Struggling in MLM? – What to Do

Are you struggling in MLM?  Are you sick and tired of spinning your wheels, not getting good results and losing money?  If so, you’re not alone.  Most network marketers struggle in their business.  In fact, most entrepreneurs in most businesses struggle because they don’t know what they’re doing.

MLM does work.  It might not work for everyone.  But, if you take the time to develop your skills and mindset, you can get better results in your business.

My goal in today’s post is to give you some concrete advice on how to OVERCOME your struggles in your network marketing business and start getting better results.  I’ll share a few helpful tips for you to review and then implement in your business to turn things around.

struggling in mlm what to do

# 1 Evaluate What Is and What Isn’t Working

Just because something is working for you doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.  It just means that what you are doing isn’t working for YOU.  Smart entrepreneurs step back from the situation when things aren’t working out well and they EVALUATE what they are doing.  They look at what they are doing (their strategy) and see if there are ways that they can do it better.  One of the best places to start is to make a list of the things you are good at and the things you are struggling with, so you can identify areas of improvement.

# 2 Talk to a Successful Upline Mentor

Whenever I’m struggling with something in my business, I go upline.  I call my successful upline mentor to get answers to my problems.  I’m fortunate to have an ultra successful upline mentor who knows what he is doing, so that really helps.  Call as many people as you need to in your upline to find someone who can help you overcome your struggles.

# 3 Formulate a Game Plan

Once you know what you’re struggling with, it’s time to come up with a game plan to fix it.  For instance, if you are struggling with talking to your leads on the phone, come up with a game plan to improve your phone skills.  Write down a good phone script.  Read a few books on phone sales and telemarketing.  Get advice from someone in your team or upline who is good on the phone. Come up with a personal development plan to improve in that specific area.

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# 4 Be Open Minded

The worst thing you can have is a closed mind.  Don’t be so set in your ways that you are not willing to try new things.  If you’ve spent several months (or years) trying to build your business a certain way and it’s still not working, be open minded enough to find a new strategy.  Don’t keep banging your head against the wall.  Listen and observe what other successful distributors are doing and model what they do.  There is always more than one way to get to your goal.

# 5 Educate Yourself

I’m a big fan of self-education.  There are so many books, tools, resources, videos and websites that you can study to improve your skills.  If you’re broke, you can get these materials for free at your local library.  If you’re trying to improve your skills, read every book that was written on that subject.  Attend workshops and events.  Hang around people who are good at that skill. Form your own mastermind team.  Make it a point to learn something new each day.

# 6 Take Massive Action

One of the best ways to overcome your struggles is to double or triple your efforts.  This might come across as harsh, but most people who struggle in MLM do not put in enough time and energy on the MONEY PRODUCING ACTIVITIES.  I can assure you that if you are showing the plan five to ten times a week, following up with people, and getting customers your team will grow. Spending all your time getting ready to get ready, or doing non money producing activities will do nothing but frustrate you and hold you back.

struggling in mlm what to do - be open minded

Final Thoughts

Remember, struggle is a normal part of life.  Success does not happen overnight in any endeavor.  After all, you can’t succeed your way to success. You have to fail your way to success. So, if you are struggling in your MLM Business, embrace it!  Start out by doing the six things I mentioned above and you should be able to get out of your slump!

Hey, check out this great video from Eric Worre:

What are your thoughts?  What do you do when you are struggling in your MLM Business? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.

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6 thoughts on “Struggling in MLM? – What to Do”

  1. I think it is a good idea to have someone from the outside come in and help with evaluating what is wrong, but it should be a person (preferably a mentor) who has experience in MLM. I know from experience it can be hard to identify exactly what is not working when you are in the inside. Meanwhile, another person can come in objectively and identify problem areas while also suggesting ways to improve and fix those very problems.

    1. That is great advice Diamond. So many times we think we know how to fix a problem, but essentially we have blinders on. In many cases, we don’t even know what the true problem is. By having a mentor, or another person from our up line come in and look at the complete situation, they will usually see where the problem is and be able to provide some ideas on how to fix it. We must be open minded and accept what they say even if we don’t necessarily agree.

  2. One thing I learned a long time ago is that when the struggle seems to get the toughest, good things are just around the corner. So many people give up when it gets difficult. I agree with you that we need to step back and look at the whole picture. Make the necessary changes one step at a time. It can be tempting to try and make a batch of changes, but by doing so, it is hard to measure how those changes have affected the business.

    Great post.

    1. I agree. I know very few people in any industry that made it to the top without struggling first. In fact, I don’t know anyone. There is always a story behind the story. Nothing worth accomplishing is fast or easy.

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