Social Network Marketing: Tips for Success

What is social network marketing? I define it as using online social media sites such as YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Facebook to build your multi-level marketing business.

In case you don’t already know this, social media sites are some of the largest, most successful websites in the world (other than Google).  More and more people are visiting these social media sites every day.  That means that you if you do things right, you can find all the prospects you need for your MLM Business right on these websites.

It’s not uncommon for someone to spend several hours a day surfing a social media website such as YouTube or Facebook. Smart network marketers understand this and leverage these sites to find new leads, customers and distributors. I call this social network marketing.

Before we get too deep into this topic I want you to understand that social network marketing should only be PART of your overall marketing strategy for your business. It shouldn’t be your primary or only recruiting strategy. I say this because social network marketing can consume all your time if you aren’t careful. You can spend HOURS of your time on these websites and not do anything productive for your MLM business. Since time is money, I want you to work smart.

Best Social Media Sites

There are lots of social media sites, but to get the best return on your investment, you should focus your time, money and energy on the largest, most visited sites. My favorite social media sites are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. Although there are many other social media sites, these five have the most viewers and therefore offer the greatest potential. Below, I will give you some hints on how you can succeed with each of these websites.

Facebook Strategies

When it comes to Facebook, your goal is to CONNECT with people.  You don’t need to post links to your business opportunity all over Facebook.  It’s much better to create a group or fan page and invite people to join your COMMUNITY.  Your goal is to build friendships with like minded people. Focus on providing value and helping others.  By all means, let people know what you do, but don’t puke your business opportunity all over other people.

Another tips is to advertise.  Facebook has an awesome Pay Per Click program.  Rather than promoting your business, give away something for free, such as a free sample, a free 15-minute coaching session or a free report.  Back end people who request the free stuff with your products and/or business opportunity.  I use this method all the time and it works well for me.

Linkedin Strategies

I think of Linkedin as the Facebook for business minded people.  I think there is a HUGE, untapped potential on Linkedin.  I suggest you update your profile so people know what you do.  Include a good photo and good description of your past and current work experience. Provide links to your blog or distributor website.  Include a good email and phone number. After you do that, your goal is to connect and endorse people.  Join groups, focus on providing value and build strategic relationships with others.

Your goal is not to puke your business opportunity on others.  Just help other people out, provide value and build relationships.  People will naturally see what you do and if they are interested in learning more, they will contact you.

YouTube Strategies

YouTube is a great way to promote your network marketing business. You can create videos with a hyperlink to your website and upload them onto YouTube. Your key to success is to create quality videos with great information. You also need to research your keywords and pick a catchy title. If people enjoy your video, they can click on your link and get redirected to your MLM website or blog. It’s a great way to get free visitors to your website. It also creates back links and helps your website rank higher in the search engines, too. YouTube also offers a “featured video” option where you can pay to promote your videos. This is similar to pay-per-click advertising on Google, Yahoo and Facebook.

You want to make HUNDREDS of informative videos.  Teach others what you know.  Review the products.  Share testimonials of your happy customers, and even make a few funny videos.  Try to post one video a day for two years!  You need lots of videos.

Twitter Strategies

You can even build your MLM Business on Twitter.  Here are a few of my best tips.  Create a simple, catchy name.  Use your real name or something that is short and easy to remember. Put a good photo and update your profile with a description of what you do and provide links to your business opportunity.  Once you do that, start following 10-20 new people every day who have similar interests.  Post Tweets that are inspirational or helpful. Share your knowledge.  Position yourself as a leader.  Re-tweet other people’s messages. Send direct Tweets to people in your target market and offer your help.  The bottom line is to position yourself as a leader, not to come across as a desperate network marketer.  If you follow this approach, people will seek you out.

Pinterest Strategies

Pinterest is a great place to share pictures.  You should create an account and share pictures of your products, your team, your clients and anything else that is engaging.  Share pics of you using the products, you at conventions and anything else you can think of that draws people in.  Connect with other folks on Pinterest.  Help share their content.  Be a connector and people who are interested in what you have to offer will naturally seek you out.

Final Thoughts

In summary, social network marketing is a great way to promote your multi-level marketing business. In modern times, more and more people are spending lots of times visiting websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, and YouTube. Your goal is to find your target prospects on these websites and convert them into distributors and customers. Your real key to success is to connect with others and provide VALUE.  Don’t be a spammer or annoying sales person.

I also think it’s best to limit how much time you spend on social media sites.  Nothing will ever beat face to face connections and prospecting.  Use social media as a way to supplement what you are already doing.  Don’t make it your primary or only strategy.

What are your thoughts?  Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.

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6 thoughts on “Social Network Marketing: Tips for Success”

  1. Social media marketing is great for way to advertise and get the word out about what you are doing. But you’re right it can’t be all that you are doing. I think it should only be about 15% of your marketing mix. The rest of your time should be spent doing things that will put you in front of people. Most people like to be able to put a face with a name and shake your hand before doing business with you.

  2. This is a good breakdown of the most visited social media sites out there. I regularly use Facebook and Twitter to successfully generate large numbers of leads each month. It would be foolish these days to think you could get away without using social media to some extent. Millions of people are on these sites each day and many of those individuals are casually browsing when they come across a business or service and decide to get more information about it. It is definitely a wise decision to invest in a few if not all of these sites.

  3. I love social media and what it brings to my business every day. I only wish there more powerhouse sites like Facebook, since they are way to noisy & overcrowded. Your post has great points, thanks,

  4. This is great advice for any business. I see so many of my friends who have start-ups relying solely on facebook to get the word out. Guess what – it’s a great tool, but not everyone is on facebook. Just like you need multiple income streams, you need multiple marketing venues. And you’re right: still nothing beats pounding the pavement and putting yourself out there physically. I really need to be able to look someone in the eyes to know that I can do business with them.

    1. I agree, Faye. People rely on Facebook and social media WAY to much. I still prefer direct mail and face to face. Ultimately, you have to do a few different things.

  5. Social media is a great way to advertise, but one must always be careful as coming across as a “spammer.” By using Chuck’s suggestions, you will surely find good responses by using his tips.

    Great post Chuck.

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