Stanley Home Products: History, Review and Cool Facts

Stanley Home Products is one of the older direct selling companies in the nation. Offering a wide line of products primarily within home care such as cleaners, but also offer products in personal care too.

In today’s post, I am going to tell you about the history of the company. I will also review this long-standing company, and I will tell you several cool facts about Stanley Home Products.

Stanley Home Products History

In 1900, a young man traveled from Nova Scotia, Canada to Northfield, Massachusetts with $1.35 and went to Mount Hermon School. After graduating, this man traveled to upstate New York where he met the woman of his dreams. They married and had children, and the man joined a company that was gaining a huge following on the East coast: Fuller Brush Company.

The man’s name was Frank Stanley Beveridge. He was a wise man and rose through the ranks to Director of Sales at Fuller Brush and later Vice President of Sales.

The Great Depression hit the United States terribly in late 1929. Sales of Fuller Brushes took a hard hit, but Frank along with his Fuller Brush assistant, Catherine L. O’Brien, had a plan of action.

They launched a direct selling company that would show how people could make a living selling products that people need. Using Frank’s middle name, in 1931, Stanley Home Products became a reality.

Using some methods of Fuller brush, Frank and Catherine added a wider range of products, and for a small investment, normal people battling the Great Depression hardships could start their own business selling products door-to-door that every household needed.

As the Depression began to decline, Frank decided they needed to look at other selling methods. He hired Norman Squires who created the Hostess Home Party system that took the company and the independent distributors to a whole new level of success.

The Hostess Home Party System created by Stanley Home Products has been used by a plethora of direct selling and multilevel marketing companies worldwide.

The company is still in business, and Fuller Brush is also in the same corner. In 1969, CPAC, Inc purchased the Stanley Home Products and the Fuller Brush trademarks. Distributors now have the advantage of both company’s products as they throw home parties.

Stanley Home Products Review

The Stanley Home Products and Fuller Brush Home Party system still works amazingly well. For anyone who would like to host a party, they can contact a consultant who will have you pick the date, show you methods to invite friends and family and tell you the benefits.

Consultants do gain commissions on having people throw home parties. The hostess has a wonderful benefits program. Just for booking a home party, the hostess can get one half-price item. And the other benefits come by the amount of sales.

  • $200-$499 in guest sales: hostess receives 10% in free product value and 2 half-priced items.

  • $500-$999 in guest sales: hostess receives 15% in free product value and 3 half-priced items.

  • $1,000 or more in guest sales: hostess receives 20% in free product value and 4 half-priced items.

And consultants can start their own business just by buying the Starter Kit and then for every sale, you get anywhere from 15-40% commissions. So you get a person to throw a Home Party, and you benefit.

The fact is, most of the products offered by the company are consumed and must be purchased again. This means a representative can gain repeat customers.

The Stanley Home Products business system has helped many people live comfortably for years.

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Some Cool Facts About Stanley Home Products

While researching this article, I came across a wide amount of cool facts. Just to share some with you:

  • Representatives can sell by catalog, one-on-one, telemarketing, over their own websites, via fundraisers as well as the home party system.

  • The Party Plan was the invention of Stanley Home Products. The Party Plan business system accounts for approximately $9 Billion of the $40 Billion direct selling business model according to the past President and CEO of the Direct Selling Association: Neil Offen.

  • Mary Kay Ash began at Stanley Home Products before founding Mary Kay.

  • Brownie Wise started at Stanley Home Products before taking the Party Plan system to Tupperware.

  • Frank and Jan Day worked the Stanley Home Products method before Jafra Cosmetics.

  • Home Interiors founder, Mary Crowley was a big seller with Stanley Home Products.

  • Check out the company on Facebook here.

  • Stanley Home Products is on Twitter here.

  • Stanley Home Products is on Instagram here.

  • and, Stanley Home Products carry personal care products such as soaps, fragrances, and dietary supplements along with all the home care products they are known for.

Final Thoughts

In past days, I have used some Stanley Home Products along with Fuller Brush Products. In my opinion, they have good items that are worth the cost.

What is your opinion? What are your favorite Stanley Home Products items?

If you think that you may want to start a business with this company, I suggest you visit their website. You can also purchase products from the links too if you would like to try any of the items.

While I have never been affiliated with Stanley Home Products, I do believe they run a great system. Do you agree? Please post any comments or questions in the comment area at the end of this article. Thank you.

Disclaimer: Neither I nor the Online MLM Community is affiliated in any way or form with Stanley Home Products. This is not a paid review. It is written strictly for your information.

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16 thoughts on “Stanley Home Products: History, Review and Cool Facts”

  1. Back in the 60s I had a Stanley party and got a roaster, then later I had a party got another roaster tan with brown circle around it. It was the best, used for years. My brother kept borrowing it till inside was tore up. I bought two Martha Stewart roasters I hate them. Would love to find another Stanley roaster. I had several Stanley parties. I have the old lamps also.

  2. Wow great reporting. There were thousands of people that worked for Stanley Home Products. My Grandfather, Albert F. Regensburger Sr. was the Vice President of Sales for a many years. Sometime in the late 1930’s until he retired in 1957. He help build the, predominantly female, sales force during World War II. He traveled all over the country holding large scale sales meetings and sales award banquets. He continued to speak at Stanley Park in Westfield, Massachusetts well into his 80’s. I was blessed to work for the company for 25 years as a distribution manager in Memphis, TN and Los Angeles, CA until CPAC purchased the company and downsized everything. The current owner is not interested in an independent sales force that has low volume sales expectations. The seem to want larger distributors to resell the products. Your report is great and yet there is so much more. Mr. Beveridge was a strong Christian man and built the business with the focus on people and then the products. The short mention of Audrey Teel by her neice is just one of many similar stories. There are still some old timers around that have stories from the 60’s thru 95. Thanks for your contribution.

  3. My mom used to have Stanley products parties. I was a little girl in the 70’s. I remember the prizes of fruit refrigerator magnets. Can’t find them. Would love to find them. It would bring back memories of my beautiful mom.

    1. I have been looking for the same. My Mom was a Stanley dealer and I loved unpacking the orders when her party products came in. You’re the first person that I’ve even saw that remembers them

  4. My mother hosted Stanley parties. My wedding shower was a Stanley party and everyone bought me Stanley products. I still own the broom I received and it is now 47 years old. What a wonderful product and worth every penny.

  5. Mr. Boudonck,
    I enjoyed your article. My mother was a Stanley representative for 42 years, until the age of ninety. By then, she needed my sister and my help, but but we were happy to do it, as it kept her connected with her customer/friends.
    I do want to let you know that you got the wrong year for C-pac acquiring the Stanley trademark. That accured in 1995, not 1969.
    I only mention this because things changed somewhat after that, and many of the products were outsourced to Mexico, and eventually China. However, before 1995, everything was made here in the USA. That was Mr. Beveridge’s desire.
    Thanks again for your article.
    Ray Crete

  6. Mr. Caswell,
    My Aunt Audrey Teel worked at Stanley starting selling in the home parties and worked up to zone vice president at salary of $120,000 a year when most women averaged $ 20,000. This was a credit to Stanley for allowing a woman to attain that position back then.

    She passed away yesterday and I was trying to find the Stanley book which had a full page photo of her on the 2nd or 3rd page is why I was on this site. I would appreciate it if you could me where I could buy it or any other connected material to show at her funeral on Tue. 28. We all loved her very much. I found this in a old San Antonio newspaper…June 26, 1977 – Audrey Teel has been appointed northcentral zone vice president, sales division, of Stanley Home Products inc.
    Thank you,
    Bob Irwin

    1. I met Audry in 1981. She came to our area when the company was launching their 50th Anniversary Campaigne. I have been in search for information about the International Convention that was held in St. Louis, Missouri. Bob Hope was the entertainer at our Banquet at the Convention Center.!!! It was Awesome

  7. I enjoyed your article. Frank Stanley Beveridge was my grandfather. He passed away in 1956. He had two (2) daughters and eight (8) grandchildren. A truly remarkable man and important person in my life. I ran the Beveridge Family Foundation for twenty-five years. I still serve on the boards of directors of both organizations.

      1. Mr. Caswell,
        My name is Cheryl LaFountaine. I worked for SHP from 1972 through 1996 in Westfield Ma, and my dad, Dick Rice worked for SHP for 40 years. I have been notified by social security that I have an employee profit sharing
        plan which was reported to them in 1996 and that I need to contact the plan administrator. Where do I even begin? Any help would be deeply appreciated.
        Thank you.
        Cheryl LaFountaine

    1. God bless him Phillip, for all the memories and opportunities he provide my family and me. Without SHP there were times when I was growing up when we might not have had food on the table. My mother joined SHP as a distributor around 1955. One of my earliest memories is going with her when I was a pre-schooler to “prospect” in wintertime Chicago. It stands out because my little feet were cold and wet and I told mom, so we stopped in at a friend of hers so I could get warm and to dry my socks and shoes on her radiator. My mother rose through the ranks through the years and when she passed in 1989 she was still with the company. Throughout my teens I spent my Saturday Mornings assisting my mom with packing orders and my Saturday afternoons delivering them with my mom. I learned a lot of organizational lessons from that process. I even accompanied my mom to summer conventions (as did many of my other siblings) in Westfield, MA. I spent time in magnificent Stanley Park and had a photo taken standing on a map of the US embedded in the walkway, stretching my hands across to a younger sibling; her standing in MA and me standing in IL. About 1968 a new line of skin care/makeup was launched and I joined as a teen rep to become one of the first make-up demonstrators in Mom’s division in Chicago. My stint was short lived, but then in 1979, I found myself between jobs and once again became a demonstrator in the Los Angeles area to help make ends meet. SHP has been a part of my life and holds a very special place in my heart.

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