I needed this post. Sometimes I do not follow these directions. Sometimes we need to just go back to the basics.

    Thank you

      1. Yes, sometimes we as humans think we need to reinvent the wheel. The basics are there because they worked originally, and they still will if we use them the way they are supposed to be used. I also believe we need to instill this in our members. Sometimes we overwhelm them with our ideas, instead of using the original system the MLM taught us. I have seen it over and over that when people just go back to basics, they have success.

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